DL should have a policy of at least 1 british headliner and at least one headliner that haven't headlined before.


They had one new headliner every year bar 2011 from 2010 to 2015 but then that just seemed to disappear in the second half of the decade :/


The crazy thing is even the bands that are considered young in headline terms like BMTH, Parkway and the like, have been active for 15 years or so. If they don't get the chance now, will they ever?


When Def Leppard finally die in 2078


Feeder are the only time I believe a headliner was out of place. Even then, they had the following at the time, just maybe not for download.


i guess im a bit young for it, but it seems mad they headlined. was there concerns about their size back when they was announce, or was it more the genre being the issue?


Purely a genre issue. Feeder have this weird massive yet cult following. One of the first bands to do a video celebrating their fans by getting them to send in videos of them lip syncing to their song and cut loads together to make a video. It's so hard to explain.


They were a bit smaller than most headliners, but I think it was when they were trialling 3 days rather than 2 and didn't want to commit to too expensive of a booking.


They tried something new, the line up on the Friday was a bit of a mess. Megadeth surrounded by Dinosaur Junior, Garbage and the Others, headlined by Feeder was very weird. Feeder were brilliant on the day, I'm a fan and seen them multiple times but Megadeth should have headlined that day considering at the time it was strongly hinted this would be their last UK show. Megadeth would have been a new headliner at the time though reading between the lines I'm not sure they're what OP is after.


Tbf in hindsight it seems weird. But back then I believe they were a massive band.


Yeah, huge following. Weird cult but massive following at the same time. Very hard to explain. But it was also very weird at the time. I was into the heavier more Download centric music, mates that were into the Franz Ferdinands, Granddaddys, other weird indie shit and Feeder were wondering why the hell Feeder were playing there. It wasn't just a handful of people not getting it. It was spectrum wide.


Agreed. I find it completely ridiculous that we have only had 1 band formed after 2000 headline the festival and that was MCR over 10 years ago.


Architects would be a banger for headline slot imo, parkway again would be great, bmth I'd love etc. Kiss in particular don't do it fir me


Not every band is available for a certain weekend in June in the uk. Some bands are bigger in Europe so choose to do one of the many European festivals that clash. Then there’s The rest of the world that bands are doing tours of. It really reduces the number of available bands.


Avenged @ DL18 was the first band I saw live. Fucking incredible


Andy copping is just shite for booking acts and I've said it for years, the guy doesn't put similar music together and seems to throw anyone on any stage


Yeah, this has long been one of my DL complaints. I think they should \*try\* to have one MS headliner of one genre, one 2nd stage headliner of that genre and one 3rd stage headliner of that genre. Example would be Metallica mainstage friday, Machine Head 2nd stage saturday and Anthrax 3rd stage sunday. Then have the day's relevant stage tailored to those bands. At least the top 3, so (I'm not as big on Metal as I used to be) Slayer and Trivium also on mainstage Friday etc. I get that he wants people moving around stages, but that suits vendor not fans.


Copping just does the headliners, others book the rest of the line up


BMTH are a Reading band though, they are drum and bass with occasional extreme vocals. Download is a unique festival that gets less unique year on year. Download hosted metal bands and rock bands that weren't the right "fit" for festivals such as Reading, IoW, that one in Norfolk, Glastonbury or any of the other festivals around the UK that cater to them. Bloodstock isn't even that unique as a lot of the bands that play there also p;lay Damnation HRH and others. Download still is home to artists like Iron Maiden who's only UK festival appearance is always and Metallica, i'm not much of a fan of the latter but i'd rather they be there than some Reading band like Biffy fucking Clyro. I am going this year but the Sunday lineup is utter shit, Steel Panther are the Alf Garnet of glam metal so after the Darness where do I go? The main stage is clogged up with sewage once Rise Against finish. Saturday isn't much better as it's beneficial to see the support act on the main stage just before the headliner but that will be the Tone Deafs which means i'll be watching Megadeth and having to leave early to get a good spot for Maiden. There's a lot of crap at Download this year and some bands like Lacuna Coil are treated like a footnote when they really should be higher up the running order. Obviously i'll have to wait until the stage times are announced for full details but the main stage on the Sunday has just one band worth seeing on it and they are only on my list as i've got one song on a compilation that's quite good, they might turn out to have utter garbage in their back catalogue or be utter shit live but for now they are the one band on the main stage on that day i'm looking forward to.


BMTH will headline Download next year