Not unless you make a bridge


😂😂😂😂we wish


What bridge?


Land bridge


Oh so it looks like crap then. Why tf can’t helicopters perform status checks, especially since it gives you an option when you press on the choppa


That's not for status checks but an auto sedation But don't blame me for explaining the others sarcasm


Off-topic but how does auto-sedation work? Always wondered what assigning helis to ranger posts did.


Similar to how rangers go for status checks but this time with a check for "Threat to guests/Staff" as well as for when your creatures have fights that doesn't result in predation. When such an event happens, the capture team auto launches and sets about tranquilizing the creatures deemed a threat to eachother or humans. It comes too late if it's due to the perimeter being destroyed, but works pretty well for the most part when it comes to having a tour that goes through a small or medium cargo pen, in the JP1 Chaos Theory, had only one fatality from having two T-Rexs in the same pen as well as a semi-natural free range Herbivore preserve.


Oh cool will start using this then, thanks for the explanation


But they don’t auto tranq injured animals. The ones that need a vet visit have to be sedated anyway. Seems like that would make that easier than manually pulling my chopper off their rounds and assigning the tranq.


I'm sure you can get creative making a "bridge".




Delete a section of lagoon, land will allow access


But i want road across it


Tranq and move.


Remember the old hot air balloon system of JPOG, is it me but wouldntp that be a great attraction to include for lagoon Island enclosures


I've been doing the exact same thing and basically; no, but you can still see their health and if it starts mysteriously dropping, they're probably ill. They can't actually break out from those islands tho, so apart from having to replace the sick ones that die, or uncomfortable ones that attack each other (which if you set it up while they still have the status check from the hatchery, you should be able to avoid) you don't have to worry about them.


How can they break out?


He said they can't.




Monorail and Response Facility built on there is the best I can think of.


Not without a path connecting to the arrival point.


It's not necessary with the monorail in JWE2. As long as one of the stations is connected to the main path, then every other monorail station is connected. Basically, you don't need long ass paths just to make the monorail work, they'll each function as an extension of the main path.


In JWE1 I had a whole section of my park (multiple islands) that would only have path coming from my second monorail station. It was never unhappy.


Is the monorail an extension of the paths? If so, then can you have a fully-operational island Response Facility connected to a monorail that elsewhere was connected to the arrival point?


Yeah, that's exactly what I was saying. As long as it has power, it'll work like normal.


I think you can assign helicopters to do status checks Edit: nope. Maybe put a ranger station on the island?


I probably have to but it ruins the aesthetic


I wish there were at least different skin options for the monorail I agree it’s ‘ugly’ and doesn’t really fit my current build aesthetic (more research/reserve than zoo) it would be awesome to have something less ‘glossy’ to provide transportation


When you select a response station helicopter, it highlights the ranger stations like you can assign them to that task, but I’ve never been able to get that to work. I don’t know if this is a glitch or if they intend to make that available at some point. I know it’s not helpful now, but maybe it will be an option in the future.


It for auto-tranq. Most of time is useful when big carnivore attack your ranger team. Dino will be sedated for around 10 seconds which allow your car to escape out.


Are there any actual consequences for your Ranger teams being attacked? I always just ignore it when they do and they seem to always make it out ok, I know they have to repair the vehicle afterwards but it doesn't seem like that big of a deal.


The vehicles can get destroyed and you have to pay 50k to replace them. Not really a big deal tbh. Having a helicopter assigned to a ranger post is more useful for sedating dinosaurs that try to break out


Bigger deal is usually the injuries the dinosaurs sustain when destroying the car, which can be waaaay more expensive to deal with.


I have the same exact island in my park haha. I guess u could make a big island and put the station on the island??


Tunnel underneath the water to get to it


Can you do that?