I'm not gonna lie after spending more than 400 hours on the first game it feels kinda boring at some point.😅 I loved the campaign and chaos theory modes. They were super fun. I've played the first 2 levels of challenge modes and I still had some things to unlock. I've never been a fan of challenge mode in the first game either. At some point I felt that I'm done and I was losing my patience because I wanted to enjoy the sandbox mode. So I've cheated for the rest of the challenge mode levels. I've searched for %100 save file online.😄😅 My only issue would be losing my chaos theory files. But I didn't lose anything either and everything is unlocked. That is probably the most unethical advice you can get but it works. Sorry Frontier I did that for the rest of the challenge mode but I already spent more than 400 hours on first game. Please understand. I love you guys 😁


Theere are a few levels oc Chaos Theory that just give you dinos instantly. I was about 30 hours in and had 99% of it unlocked. Only thing i'm missing is indo raptor.


Indoraptor is probably the biggest ball ache to get on the hardest challenge map


Honestly I just can't be bothered to get indominus, indoraptor, and the Carcaradontosaurus because it's such a grind along with getting all the challenge mode skins. I honestly feel it's so much work for little reward.