Man, I get the guy posts click bait alot. But damn, he's human. Dunno why people hate him so much. If you don't like his content. Don't watch it. Seems pretty simple.


Yeah, his content doesnt really interest me, but I saw him mention how many people harass him and outright send him death threats. I still don't know how difficult it is for people to understand that death threats are never acceptable, especially for something as trivial as clickbaiting.


Yeah, like seriously why would a little bit of clickbait and overhype warrant death threats? It’s ridiculous. I just hope that’s a very vocal minority of the community.


Exactly; it's messed up


I’m not exactly his biggest fan, but the outright vitriol for him that I’ve seen is way out of line


Vitriol? Since when? I personally haven’t seen anything bad in terms of hate toward him. Maybe some dislike for how he occasionally overhypes the community based in some vague rumors and small evidence, but aside from that nothing too major.


… who?


I mean usually when I dont like someone I dont talk about them or bring them up.....


The poor guy gets so much more hate than he deserves. I dont even see him clickbait much (he does do it with titles, but i hardly ever see clickbait thumbnails which are usually much worse). Im glad he reached 100k recently and i hope he can continue to grow.