I can tell you that, despite the "environmental power creep" of being in space at this point, I mostly want to just explore Etheirys. Space is not the final frontier in a world as realized as FF14's. We still have Meracydia, New World, the rest of Ilsabard, Hingashi, and whatever is in the oceans above Othard and below Aldenard.


Ditto. There's so much of the map that we haven't explored yet (like Meracydia and Corvos and all the places you mentioned as well), and that's not even including the Unsundered World.


Corvos gets mentioned *way* too many times during Endwalker not to be involved in either the patch quests or the next expansion.


right? if we don’t go to corvos with g’raha before 7.5 i’m gonna be really disappointed


Makes me think Corvos may end up being the Eureka 3.0... I mean, there's hints of Garlean companies not laying down arms and such. Wouldn't be surprised to find out someone's doing a land grab, and we're sent in to free them like the badasses we are. Specially since both Krile and G'raha are chilling in Sharlyan.


I was almost 100% sure during EW that one of the final 2 zones will be Corvos. They just kept mentioning it over and over and over.


I want to explore the unsundered world more, definitely. See ACTUAL Amaurot andcother places. Also see what shards Emet said would surprise us, and I want to save the 13th.


Going to other shards would also be fucking dope. Yshtola dissapears to a portal and we go after her and find her in a different shard as she was trying to go into first but went to 10th or something.


10th was rejoined during the sixth umbral calamity (the great flood). The shards that still exist are 1 (Norvrandt), 4, 8, 9, 11, and 13 (void).


I said that number as example. It could be 11 too or whatever.


His comment about some of the civilizations on the other shards surprising us was an intriguing way of phrasing it. What about them would surprise us? Mirrors of our civilizations? Or past civilizations from the source? Maybe one of them is essentially an unbroken civilization of Amaurotines minus their stature and creation magic? I am interested in seeing what they do.


I feel like endwalker showed the devs are very conscious about this. Imo its perfectly set up to have lower stakes, more personal stories in the next expansion and im all for it.


They straight up had Emet rattle off a laundry list of places that have always existed on the planet, and still haven't had a chance to be explored directly ingame. It was a blatant effort to head off issues with the escalation of scale. To point out that despite the level of threat being prevented, that it just meant more time to actually see and appreciate what was saved.


Yeh they can always do outlandish stuff as side quests like they did in Stormblood. It'll be great for a classic reset for MSQ


Even in Eorzea we still have the West Shroud, as well. Most of it was destroyed or rendered uninhabitable thanks to Bahamut, but from what little bits of lore we can find on it, there's supposedly all sorts of nasty mutant or super aggressive critters that are running amok in what little bits of the blasted landscape remain there, to say nothing of whatever could be found in the fragments of Dalamud there and elsewhere that we still haven't charted.


Not to mention Xelphatol and Paglth'an which are both still part of Eorzea, but essentially only inhabited by Ixal and Amal'jaa who can be untempered now (and probably were in the interim anyway). In addition, the Sahagin's territory underwater would be accessible to us now, and northwest of Xelphatol and northeast of Gyr Abania is the last bit of Abalathia we haven't seen, most likely the ancestral home of the Hellsguard Roegadyn and another path into Ilsabard. Yeah, a lot of Eorzea is still not explored.


Not to mention going to Ultima Thule hardly qualifies as done with space. It's like telling people you went to Hawaii and is done flying. I for one would love to expore Meracydia with Tiamat and bring some broods back to their home dragon world to rebuild both with the help of Midgosamar.


I mean, they kinda just went with the narrative that pretty much all other life outside of Etheirys is dead. Midgardsormr over potentially thousands of years (anywhere between the Meteia's visit to the Dragonstar and shortly after the 1st Umbral era) traveled the universe to find a habitable star and according to a side quest in UT he was considered one of the wisest dragons on his home star. The Lopporits only found "potentially" suitable candidates and even Meteion herself in the end sang her "song of hope" so that life may once again sprout in the universe, which kinda implies that almost everywhere else things are dead, save for some wandering being like displaced Omicron perhaps. It was actually kinda a genius move going to the edge of creation only to find out there's not really much of anything out there anymore. They both expanded the ingame universe and simultaneously kept the locations of relevancy on Eitheirys and the reflections.


I swear one of the dragons in Thule mentions that a bunch left *during* the war with the omicrons and not when Meteion visited which was after that war left the planet desolated (and the omicrons no longer interested). Which was why Omega was there to follow Mids.


Yeah, I didn't mean that Middy only left when Meteion showed up, but rather that we have a clear time frame of when Midgardsormr had already left. The 108 cycles mentioned in Elpis either refers to years or days, whereas I think years is probably more correct since Ancients just lived so long. We know the final days happened roughly 12000 years before the start of the 7th Astral era (current events starting from the end of ARR 2.0), with the events of Elpis happening probably at least a hundred years and more before that. That means we have 12108 years plus the unspecified amount of time between the Final Days and Elpis plus the months or years that Midgardsormr left the Dragonstar before. We also know Middy arrived on the Source in the First Umbral Era, although iirc we do not know how long exactly after the sundering of Eitheirys it took for the first proper calamity to happen. All we know of specific time frames is that the Third Astral Era was more than 5000 years before the start of the story.


The bunny boy gleaner said pretty straight up "hey space is cool but there's still so much left down here we don't know and haven't explored" so if that's not a theme idk what is


I mean Emet straight up tells us that we know virtually nothing about even just Eorzea, let alone the rest of the world + the individual shards ontop of it. Theres so much left to see and do that im super excited to see where our adventures take us next. Especially if were to take up the mantle of Azem like Emet expects of us (which potentially will lead us to becoming fully rejoined as Azem again eventually)


Is there really a point in visiting the others shard now that rejoining is not really a threat anymore ? (I mean a in-universe reason, obviously I want to visit all of them as a player) Not only that but is there even a threat there that can require a some sort of effort from the WoL ? Emet really heavily implied that we are getting stronger with each rejoining so everything in thoses shards should be pretty weak compared to us (the two biggest fight in ShB were against Ascian for a reason)


Patch 6.1: Return to the Waking Sands


6.1 - Building a Mech for Arenvald


How about building a badass Magitek arm for Raubahn?


6.1. Restoration of arms


Ryne still has to go through her GNB apprenticeship arc, too !


Ngl im hoping for a time skip where Ryne becomes a GNB type job but instead of a gunblade she uses Gun daggers because Thancred's gunblade is too big for her to use.


new job: Pistolero Rogue + GNB continuation style moves, less ninjutsu, more burst fire


Yes, yes, yes, I'll take your entire stock. Ninja needs gear competition anyways.


Exactly what i was thinking lol


When we went to the first and met her again I was hoping she would actually be a gunbreaker Was a little disappointed she wasnt


We better build a new one because i'm nto giving my G-Warrior to anyone


I just saw the scene where Cid says the G-Warrior was too damaged for the trial fight. My WoL’s sulky disappointment was a hilarious reflection of my own.


Love how well done those 2 scenes are. In the one where Cid shows it to them for the first time you can actually see how happy they are about it and in the other one you can see their absolut disappointment


Of all of the technology from side stories, G Warrior is the most egregious in terms of story impact. Imagine fucking whipping that thing out to deal with large monsters.


The problem being it breaks so easily. Took them two whole patches to get it running after we took down Sapphire Weapon in it. And it probably took a lot more damage against Diamond. I expect it ALSO needs the refined adamantite so fuel will be an eternal problem for it.


We just have to channel dynamis so we can switch genres from real robot to super robot


When Cid said he had a gift for me and it wasn't the mech, it was the most I've ever been disappointed in him. It's like he's not trying.


Omg yes


I would hate them as much as I would love them for this.


I'll only be fine with it if Urianger is back in the potato sack.


We find out Urianger is 3 Lalas in a toga.


I mean, the bit between Horizon and Waking Sands is called "The **Footfalls**".




Pray, forge ahead to the Waking Sands.


And the last area of Endwalker beneath the dead sun is called "Absolute **Horizon**"... It's all coming together.


“Patch 6.1: Pray Return to the Waking Sands”* lol


It must needs be


Let us away!


Yes, much better. Something felt off for a second


I hope we have an adventure off in a distant land like Mercydia and we beat back some monster terror and all our 'not scion' buddies all are exhausted and we drag ourselves to a oasis town and look for a place to kick up our feet and happen upon an inn and it happens to also be named Waking Sands and they all just blankly stare at it and then break out laughing this would make my life so much better.


If true, I’ll eat a whole pizza


Lakshmi: Return to mine Waking Bosom. WoL: What? Nophica: Return to mine Waking Teats. WoL: Okay.


If Nophica is a boss in the 24 man raid, we can only hope she's [accurate](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/b/b7/The_twin_adder_poster_notext.jpg)


If she is, she'll probably end up being one of the supporting NPCs we talk to every time we do a new quest in the series. Yoshida specifically toned down lakshmi because she was "too sexy." In fact, this was referenced in her minion. Meaning, it's canon that Yoshida caused a man to take his own life in FFXIV. (Yoshida is portrayed by the Wandering Minstrel remember.)


Wasn't the original Lakhsmi a lot more "ancient fertility goddess thick" not "hourglass thicc"?


>Yoshida specifically toned down lakshmi because she was "too sexy." In fact, this was referenced in her minion. IIRC you might be confusing this bit with Sophia from the Warring Triad, not Lakshmi. This was actually the very same reason they gave for Sophia that was revealed during a QA panel in response to a question asking why they chose to make her design similar to a marble statue carving, rather than give her a natural skin tone. Lakshmi's original design, meanwhile, was allegedly more in the opposite ballpark, being of a "classical matron/fertility goddess" depiction (IE; fat, to put it bluntly) that was more common in paintings and other art forms way back in the day.


I still have 15 ticket :v


Oh yeah, you now get some teletickets for it? Least that's helpful


It's perfect


Patch 6.1: Estinien learns to drive


I can think of nothing more terrifying in the FF14 lore.


Now no one can stop him going on shopping sprees.


The Azure Dragoon is a Part Timer


An Alphinaud/Estinien version of that dbz episode huh.... I'd love to see that :D


Alphinaud: So....wanna go drive cars? Estinien: Bitchin. [Jump bitch, get out the way. Get out the way bitch, get out the way.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-IS_kKXxsA)


Alphinaud isn't dumb enough to be Goku , he's more Gohan than Goku ,if only so someone can call him Neeeeerd!!!


God, I can't wait for 2035 when people are gonna do a full abridged series of the FFXIV storyline!


...now I want Estinien to be voiced by ~~Takahata~~ EDIT Lanipator, Alphinaud to be done by MasakoX (with his Gohan voice), and for their relationship to basically be what it is in the Abridged series (Heavensward as Saiyan Saga).


Save me Mr.Estinien !!!!




The WoL gets a job.


Another* job I have like... a lot already


Do they pay, deadbeat?


Some times


WoL: So...wanna go drive cars? Estinien: Bitchin'!


"Journey to the New World"? is my serious answer. "Teaching Urianger to swim" is joke one.


beach episode!


It's not a true JRPG without one!


Anime title card: Bikinis aren't Armor!? The Gang goes to Costa Del Sol


"You can't just declare that you're adopting her!" "Oh, I didn't realize I was speaking to an expert in bird law!"


You son of a bitch, I’m in.


As much as I wish, it's a patch, and we ain't getting new area yet. New world would have to be introduced first through the main story, and would probably be a main expansion (revealed in 6.5 or 7.5). I wrote a [much longer post](https://old.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/rs3r30/spoiler_60_postgame_what_await_the_world_of/) detailing what's left a while ago, but for patch content, my guess would be the 1) **The reconstruction of Garlemald**: Titus and Nerva have been missing and their status is unknown, the Vth, VIIIth, IXth, XIth and XIIIth are unaccounted for, and we have [body jumping/fake echo](https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Aulus_Asina) crazy scientist who could potentially come back whenever to take Hojo's mantle. Alphinaud and Alise are already there to help Garlean, but they would certainly meet obstacles 2) **The path to the first**: Y'shtolla is working on that, and it's something that will be necessary to complete Tancred's character arc. And lore-wise, if they want to reuse Shadowbringer (ie: send us back for quest, story, side-mission), it probably would be much easier to write a path everyone can use. 3) **The restoration of the 13th**: Unukalhai and Sylva said out loud they wanted to do it, and the Voidsent issue is closely intertwined with it. Voidsent might also be involved in the traveling between shards, and in Meracydia (since xande nuked them with voidsent)


>ain't getting new area yet I was more thinking that it would be like how we were introduced to Yugiri, mysterious character from land we'd go to in the expansion. So while no new area, the story would talk about things going on in the New World, and possibly give new characters from there requesting our aid.


They already kind of did during BLU quest with the introduction of the native, the canyon rich in ceruleum (Cosmo canyon was rich in mako and also on the western continent). New storyline have been more and more about life, aether current, and whatsoever. But before moving to the new world arc in MSQ, I feel like they need to introduce us to a threat of some kind (something wrong with the current, nature is dying, etc)


Meracydia has a World Tree, that could play a part in a "nature is dying" thing and give us an excuse to go there.


Pretty much. There has been a lot of hint toward a FF7 (New World) and FF9 (Meracydia) themed expansion. Ceruleum is light aspected fuel that relate heavily to mako (ff7), and Mist (ff9) in term of lore. and we know that topic is going to come back sooner or later. BLU quest pretty much stated that Amajina & Sons were selling their New World's harvest to Garlean. Meracydia has the World Tree, which we know little about. However, Gridania's Great One might very well be a microcosm of what happen at the global level. Those tree (the ancient and its offspring) regulates the flow of ether around the forest, which is why life can proliferate so much. If the World Tree is indeed a thing, then fixing the flow of ether around the world might be as simple as "rebooting" it, like we did in Gridania. We also have the "ruin underground" which has been mentioned by Emet, but in the goldsmiting quest as well. There is a good chance that place relate to the creation of Zodiark and the activation of the astral elements.


>and it's something that will be necessary to complete Tancred's character arc. In the livestream IIRC there was a hint Krile and Thancred will have an important role in the upcoming story, so you might be onto something there.


6.1 "The Beach episode".


Or hot springs.


Or School Festival.


All of the above. with further manga chapters. *throws money at the screen*


With Godbert


Objective updated: Oil Godbert's Muscles


Show him the progress of your hands


Stronger yet still tender fingers


Sell bikini trust outfits in the cash shop for 20 bucks a pop.


You sonnuvabitch I'm in.


Cue Urianger going full Borat.


"~~Very~~ Verily nice!"


>!I need to go tell Meteion that I've changed my mind.!<


Square Enix reports record revenues in Q1


So that's the lore reason for Island Sanctuary?


We better get a baseball episode.


Patch 6.1: Unemployment


I'm fine with de-escalation. Now perhaps we can go visit new places without there being a dire need to. Show up on new continent, explore around, find something to do, like a self contained story without massive overarching implications. But they could start setting up bigger plots again. There's always a big bad trying to be a douche somewhere. I'm excited.


i like that idea. it feels more free-form mmo oriented gameplay vibes. endwalker felt like playing through a mainline final fantasy single player game in the best way possible. the urgency of the surrounding events sort of encourages you to direct your attention to the msq. it would be interesting to play an expansion without those consequences and sort of let it all unfold slowly and naturally.


I loved swtor for this. You had your class story but then every zone/planet had its own planetary arc that was really good all on its own.


Im 100% down with the idea of the patches wrapping up the remaining threads in eorzea and setting up 7.0 as an adventure to the new continent. Stuff like the political situation in Garlemald and that. Also bonus points if we get a side quest series about adventuring around with Graha Tia. It basically is just the current post patch formula but without the .3 boss being the “true final boss” of the expansion, and can have a more relaxed feel to it all while still throwing in some emotional bits here and there.


The escalation thing is something I've been wondering about, so it's cool to see that they're conscious of that dilemma as well. I've lost interest in a lot of shounen-type stories when power scaling issues seemed to push things to abstraction, so I'm hopeful that the FFXIV team can avoid that.


>!One thing about the endwalker/dynamis deal is that it provided, I think, a good way to avoid that. We fought in an environment that basically promoted free limit breaks according to the narrative, but back on Etherys they could _reasonably_ say we're not that crazy strong. There's still the other trials, of course, but at least we have a "get out of power creep free" card for the last one.!<


>!Now I find myself imagining what the final phase of the final boss would have been like if the party just had infinite LB like some kind of raucous disorganised version of the UwU transition...!<


The 9th Umbral Calamity: infinite RDM LBs.


Aka "The Blinding Incident".


Who let Alisae in here?


A pet hotbar that is just DPS LBs, regardless of your actual job. It would let Dark Knights use Cloud's LB FINALLY.


That's what I hope the ex for that fight will be like like. We've never seen the Beyond Limits buff used since UwU, so it'd be cool (and would also make sense) for it to be brought back for this fight.


Realistically, they've already avoided it by writing the story the way that they did. Consider the "expanding universe" that has occurred in Endwalker - We have access to a spaceship and a moonship, but there's nowhere worth going with them. Its very heavily implied/stated that Meteion's song of oblivion has effectively wiped out all life in the universe except for on Etheirys during her ~6000-10000 years of singing it. We have access to a time machine, but its effectively out of gas with no reasonable way to refuel it short of, idk, feeding Gaia to it? Its effectively off the board. We have access to the Moon, but only a small portion of it is habitable, thanks to the creation magicks required for that task. These are the three largest "expansions" of the games universe, and they're all effectively written out of being problems from the get-go. Instead, in my mind, they've done a very good job of setting up *local* powderkegs to explode in the future : Garlemald is "liberated" but most of the world is not going to be happy to just forget what the empire did to them, which could lead to war / breaking of alliances. The Loporitts are now on Etheirys, and have the creation magicks of the Ancients. An evil-minded actor could find that an appealing prize to take control of. A proliferation of warding scales have been created and distributed throughout the militaries of the Eorzean/Eastern Alliance. With soldiers who can ignore the downfalls of tempering, they may find their alliances of necessity with the beast tribes to no longer be worthwhile - and the Scions (despite their "disbanded" state) would lack the influence to stop them since the Warrior of Light (and a few friends) are no longer uniquely qualified to handle such problems.


> The Loporitts are now on Etheirys, and have the creation magicks of the Ancients. An evil-minded actor could find that an appealing prize to take control of. "I am Devastationway. Bow before me, small-eared scum!"


"Don't laugh at me, I *am* evil!"


“I am Devastationway. This *was* my intention!”


Patch 6.1: Emet's checklist


Patch 6.1: Azem's Bucketlist


Patch 6.1 - Timeskip


It very well could be something like “Three Months Later.”


6.1: >!"Not this guy again..!< I would lose it


This Zenos's Best Friend.


This made me laugh.


I'd love to see Zenos return, now truly wanting to find out what gives the WoL their strength and Meteion coming to us to learn the WoL's meaning of life and both become the travel buddies for 6.1 and beyond and 7.0. The comedy could write itself.


I said it in another thread. He returns, but in the DOH/DOL quest lines. Having failed to beat us in the more martial of arts, he will beat us still in other forms of craft. I especially want to see Zenos cook and work botany. He’s already got the scythe.




Yes he did.


Yup. Meracydia, New World and the four remaining (usable) reflections. Five if the Thirteenth is ever restored in the game. Then some other locations that will almost surely be patch content (south sea isles, underwater ruins and Blindfrost in the north of Othard). Meracydia and the New World alone are big and "alien" enough to easily offer 1-2 (in the case of Meracydia) and 1-3 (New World) expansions worth of locations alone. After all, Eorzea itself offered 2 1/2 expansions worth of locations (ARR isn't an expac, but you get what I mean).


Restoring the Void could be the big "Endwalker" scale finale for a new storyline in itself, tbh.


I'd love some 13th/void-inspired zones. After Ultima Thule I'm curious to see what they might come up with for more non-traditional zone environments.


Corvos was mentioned a lot and might be where this expansions relic weapon comes from.


I think so too, since it will undoubtedly be focused on fixing the mess with the empire now fully destroyed, Garleans wanting to keep staying in their original homeland and others wanting to keep them out. Looking forward to it.


6.1 This is Thancred


6.2 This is Thancred


6.3 This is Thancred


6.4 This is Thancred


6.5 This is Thancred


6.1: Meteioff


Patch 6.1: A Reborn Realm Reborns On a serious note, i am very excited to find out what's next. 6.1 couldn't come earlier!


I want 6.1 to come just because of the whole "own your own floating island" thing lol.


Patch 6.1: 2 Realm 2 Reborn


Patch 6.1: Hildebrand, the Destroyer


Probably "6.1: Journey will never end"


6.1- the search for Alphinauds contact lenses


6.1 The Beach Episode


6.1: Dalamud 2, Dynamis Boogaloo


The power scaling will be nonexistent if they make Hildibrand the new MSQ. What’s the point of being god slayer when there’s no more reality. /s


shounen jump?! Hah I can think of one.. 6.1: ~~Soul~~ Aether Society So baby, now you feel like number one...


6.1: The Next Part of The Game


It's a tournament ark isn't it.....


Patch 6.1: The Gang Gives Zenos an Intervention


Political conflict is just as important to FFXIV as regular conflict. There's plenty of that to be had in future patches with Sharlayan and Garlemald, the latter more so because its Legions are still causing problems And I can still reasonably see more powerful foes than Endsinger added in future expansions since the death Hydaelyn and Zodiark opens up a large power vacuum


The idea of WoL being stronger than everyone else hinges on the assumption that you one-shot everything you come across. You don't. You need seven other people who happen to be just as strong and you need to evade like crazy while plinking away against an opponent that can easily one-shot you if you drop your guard for even a moment.


Yeah they mentioned this in Werlyt. That even though we are strong we could be overwelmed by a large enough force


considering krile's apparently going to play a more prominent role from now on and g'raha's native corvos got brought up a lot during 6.0, i wouldn't be surprised if we were about to travel there with the students of baldesion in the near future (be it in 6.x patches or 7.0 proper)


6.1: Tataru Commits Tax Fraud


Patch 6.1: Things you promised to do with Graha.


6.1: the 6.1 patch


I'm curious about the >!thing we learned in the Blacksmith etc Studium Quests... that's pretty creepy/alarming. Basically for those that don't or won't know, we repair this device/mammet theorized to be of Allagan make or inspired by Allagan technology that speaks of something in the Lifestream. A great serpent that "sheds its skin of old" and causes natural disasters. Could be metaphor but something is amiss in the Lifestream.!< I wonder how or when/if they'll bring that up.


Dropping my figurative money on the expac title being "FF14: Adventurer" or something along those lines


FFXIV: Dawnbreaker


Yeah, I was thinking something like "The Next Adventure" or "A New Adventure Begins" or "To New Adventures" or something like that. Or perhaps simply "A New Beginning" to follow "Endwalker."


They have been setting up Tataru for quite a while so I can't help but wonder if perhaps the title is going to have something to do with that and the Island Sanctuary stuff that's coming up. We could very well wind up with a very Stardew Valley like title where we wind up working for Tataru and her little trade empire. I've always wondered if at some point we were going to be getting our own boat or airship like we can in some of the Final Fantasy games or the Dragon Quest games and perhaps this could be how that happens. We would be reaching out to new lands as explorers and tradespeople seeking to at first make a profit and discover new things but then very quickly finding a whole lot of new stuff that needs our attention as an adventurer in a place where we are basically a nobody. 6.1: The Undiscovered Frontier


This looks fun. Now I'm not sure if I'm more excited for the new (potential) Hildibrand quests or the new MSQ.


please please slice of life comedy our WoL deserves a break


The whole expansion is us trying to reapply to the adventurer’s guild but we are too popular. We try different disguises and such to no avail.


Yoshi-P: I know writers who use subtext, and they're all cowards


6.1 Garlemald is a still clusterfuck and Alphi-bro is asking the WoL for help


Patch 6.1: “Can someone pass Y’shtola a life ring and get her out of that god damn lifestream again, fucking cats man I tell ya, you’ve only got like 3 of your 9 lives left look after yourself.”


He says it's very much a straight ball so I'm guessing it'll be something like "What's Next". As in you probably go and visit with people to find out what they are all up to in their respective paths that were alluded to at the end of the expansion.


6.1: Final Fantasy XIV 6.1


6.1 : Date with Cat Boyfriend


So Runar and Y'shtola get to meet up again? How nice!


All I know is that if we go into the next expansion with 16 year old, 5’1 twins, ill be a bit disappointed.


I’m hoping in 7.0 gives the scions a break, and we don’t actually see the twins till some surprise encounter in 7.X where they are revealed to have had their growth spurts. I do hope if they ever DO age them up that they don’t make them Urianger tall lol, I’m cool with them being a little short for elezen.


I really want them to be taller than my Highlander.


Right?? My highlander gal is admittedly min height so she’s pretty short, but still way taller than the kiddos. I want her to be able to look up at them and tell them she’s proud of them!


I want special commentary based on if you're shorter/taller than them, would be absolutely hilarious


Given that Hydaelyn is dead and we are not in a dynamis rich environment anymore, it would be plausible that our power is taken down a few notches. The fact that Yoshi P is aware of that is great... Makes a Jailer situation less likely to happen


As long as we get back to that good Fjnal Fantasy bullshit eventually in a few expansions, “descalating” is reasonable, we’re starting a new story. From the sounds of it, most of you would be fine if we never got back to that level? I think you can keep doing those types of crazy stories as long as the characters are clicking and you’re emotionally invested in the story. I get why right now going back to that seems exhausting, so I’m fine with waiting. But I do have certain expectations for a game called Final Fantasy XIV. I know the danger from other media, but to me the “story escalates out of control” when the writer has nothing else to say about the characters or world, it has nothing to do with setting or stakes or power levels really. In other words… Spider-Man 3 didn’t suck because it “had too many villains” it sucked because it had too many BAD villains in a bad script. I trust good writers with good characters to be able to deliver a traditional Fjnal Fantasy plot even in a world where we’ve gone to the End of the Universe.


Heavensward 2: electric boogaloo


I'd love a side quest with Estenian at the gold saucer 🤣


Sounds like it’s going to be extremely on-the-nose like ‘A New Adventure’ or something like that. Nothing dark and portentous; just some adventuring like how it all began,


FFXIV: Shippuuden


Yeah the issue with shonen manga is every villian is somehow more powerful and absurd and more evil than the last, which leads to some nonsense power scaling. I hope ff doesn't go there considering we've beaten zodiark, hydalen, the embodiment of despair itself causing a literal apocalypse, and motherfuckeing Zenos twice. Like ascians aren't a problem anymore and tempering has a cure so what the actual hell could be worse than all that?


Patch 6.1: My Friend, My Enemy


>> you'll see it and think "this is--! ... Thancred?


6.1 Such Devastation 6.2 It Was Probably My Intention 6.3 Or Not... ....


6.1 : return to the waking sands.


OMG, the patch name is going to be Pray, return. And it will be the lead up to Zenos actually being returned for the 6.3 finale patch with him.


Where Zenos apathy is cured and he is able to find that light in life in things other than the WoL. Uninterested in apologizing for the past he goes on a adventure with Alpha, Omega, Gosetsu, Emmanallian and Meteion serving as the groups muscle.


LMAO @ Emmanallian. That would be f'n nuts.