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How much have you gained? 0.25? I’ve read others switching to longer/lower weight.


About 0.5" since January. Hanging one hour about 5 days a week.


Lighten the weight back to 5 lbs and fulcrum hang. Add heat during your hanging session. Change the angle, like straight out.


Decon break for 3+ months. Add heat. There’s no way to hang more than that with a vac hanger you have to figure out how to use the compression hanger if you want to do that. More weight is not necessarily better, btw. I wouldn’t recommend going up to over 10 months in under a year because, well, as you’ve seen it strengthens the tissue and makes gains really hard. I’d say after a long decon drop the weight significantly and use heat. You want to use the lightest weight possible you can to produce gains without additional strengthening.


Compression hanging , try using a girth band with it. Deconditioning breaks , 3-1 protocol . Many options, Inc manuals with hangers, a bit like the shopping bag method