I was once told ‘if you want people to remember you after you’ve gone make sure you owe them money’


Kimi Raikkonen will never forget Lotus then.


Kimi could have gone after that money in court and bankrupt them but he chose not to do so.


good guy kimi, seems like lotus underestimated kimi's abilities and the car performance when they made the deal with him




Wait, hang on.... who would we be owing money to?


Me, pay up!


Can confirm, my friend's dad did this and now they're after her


The real wisdom is in the comments.


That pull quote is taken so far out of context, it's embarrassing. Here's the full quote: > "I once heard someone say, 'You will only be remembered until the last person who remembers you dies.' > > "Let me put it this way: the UK has a new king, but he's not the first King Charles – there were two more before him. Do you remember them? Probably not. There's a limit. > > "**There will probably come a point when no one will remember me**. Nothing lasts forever."


Apparently nobody else read the article...


It's today's norm, to read a headline and be done with the article.


Well, luckily some people stay for the comments


This is so egregious it's actually offensive. The absolute state of media in 2022, my goodness gracious.


You mean the king charles who had his head removed by Oliver Cromwell and the coke head King Charles II?


Main things I'll remember? Totally subjectively? 1. Melbourne 2010 qualifying. 100.001%. 2. Bahrain (edit; thanks) 2018, 'these tyres were done! They were **done!**' What a win. 3. Singapore 2013, so fast people thought he had to be cheating. Similarly, Japan 2013 - everyone remembers the winning streak but folk forget that he had to *fight* for a few of those. He nicked a couple, and I think the deserved streak will last for years. 4. 2012 - seemed out of it completely. One win for our double world champion from March to September. Then four on the trot. Killer stuff when it mattered. Then to save the day *twice* at Brazil and Abu Dhabi? He can't be accused of not racing. 5. Going toe-to-toe with Hamilton in 2017/2018. Cracked a bit, but gave good. 6. 2010 into 2011 - only guy to visit Pirelli before their first season. Every detail. But mostly this nice memory from [10 years ago](https://old.reddit.com/r/formula1/comments/wa5ye5/claire_cottingham_last_week_after_qualifying_i/ihzfl6g/?context=3).


Monza 2008


My main memory of Monza 2008 is that he simply dunked it when the opportunity arose. Kovalainen did a poor job and McLaren/Hamilton threw it away on Saturday. It makes me think of how F1 is tiny margins that Bourdais was also in 4th, but noone remembers that at all.


remember reading something on here about how Toro Rosso did a testing day at Monza immediately before that race, it poured down with rain, and as a result they managed to work out how to set up their brakes way better than anyone else


[Here it is.](https://imgur.com/a/SzyTqOf) Not a brake test, but a choice to stick with their regular brake manufacturer rather than switching to an extra hard-wearing one for Monza like some other teams.


The 2008 yearbook, the drivers talked about how the car was actively better in the wet. In the dry it was skittish and pitch sensitive; in the wet everything calmed right down and it was supple and *quick*. It's a cameo, but think back to Vettel holding Hamilton off at Brazil 2008.


But Bourdais was 4th by being over 9 tenths down on Vettel. At Monza. Vettel has had numerous qualifying sessions like this over the years. Even when Ricciardo was beating him in 2014 Vettel still got the better of Ricciardo by cobsiderable margins when it rained. Malaysia that year Vettel missed out on pole to the much faster Merc by just 0.05 seconds while Ricciardo was more than a second off. The last couple years Vettel has gotten a lot of flack for his "car control". But I'll keep saying Vettel still has one of the best if not the best car control in F1 ever. His speed in the wet even with slower cars is a testament to that. As is his ability to be quick in anything he races with. I still remember his demo run in Austin in 2014 in an Infinity. He was racing that car up and down the streets and doing donuts like it was a go kart. He made it look incredibly easy. Meanwhile, Ricciardo couldn't even get it to spin. And of course his multiple entries in Race of Champions. Won the Nations League with Schumacher 7 times. Won the Nations League all by himself once and won the ROC and finished runner up last year in the snow/on ice racing rally legend Loeb. People say Vettel's career was flattered by the characteristics of the Red Bull from 2010-2013. I say that's nonsense. He was just on another level those seasons. Very few mistakes and lightning quick. It doesn't mean much but, I'll definitely remember Vettel.


Monza 2008 should be in the list. Guy so good he made the sister team get the 1st win before the main team did. And then win it for the main team the next season.


Monza 2008 is the most impressive drive I have ever seen in 25 years of watching formula 1. Dominated from friday to the end. In the most difficult condition and with a pressure that drivers on more competitive cars could only imagine. And he dominated, in the wet, starting from polo, in a damn Toro Rosso! I'm glad Seb still have the record for the youngest driver to get pole position because it was just legendary.


I remember his RB days @ Monza even more, looked incredible just drifting into the chicanes Schumacher style. He had become one with that car


It's not really a list, it's my entirely subjective memories.


Oh, a lot of people will never forget Multi 21! But no use crying over spilt orange drink. Seb came up good in the end.


It was Webber's creation anyway after he almost crashed out Vettel in Brazil 2012 and almost cost him the championship. Vettel could have done more and still be in the right.


I feel Multi 21 became a case study in how teams could better manage drivers going forward. Mercedes have done pretty well to be fair but also realistic with Hamilton and his team mates although I think we can all agree they misstepped some times. Bottas in Russia comes to mind. But they have done their best to show discipline and be fair while working with a superstar driver. Overall there is very little nonsense happening on track these days. But that is also because teams have more power over their drivers and the drivers are compensated well for it. Not only that but but the field of current and potential drivers is far more competitive than ever before. It's a mixture of things but I think Multi 21 made some teams sit up and take notice on how to deal with two super competitive drivers going forward.


I kinda veered away here, intentionally, from stuff that was too negative.


Multi 21 wasn’t negative! The memes alone push this to legendary status.


>these tyres were done! They were done!' What a win. the inspiration behind my username :)


“Tyres were done” was Bahrain 2018 not Baku, but yes!


Ah Bahrain, yes of course.


No one can forget [Brazil 2012](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98h_qLwMJHg)


I rewatched this race recently, intending it as a one-off, but damn did it suck me back into the v8 era. Been rewatching 2009-onwards in full for the past few weeks since.


2013 Abu Dhabi after 9 wins in a row since the summer break and 4 WDC in a row: "I'm speechless. We have to remember these days. There's no guarantee that they will last forever


For me, as amazing as all those things were, it was picking litter up after the race that I'll probably remember most, showed that despite all his wealth, all his fame, he's just a regular guy who cared, Hamilton fits in the same category. Goes beyond racing for me.


He can also recite every WDC in chronological order. What a nerd haha I love it.


I hold this firmly and I will not be convinced Seb did not crack 2017/18 Ferrari did. Send really did give it his all and Ferrari failed to give him a car to reflect that.


he cracked after hockenheim in 2018, but so too did Ferrari, after he won spa Ferrari then decided to mess up monza qualy, in Singapore Lewis pulled out one of the greatest qualy laps ever then Russia and Japan Ferrari downgraded the car this 4 race stretch is what put the nail in the coffin for his championship, with Lewis winning all 4 races


We failed him. Just like how we failed Fernando, Massa, Kimi (again). I just hope we somehow get our act together, or Charles’ talent will be going straight to the bin again.


2017 he was very good, the car didn't look as good as the Merc. The Singapore accident was a freak... well... accident, and he didn't make many mistakes, Ferrari dropped in performance and reliability over the finish line. 2018 he made many mistakes(a lot of bad luck/timing moments too), the car seemed the fastest very often, although Ferrari also dropped a bit in development down the stretch, for me that's definitely a "could've performed better".


Yeah. Look at Suzuka and Sepang 2017. Retired from front row in opening laps and went from back of grid to podium respectively.


2 was in Bahrain 2018


What happened in Melbourne?


He just absolutely nabbed pole on his final run with a totally balls-to-the-wall lap.


I miss ultra confident qualifier 2013 Seb who would sometimes just so damn casually do a single Q3 run and absolutely nail it.


The way he undercut Lec with that monster lap in Singapore 2019.


Tbh, after reading all of this I still don’t get the feeling he really really wanted to retire. But I don’t blame him, as he said fighting for 10th isn’t much fun when you know how it feels to fight for 1st. And his stance on environmental issues probably had its fair share of influence on that decision too. If AM only gave him the right car.


There's a massive difference between "really really" wanting to retire, and realising that it's time to. He's an incredibly driven person who seems genuinely passionate about his career, on top of the fact that he's exceptionally good at it. However, it also isn't any fun to be competing for 10th, and watching your children grow up from the grid can't make that any easier. Any one whos made a sacrifice in their professional life can empathize, especially those in competitive careers.


Great point. There's probably only a handful of drivers who actually REALLY wanted to retire. Listen to any athlete, actually, talk about when they knew it was time to hang it up and it's always a really bittersweet story


IMO I think it's because there are few things in life that we get the opportunity to and want to give 100% of ourselves to. Pro athletes get to do that. Something I read on reddit the other day seems loosely relevant. '*Wild animals always go 100%, people usually don't.*'


If only he left ferrari after 2019. I get it was his dream to be with them and all, but if he found a way to leave after 2019, he could have atleast gotten into a decent midfield team. But I wish he returned to redbull. Imagine what a duo it would have been with seb and max together.


To be honest when Seb signed the contract to join Aston Martin, Racing Point were a high midfield team, even the top midfield team. No one knew how much the floor regulations would mess them and Mercedes up


Honestly the 2020 Racing point was an odd one out as it was a copy of previous year Mercedes. They had never built a car that was upper midfield




That team has always over performed. FI was consistently beating bigger teams


Yep, solid management, solid chassis and solid drivers, always in the fight of the midfield in the hybrid era without having a great budget


This isn't a fair assessment of the Silverstone outfit at all IMO, between 2016 and 2020 they were the consistently the fastest or second fastest car in the midfield. 2016: 4th in WCC 2017: 4th in WCC 2018: 5th in WCC if you tally Force India and Racing Point's points together The 2019 season got off to an awful start for Racing Point, but they completely turned it around after the mid-season break with the chassis redesign. In the 24 races from Belgium 2019 to Abu Dhabi 2020, Perez only classified outside of the points once and had an average finishing position of 7th place. Perez was the highest WCC driver outside of Ferrari/Mercedes/RBR in 2016, 2017 and 2020 (and was second highest placed in 2018 behind Hulkenburg). It wasn't until 2021 when they became Aston Martin that RP shit the bed, the delay of the then-2021 regulations probably hit AM the hardest since they had to further upgrade the 2020 chassis beyond what they envisioned, which then impacted 2022.


He got into AM when they were a decent midfield team.


No Seb should left on a high in 2019 honestly. He was still very good but 2020 just ruined him and I feel his love for the sport too. Seeing what Max is doing to his teammates Im really glad he didn't go there. I'd be afraid of Charles going to RB too even as a fan. Max needs a second driver honestly because he's just leaps and bounds ahead of all his teammates. Seb woudnt have fit in there.


I've read once that, low-key, his real desire was simply to not retire after 2020's kicking.


> Im really glad he didn't go there. I'd be afraid of Charles going to RB too even as a fan Not sure i agree. I rate Charles (and Seb) above Perez and yet, at the start of the season, before car development direction moved away from him, Perez was relatively close on performance with Max. Max is definitely better than Perez, but i think that gap between the two is exacerbated by the whole team being focused solely on just Max. Charles, imo, would be able to challenge Max, if he was assured of equal focus and status within the team.




not sure why you say that. Seb and Charles had a few moments but weren't smashing into each other and that was with truly no clear #1/#2. Max is yet another cut above that i dont think Seb would have had a sniff of him TBH


Seb could have found his joy in a Raikonen supportive kind of role though. At least he would be fighting for the occasional race win.




It's nice to imagine, but Seb and Max wouldn't have worked out. Seb was past his peak in 2019, and Max was just getting to the level where he's at right now. Sure he could have had his moments like he did against Charles but Max is on another level. Second, Red Bull would never have called him back to partner Max, they've seen how two top drivers can mess up the dynamic of a team in other teams and theirs too so they wouldn't want that.


I strongly believe it's not the last we will see of him. Vettel loves the sport too much to just walk away completely. I frankly haven't seen a bigger F1 fan than Vettel.


That Grill the Grid clip where he names every single champion is pretty telling. The guy lives and breathes the sport. I’ve followed F1 for as long as I can remember, and I could probably get through every champion of my lifetime. Decades before that though? No shot.


I also didn’t realize until Ted stupidly put his children on TV just how young they are for some reason I just thought they were older. Driving around at the back of the grid with people shunting into him, whilst he’s missing time with his very little kids has to be a diminishing return at some point.


Ted didn't put his children on TV. It was a live feed and the camera man did. Ted even effectively asked them to stop filming them in the end.


He really doesnt want to retire but If he’s competing for mid or even top teams, I doubt he’ll retire. Fighting for the back of the grid isn’t worth it.


Aston Martin could end up 5th this year funnily enough tho, granted a long way down from McLaren in 4th


He's said he's been back and forth for years. I imagine when he was pushed for an answer he was in the leave mood, now he's started scoring some points and he's just driven his two favourite tracks, he's more on the stay side. He won't truly know if it was the right decision until next year


Maybe he’ll come back in a couple years like Nando.


Don't think so. Vettel obviously loves racing (duh), but he also has kids, all quite young (youngest is what, 3?). Alonso lives and breathes racing, nothing else matters to him that much really.


I can see him driving for Audi for a few years when they enter.


Pulling a Michael and coming back after a break with family to introduce a new German team seems like something he would do.


If this happens, he is never ever allowed to go skiing again!


If only AM could fill out forms properly so they could spend more money on the tractor they gave him


I don't think Sebs issue is fighting for 10th, his issue is being haunted by inconsistent cars and poor management. McLaren is pretty average this year but i'd imagine driving for them is still a lot of fun because they're very well managed and overall seem to be heading in the right direction even if this year was a mishap. Aston Martin has an awkward dynamic where one driver is there because of blatant nepotism and the car averages anything from fighting for P8-P6 to battling it out with Williams from race to race. Same way most people view racing for Williams as better than racing for Haas even though Haas is performing better right now. They're so riddled with internal issues and terrible strategies that you'd almost rather have a consistant 3/10 car with Williams than a complete coinflip 1/10 - 5/10 car with Haas where you also get regularly shafted over by horrible strategies and weird behaviour from your TP.


No one would ever take him seriously as an environmentalist as long as he is an F1 driver


>“Q: Four Grands Prix, Seb. That's all that's left. A remarkable career. An incredible journey. Thank you. >A: You know, it's funny, a lot of people say thank you to me, but I want to thank them more. If I did what I did and no one was watching – no people in the grandstands, no emotions from the outside – it wouldn't mean a thing. I want to say thank you to so many people for making my racing career, my life, what it is.” What a beautiful, humble soul.


Yeah that passage just made me tear up. I really hope I’ll have the chance to meet him personally just once in my life cause he is so damn inspiring.


I distinctively remember Seb being on the verge of tears after winning the Singapore GP in 2019. He had a very tough few weeks being the wingman in Spa to Charles, and clashing with him over the qualifying session in Monza and crashing out the next day. After that race, apparently many fans wrote to him to encourage Seb. And he revealed that during his post-race interview in Singapore, thanking those who had written to him and said that it gave him a lot of strength and belief to win the race. He really appreciates the love he’s gotten, and it means something to him. I think that’s why people love Seb as well.


>"I once heard someone say, 'You will only be remembered until the last person who remembers you dies.' >"Let me put it this way: the UK has a new king, but he's not the first King Charles – there were two more before him. Do you remember them? Probably not. There's a limit. >"There will probably come a point when no one will remember me. Nothing lasts forever." Whenever a driver in F1 gets close to 5 race wins in a row, I’ll think of Seb Whenever I see a fabulous helmet from a driver, I’ll think of Seb Whenever I see the red car win in Singapore, I’ll think of Seb and that absolutely fantastic outlap. This is just the top of my head. Safe to say we will almost always think about Seb at some point in every single season of F1 to come. The fact that he was more than just a fast driver makes him all the more memorable than most who came before him.


"Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?" -- Sir Terry Pratchett GNU Terry Pratchett




You're alive /u/Raphael-dh .


Their name is u/Raphael-dh.


Their name is u/Raphael-dh


Whenever someone starts to list a couple of champions, I'll remember how Seb knows them all, in order. Whenever someone is cheeky in a press conference or with an interviewer I'll remember the seagulls and red dress.


> Seb knows them all, in order. backwards.


Years later in 2050, there will be a grill the grid episode where drivers will be asked to list down past WDC champions in reverse order. And a F1 nerd will list down everyone in reverse order and will have a smile on his face when mentioning the 2010-2013 Seb era. Yeah, Seb will always be remembered in F1


>"Let me put it this way: the UK has a new king, but he's not the first King Charles – there were two more before him. Do you remember them? Probably not. There's a limit. > I know what Vettel was going for here. But both previous king Charles are important to English history. They aren't being forgotten anytime soon.


Yep, people still write books about them and make podcasts about them. And Charles II had thirteen kids outside his marriage. We gonna be talking about him for a long time.


Multi 21, winning 9 on the trot, most wins in a season, most PP's in a season, youngest PP winner, youngest F1 champ, youngest F1 double champ, being the glue to Lewis and Nico's awkward press conferences. I'll probably remember him more for his stance toward the environment now but I've seen all of the above happen, and I wasn't a fan of him during his RB years.


I doubt anyone will ever come close to Seb when it comes to helmet design. Not in the near future at least He’s the GOAT.


Post-Red Bull, he was the only contemporary top driver who understood that simplicity is the key to iconic helmet design. Sure, there is complexity in the detail, but his basic design is very simple. So I could draw it from memory. Hell, a kid probably could. Every other top driver’s helmet is a mess. Alonso and Hamilton had fairly simple designs in the noughties but have drifted away from them.


Yeah, same with Senna, Prost, Lauda, or Schumacher i feel especially the the blue-starred one. They did get a bit more generic at ferrari but at least still kept the star iconography up top and everything. Alonso too with the baby blue and the spanish flag even though it did lean a little more into that modern design template. I don't think they necessarily all look great, but the simplicity made them work great in the same way good flag designs are kept simple and are immediately recognizable. Much better than fast diagonal racing streaks design #263 because it's a speedy racecar and the helmet needs to look quick too!


He should’ve chosen a different example considering how influential the first 2 King Charleses were. They’re definitely remembered.


I mean he's still talking about the two Charles', we're talking about them now. Of course they are not forgotten. Similarly, someone like him won't be either. I'm quite new to F1 but I've watched cricket from the time i was a kid. Still remember the old players even those that played before i was even born.


Henry VIII died in the 1547, but his is still remembered. I think Seb is being too harsh on himself. He’s put his name in the history books. The Seb-Redbull Era. The unlikely WDC in 2010. Dominant performances in 2013. The drama (multi 21), and so much more. He might not have achieved what he wanted, but he’s in the top tier of champions.


But when you pass, and everyone currently alive passes, there won't be anyone who really remembers him.


You could say that but since we have so much of Sebs life all over the Internet you could say he’ll be remembered for a long time to come than any of the drivers pre 1990.


he still holds a couple of records that look unbeatable so he will be in writing somewhere as long as formula1 exists.


But not even F1 will last forever. He's thinking about a bigger time frame.


I mean sure but at that scale nobody will be remembered anyway so what's the point of the comment lol


I think he's just choosing to live the moment instead of burning his life trying to increase a legacy that will be forgotten anyway. Even Lewis's eight title won't mean much more than what he currently have in like 100 years. Not saying any of them is right or wrong, just let people chase whatever they want as long as they're not hurting others.


Obviously, you actually need to have seen or heard something to remember it personally. So in about half a century or so, there will probably be very few people who will remember Vettel. That said, that doesn't mean that people won't know *of* him. There's a difference.


Which outlap are we talking about here? Feeling like some good throwbacks today


Slower pit stop Fucking bonkers outlap https://youtu.be/zJVbiau97uc


I guess 2019? That outlap sealed the deal


Seb doesnt know about this classic smh I cant forget Charles II https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZhOjMMIaA4


I will carry Seb in my heart forever


Pointing a finger in the air after a win - seb


People with the same love and passion for F1 as Vettel will keep his name alive for a very long time. Just look how well he did at naming the championship winner’s challenge. It will be sad to see him leave the sport!


First time I’ve disagreed with this guy


I'm going to tattoo his face all over my stomach just to make sure i never forget him to prove him wrong Do not underestimate how petty i am, Vettel


I'm about to discover immortality and reverse entropy in order to preserve his memory for all eternity, just to spite him


You'll be remembered seb. I named my son after you


Same here :-)


Seppl? /s That's adorable and Sebastian is a beautiful name


Things driving a tractor does to a MF


There’s being humble and then there’s whatever Vettel is saying


It reminds me of stoic philosophy. Marcus Aurelius (roman emperor and stoic practicioner) spent quite some time in his meditations talking about how everything is temporary and fame, fortune and life itself is all temporary. You will die and eventually be forgotten. The irony of his meditations being some of the most famous and well remembered stoic pieces of literature is amusing.


Yes, I thought of the same thing! It helps us to humble ourselves when we acknowledge that we will be forgotten…. Momento Morí


[ My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!](https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/46565/ozymandias)


Yes, I understand what he’s saying by how no one lasts forever and therefore name recognition will pass too. However, he’s a world champion in F1 and if he thinks he won’t be remembered, what does he think happens to the rest of us in the history books? We’re all just tiny blips in the course of history but at least he’s made a bigger impact than 95% of the rest of the world. It’s a very pessimistic outlook to have for someone who’s so privileged.


I don’t think he’s pessimistic. But I’ve noticed a little cynical streak in him. I think he’s modest to the point of eradicating his own worth sometimes.


You're misunderstanding. He is saying his name or how he is remembered aren't important. What is important is what he can do for the future of humanity. In 10000 years if humans still exist nobody will know what formula 1 is or who he was. But maybe the world they live in could still be hospitable because of what he and others do now.


Well, I AM nobody..


Few will remember most of us. How life goes.


Yeah, a lot of people are missing the point of what he's saying


I went full circle with Seb, started by disliking him to completely adore him. He's such a gem of a person and will be surely missed. Such a loss to the paddock.


Wouldn't full circle be going back to hating him in the end? I think what you did is went completely the other way.


Full circle= 360 degrees What OP means = 180 degrees That would be the mathematical explanation, and us F1 fans love maths of course


Reminds me of the old classic: “Why do they call it the Xbox 360? Because when you see if, you turn 360 degrees and walk away”


To be fair I didn't say it to be shitty. Just thought someone might read "full circle" and then "started by dislike" and leave with the conclusion my dude doesnt like Vettel.


Mine is actually full circle. Adore from that monza 2008, dislike during red bull domination, like again since joining ferrari.


They went full semicircle




I'm very glad I did got to "know him" with time, at least a bit of what he is and showed. Will never forget the images of him helping collect trash from the stands after a race. That's Seb for me in a nutshell.


The way Seb is an ally, he makes kids feel safe, women feel safe, he even made Lewis feel less alone. This era Seb is pretty dam wholesome even if he was a little bit of a gremlin in his Redbull era


Surely you mean, doing a 180. A full circle would mean you dislike him again.


Me too. I adore Seb now, and will miss him


I hope he doesn’t totally disappear from the sport. His knowledge of the sport is amazing I think he would be a great commentator even if he just pops up every few races, would be a real welcomed appearance


I'm going to remember him just to prove him wrong, I'm edgy like that


>"There will probably come a point when no one will remember me. Nothing lasts forever." I mean thats quite obvious, no? In 150 years there wont be a single person who ever met Seb. The legacy will stay there for much, much longer tho. As much as I will never rate Seb as the GOAT contender, his prime was incredible and I think most of the fans who havent watched F1 in 2013, know about Vettels 9 in a row. At some point there'll be another F1 driver who loves the history of the sport, who will name all the champions from 1950 to 2122 backwards. They'll mention Seb four times. That will never be taken away from him...


One reason I’m glad to have the f1tv subscription, I can go back and watch all his earlier races (I just got into f1 a couple of years ago)


Dude. Have you seen your press conference appearances?


Gentleman, a short view back to the past… can you repeat the question.


Not true Seb, not only will people remember you, we'll miss you too.


Quite a hard hitting interview. Didn't expect that from a team's marketing department.


Wow what a clickbait headline "There will probably come a point when no one will remember me. Nothing lasts forever."


Oh man, this is a really good response: "These two years have been very challenging because I wasn't familiar with running at the back of the field. It has been a new experience – tough at times – and I realised a lot. **What did you realise?** That you only see what's happening around you. If you're at the front, you only see what's at the front. If you're at the back, you only see what's at the back – but you're always looking to the front because you want to be there. But when you're at the front, you don't look at the back because it doesn't impact you and you don't appreciate just how much work the teams at the back are also putting in. **Just because you're not scoring big results, doesn't mean you're not working as hard."**


Definitely not true. Dude is the reason why Red Bull is Red Bull today and Red Bull don't do enough to celebrate him imo. I get that now it's all eyes on Verstappen. But you cannot talk about Verstappen and not talk about Seb and not enough people in f1 are seeing that. Sebastien IS Mr. Red Bull. He deserves that credit at least. New fans of the sport probably don't even know how big he was for them.


Horner has always given him praise whenever the subject of Seb has come up, and they named their engineering center after him. It's not like they're trying to cover up their history together.


Yeah, Red Bull has been consistent in supporting him even when the popular opinion was against Seb during his lows in Ferrari.


> engineering center IIRC it was a data center, which is really apt.


You're correct. It made me smile when Lance made a cheeky remark about how much longer the team briefings are since Seb joined. There's the Seb I know.


Red Bull literary has a whole god damn building named after him, what you mean they don't do enough to celebrate him


>Red Bull don't do enough to celebrate him imo. I'm sure you'll see more of that now that he's retiring and not racing for a competitor.


Especially since RB were pissed about the green bull


There are so many mentions of Seb on RedBull SM feed, even now for his championships, their past moments and that time he started social media. They literally have a whole building named after Seb.


When he got an Instagram they freaking posted about it and a short while later when he broke my heart and announced his retirement they thanked him for his dedication to them. RBR have Max now and obviously will be posting a tone more about their current drivers & champion but they will never forget him/ignore him.


You guys keep coming up with shitty takes to fuel your anti RB rhetoric. Red bull are naming a new data center after him.


Dude named every f1 world champion starting from the most recent all the way to the first, just for that feat he will be remembered, let alone all the things he's achieved in f1 and I hope he comes back to a more administrative role. I have a feeling he could be the next charlie whiting.


He’ll never read these comments, but I will NEVER forget Seb. I’ve been watching since 2010 and was so privileged to see him win all his titles and break those world records. Watching him race has brought me so much joy. He’s absolutely one of the top ten greats and anyone who disagrees is kidding themselves. I’ll really miss having him on the grid but hopefully he’ll still be around doing what he’s doing.


All of Reddit: We will remember you


dad jokes✅ impressions and accents ✅ contagious smile ✅ wonderful values ✅ brain the size of Wisconsin ✅ must be seb 💙❤️💚


Seb you're drunk, go home. He'll remain one of the greatest drivers for several reasons, but for me it's mainly the Hero he's become over the last few years.


How can i ever forget the lion of singapore


In the heat death of the universe, nothing really matters.


This whole article is making me cry


I was always impartial to Seb, and even a bit hostile after the Baku incident with Hamilton. But what he said for Charlie really changed my view of him and made it quite impossible for me to forget him probably for my entire life. I won't do it the injustice of trying to recite it word for word, but it was something to the effect of: we drive in circles chasing time, and thanks to you (Charlie), every once in awhile we manage to, if only for a split second. It's such a beautiful sentiment of self-awareness, really gonna miss him on the grid.


He's a fucking 4x WDC! Of course we will remember him. He's a legend of the sport


"We have to remember these days- because there is no guarantee they will last forever." I suppose it's his way of coming to terms with a massive chapter of his life closing, and what he's leaving behind. His time in F1 has clearly meant a lot to him, and to us all around the world. But at the same time it passes, and you can't hold on too tight. Best wishes to Seb, wherever he goes next.


Multi 21 seb, just iconic


Seb, from time to time you stretch it a bit too much and get it wrong. Like that time with the underwear, or this year at Monza with that silly comment about the Italian president. This time you’re wrong again.


I know it is silly but I wish Red Bull could give Verstappen's seat to Vettel in the final race. Just one last time.


Inspector Seb is eternal no one can forget him.


I might not remember him, but I tell you what I’ll never forget him


Bullshit Seb!!


I’ll remember you, Sebastian. I’ll remember you.


I feel much like Alonso, he will be back again. As compared to Alonso, he still has age on his side.


That’s a bit harsh. Who is not forgotten then? Only great conquerers and artists, like Beethoven and G. Khan will always be a part of our memory. Sebs still done more than 99% of people.


He's not wrong with the point he's making, but I'll remember him until I die. Seb's an impressive person -- he's a peak athlete and a decent person. A rare combo.


It’s a shame I didn’t watch f1 when seb was fighting for the podiums. I hope he returns to f1 in some capacity in the future.


Seb bowing to the redbull in india is burnt in my memory


Its wrong but we will all remember him for his flat out domination of the sport from 2010 to 2013 with Red Bull but also his ecological impact too for his work off the track as well


Vettel is one of the guys I feel I could hang out with, he's really matured into what seems to be a top bloke. Very likeable, and a hell of a brain I'm sure


Everyone will remember that finger going up Seb. And I will certainly rember what a phenomenal person he is off the track. Truly a role model that kids should look up to


grazie ragazzi


4 championships. Everyone will remember that.


I remember that one time when he called Karthikeyan a cucumber.


I will remember you Seb, yer a great driver and a seem to be a good man. And Multi-21. There is always Robo-Seb in Gran Turismo 5 too.


It’s our ego that tells us we need to be remembered. Who cares? We’re apes floating through space on a rock. None of it matters.