I recently went to a Kei truck importer and sat in all the trucks. I’m 6’2” and they were all very tight except for the Sambar. The Sambar is in my experience the roomiest, and if your height is mostly torso then I think you’ll be okay, as the Sambar also has great headroom. I ended up buying a ‘97. For tall people the Sambar is your best bet, hope it works out for you!


Thank you! I just don’t want to drive 6 hrs and not fit. Sounds like it might work.


Yeah I'm 6'2" also and fit in the Sambar just fine. Plenty of headroom, I don't even have to take off my big straw hat I wear when I'm gardening. If you're more torso then you'll be fine I think.


I’m 6’6” and have been daily driving a 91 Sambar for 6 months


I'm 6'4 with a 94 Mitsubishi minicab. I fit fine other than knees are very close to both stalks


6’4 with a 93 Minicab and fit quite nicely


The Sambar is known to be the roomiest of the bunch, so you should be good. I'm 6'2" and fit in my Carry fairly well.


I too am 6'4 (seems like every mini truck driver is at least 6'2). I have a 1995 carry and fit fine except my knee hits the washer fluid once in a while and I have to open the door to roll the window down. Otherwise, I have driven it for a few hours at a time with little issue and the cab is not as large as some sambars I've sat in. Long story short: you'll be "fine". Not car comfortable but not bad. Hope that helps.


6’3” here. 1996 Acty Attack, I take my shoes off to drive but I daily drive the vehicle 15-20 miles a day. The pedals are small but other than that I love it. Allegedly, it is the smallest of the Kei trucks in the cabin


5.9" and both my knees touch the dash in a 2021 Acty...


As far as I know the Sambar is the roomiest of all the Kei Trucks. So if you're going to fit in any of them it's that one. For what it's worth I fit comfortably in a Suzuki Carry at 180cm and 130kg, or approximately 6 foot and 280lbs. I think the big thing is getting used to the lack of space around you. The one I have driven is comfortable, but just feels smaller than other cars I've driven. It's not a bad thing it's just different.