Anyone else click on the picture thinking it was a video?


3 or 4 times I'm ashamed to say


Don't be ashamed, you could still be president!


I think I'm WAYYYYYYY over qualified based on the current office holder.


I'm not ashamed. My brain drives under the speed limit.


Lol, ditto.


Shoot that tard muffin wouldn’t even try to click the photo…


Only 3 or 4. I was doing the “click it faster” trick. 😂


Oh good. I'm not alone 🤣


Classic Biden move




I linked to the video source at the top. Unfortunately linking directly to twitter posts doesn't generate a good thumbnail so those posts don't get as much traction as screenshots. It is was it is.




I do it knowing it’s most likely a pic. And to be sure I will refresh it several times bfr I decide it’s not slow wifi.


Can we all stop voting for old people. I think there should be tests for any politician over 65 I'm 48 and I'm muddled as fuck.


I’m 59 and I can’t remember what I did the day before most days. And I’m normal. I always think how bad I will be at 80 like Biden. Scary.


I seldomly agree with anyone on this sub. But I agree super enthusiastically with that statement


I am 82 and smart as a tack. Sadly, I am not president of anything


I give my toddler less detailed instructions when getting in and out of the car and grocery shopping.


Biden is docile, almost childlike, in his seemingly drugged and submissive manner. He’s like a sock puppet entertaining his small gatherings of paid, compliant union and community organizers at this point. Biden doesn’t come off as a leader of any kind or the leader of the free world. Truly “the fix” was in to put this barely cognizant individual into the office of the President on behalf of, what “the fixers” want Americans to believe was, the majority of “the People”. When I see these media spots, I think optics are more important than substance to the left and how do people believe in these manufactured optics. Trump’s Jan 6th rally videos, it’s now coming out, were manufactured optics edited to imprison a couple of thousand rally attendees and frighten the growing numbers of future Trump supporters. This is intelligence community kind of sophistication.


I don’t know if the “fixers” even intended for him to be president, but congress needed him to look like he suddenly had a chance in the last election because the whole “using Ukraine to influence the 2020 election” impeachment wouldn’t have had much traction if Biden stayed in 10th place in the polls. Then it just rolled out of their control like most of their schemes.


President Trump’s impeachment for simply asking Ukraine if they had any information for Rudy Giuliani’s long underway investigation on Hunter Biden making money deals using “the big guy”, Joe Biden, might not have been pushed or happened without Joe Biden becoming the nominee for President is a good point. Ukraine now has a war and an open check from Joe Biden. This is not a coincidence.


Biden was polling in the single digits before the Iowa primary fiasco. Polls shut down, Ukraine election shit really got rolling, when Iowa caucus results are finally released Biden is the guy and even Bernie bends the knee. It was very strange


Any of your guys remember Leisure Suit Larry? Something about that walk…


Or weekend at Bernie’s




Damn, Biden isn’t even alive.


That child sniffer had traffic all fucked up today and they barricaded everything from the highway down to the next intersection...completely preventing me from getting to my hotel.


Ehh this feels like a stretch, anyone who's ever worked in production (Camera work, AV, theater, etc...) will tell you this is normal, you always have someone in your ear giving you your cues and place markers on where you need to be, saying "Handlers program his every move" feels wrong and click baity...


We're literally at the point in history where the govt is fully under the control of themselves, not the people. This could be a problem.


Doesn’t that seem pretty standard? Lol, I mean we’ve all seen Veep, seems pretty similar lol


This seems incredibly typical for high value people whose time is incredibly valuable to have people todo this kinda stuff. Any CEO or president of a company may have a number of assistance and point people to help them and cut out wasted time out of their schedules. People have people to think about the logistics of going to A-B so they can do the higher value stuff. The reason people have drivers so they have more time to work. The presdent of the United States doesn't have time for a dress rehearsal. To practice where to go or where to stand. A lot of photo Ops and photoshoots are done this way with markings on how to plan where people stand for optical photo opportunities. Very typical to have markings on the ground to stand laid out. Also typical for someone like a point person to provide instructions for I assume was a person's 1st time being there. Ever provide instructions over the phone to someone who is going someplace you know for the 1st time. Nothing in the video is out of the norm for the vaule of time of the presdent. This seems like standard operating procedures for any CEO, presdent of a large company. Even lower end presentations and speeches given in theaters there's typically a stage manager and stage assistance backstage that gives instructions to all people on where to stand and where to go. We don't call that "programing" we call that good management. This gotcha moment is really not one. You are a fool to think that a person who makes $5,000 to 10,000 a hour doesn't have people do as many things as possible for them. Even lawyers who bill $200-400 a hour have paralegals and other staff. Edits: many


I’ve worked for multiple large corporations in upper management, and close enough to C-level people to understand their day to day. You might have people who do things for you, but they don’t give step by step instructions on how to behave. This is a guy who has many examples of difficulty stringing together basic sentences and behaving in ways inappropriate for the setting caught on film. Stop making excuses for him. Nobody is buying it.


A great movie example of this was in the devil wears Prada. The editor/boss has her assistants go with her to Paris fashion week and one major task they show is the movie is showing the assistants quietly remind her who each person is so that when she greets them she does so by name and has bits of info to converse with them on. That makes sense— naming people that someone has maybe briefly met a couple years ago. THIS IS NOT THE SAME. This is step by step directions on how to act, where to stand, what is coming next, and reminders of what is happening. This is called priming. This is step by step prompting for common tasks for the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. This guy has codes and power for nuclear bombs at his finger tips. My grandmother was brilliant. She was hard working. Witty. Talented. Loving. Amazing. Then she got dementia. It was heart breaking. One of the worst ways to slowly go. As the dementia wore on she needing reminders, prompts, step by step guidance. I’m not a doctor. I don’t know Biden’s health history or know much about this. But I can easily tell he’s not sharp anymore. Maybe he was before but he isn’t anymore. Stop defending and rationalizing what is clear as day. He’s not the same Biden he was years ago. It’s time to retire.


This is exactly like how we were supposed to pay super close attention to staffing changes under the Trump administration, or laser-focusing on how Elon Musk is running Twitter, or how often Obama played golf. It's behavior of the chronically-political.


Don't bother bringing logic into the conversation, dude. The biggest red flag to this story is the fact that people seem to think you can just pick up Secret Service radio broadcasts with a scanner, as if they're not using encrypted P-25 radios. The audio is way off, too. Biden's voice has background noise, but the other voice doesn't, and it's spoken directly into a microphone. The crisp edges of his sharp letters are slightly clipping the audio, meaning that whoever spoke those words are speaking a little too close to the microphone and overmodulating it. Simply put, this is distortion. And we can just ignore the part about the words not lining up to the movements of their mouths. I worked on radio systems the Secret Service used in the Reagan era, specifically with George Shultz. I've been in George Shultz's house in Palo Alto and his condo in San Francisco. I own some of the old radio systems they used, and *even then* (back in 1984-85) the radios they used were encrypted and/or scrambled. They stepped up their game by 1999-2000 when George Bush and Colin Powell were at Shultz's Palo Alto house, because all their radios were digital and encrypted even 24 years ago.


This has happened to every president and bigwig out there. I don't see anything particularly Biden-esque except asking which way to walk down the one-path ramp.


I'd have to see the full lay out. It may be that there is a side path down the side of the building. So more then one way to walk down.


In which case, this would be even more of a nothing-burger.


In the original poster screenshot you can sort of see a railing heading in a different direction which makes me think there might be another staircase or another path.


And there you have it.


Glad you two libs were able to circle jerk each other off without even having a full circle.


Facts don't care about your feelings, bruv. I voted for Trump twice. You sound more like the libs you claim to hate.


The real circlejerk is a bunch of people believing this audio is real, and that you can just use a scanner to monitor Secret Service audio broadcasts. Hint: They're encrypted, you can not. Also, the Secret Service travels with white noise generators and local broad-spectrum transmitters that "scramble" all radio broadcasts and long-range microphones in open areas like this, so recording something like this is damn near impossible, and would have very poor audio if you tried.


Guys... do you not know how staff assistants work? Giving directions, standing on the X, and saying the people he needs to address. It's their damn job to help him and you're delusional if you think no other politician doesn't do this lol. Hell, they do this in the DMV. Unironically the people who liked or even thought this was coherent at all should be embarrassed.


I’m not defending this idiot, but this is pretty standard for any president. They go to many of these meet and greets that are all set up with places to stand and who’s hands to shake.


We as a country are F'd!


Why does it sound like that other guy is already out of breath after walking down a ramp?