[Lost World Arcade Game vibes!](https://youtu.be/SGI7ScpMtXo?t=296)


Yep. I managed an arcade for years. I’d recognize that Carno anywhere.


Strong pukei-pukei vibes off this one.


Lack of tongue though. Tail isn't bulbous so this Carnotaur is safe from me wanting to cut it off.


Also less chance to get ragdolled by rajang


Actually it looks more like Green Nargacuga to me. Especially with those eye patterns and the fact that it's meant to be stealthy.




What skin


It's a mod


Fun Fact: In The Book "The Lost World" by Micheal Crighton (The Lost World is the sequel novel to Jurassic Park, the Steven Speilberg movies are based off the books) there are Carnotaurus' that chang color based on their environment (hence Chameleon DNA)


They dont have chameleon dna they are much better at it than any existing animal being nearly invisible to the human eye as in the book stated


because it changed colors like a chameleon


"The Lost Work" Micheal Crighton, Sixth Confirguration, page 371 "Then turn out the lights again,"he said. "And you'll see." She turned out the lights, and for a moment Levine saw the two animals in sharp relief, their bodies pale white with vertical stripes in the moonlight. Almost immediately, the pattern started to fade. Harding came back, pushing in alongside him, and this time she saw the animals instantly. Just as Levine knew she would. "No shit," she said. "There are two of them?" "Yes. Side by side." "And...is the pattern fading?" "Yes. It's fading." As they watched, the striped pattern on their skins was replaced by the leafy pattern of the rhododendrons behind them. Once again, the two dinosaurs blended into invisibility. But such complex patterning implied that their epidermal layers were arranged in a manner similar to the chromatophores of marine invertebrates. The subtlety of shading, the rapidity of the changes all suggested- Harding frowned. "What are they?" she asked. "Chameleons are unparalled skill, obviously Although I'm not sure one is entirely justified in referring to them as chameleons, since technically chameleons have only the ability-"


*Chameleons of unparalleled skill. It is even said that their ability resembled that of marine onvertebrates like cuddlefish. I have the book right at my hand so i dont know what you want to achieve with writing out paragraphs. Animals with chameleon dna wouldnt just turn into better chameleons. Why do you guys always have to come up with muuuh dna from that. Crichton just came up with outlandish things about dinosaurs to show us how little we knew about those animals. And it was true at that point of time he couldnt knew that we would find out carnotaurus had extremly powerfull legs to hunt down his prey


*Better than