The JPOG Carchar is the best most iconic design for the animal.


Which skin combo is this?


It's not combo, it's skin mod.


:( cries in Xbox One


Yup. Same


The thing about just doing a reskin is that JPOG's Carcharodontosaurus was a lot bulkier than the JWE one, so even if you map the colours and patterns onto the JWE version it still doesn't feel like the JPOG design


Imagine that reskin over this model (credit: HyperSGYT) https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/4134/images/45/45-1636906839-2027063221.png I'm still in disbelief that the finalized JWE Carchar model was given the greenlight for official release. It looks like a giant terror muppet from Muppet Town, and not something that I could ever imagine appearing in a *Jurassic* film. Or concept art even.


Eh, I'm not a huge fan and I definitely would have preferred the JPOG style (or a more accurate design) but it fits with the Jurassic World designs fine, and frankly it's better than some of the designs that *have* appeared in the films


I was mainly pointing to what a bulkier frame would look like. I just can't get passed the chisel-like beak, scrawny frame, and stylization choice with the single spike on its head. It looks really pitiful and weak when standing face to face with the other big carnos in this game too. Like, not even uniform with the others in its category. Perhaps it could fit as a *World* design in one of those Ludia mobile games. I'm still looking at it from the lens of the OG trilogy style, where they were more or less trying for something mostly accurate, while being stylistically appealing (other than TLW sauropod). I just struggle badly with the 'World' style compared to the 'Park' style. The Stan Winston School styled T.rex design making it in is my single favorite thing about JWE2.


Yeah there's a reason I specified that it felt like a "World" design. I think it's a better design than something like the Baryonyx, which isn't exactly a high bar of quality.


Oh yeah, the Bary deserved much better. I don't understand how some of these designs get the 'thumbs up' for a big production. And it's the official canon now. :/ TLW PS1 Bary design will always be my canon Bary. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1H6Q3SzV8mY


Unicern hern! Lol This is a gorgeous skin tho! Coupled with JWE2's new Carc roars we are dangerously close to a JPOG sequel.


That eye....it's SANS CHARCHAR


Your gonna have a bad time. “Megalovania but its jurassic park style starts playing.”


J. Pog.