They need zero attention and don't get any build up/corrosion on the terminals.


I have a couple older Precedents (48V) and converted to Allied lithium batteries. I went with two 48V 30ah in parallel each. I did this because I wanted the option to increase range if I wanted just by adding another battery (I haven't had the need) and I now have a huge area for storage under the seat for a cooler. And in the 3 years I've switched I haven't noticed any corrosion on the terminals. And of course no topping off water or anything.


Do it and dont look back


One of the best investments you can make for your cart. The corrosion we are used to seeing is caused by H2 gas vapor or electrolytes coming in contact with terminals. You won’t have that with lithium. I have a cart shop and sell the eco battery lithium conversions. I’ve never had a complaint even though the price is significant. Pm me if you have any questions.


Prices on 48v li-ion batteries are all over the place. How much should I budget to convert a ez-go 48v?


My conversion was about $1400 total for two 30aH lithium batteries, shunt battery monitor and terminal bus. Fast charge, cart runs like a scalded cat & zero maintenance. No regrets.


And if I never need more than 10 miles range, I'm thinking I can go with a single battery, keeping cost under $1000.


Check out www.batteryevo.com. I bought the 60aH kit from them. Quality and customer service were excellent. The charger they sent initially (I bought a used one) cooked itself. Messaged them and got same day phone call & rush delivered replacement charger.


Go to Fentertainment on YouTube. He does battery tests and swaps. He also does distance tests on various lithium setups.


I just went to the Power Queen 12v 100ah Premier. Got 3 of them (36v). Cart is lighter, runs faster and longer. I would suggest the Renergy battery meter and shunt. Also get a battery cut off switch. You will have a much better experience than lead acid.