Beautiful truck tho


i found a place after a bit of hunting around. look for somewhere in your area that works on JDM stuff a lot, they'll have seen all sorts of oddball shapes and sizes.


Good idea. Thanks!!


Weird. I wonder what the problem is. Too narrow a front track? Space alien tech in the suspension? I've never done it, but it doesn't look that hard to do yourself. I've had several friends in the road racing hobby (fastest way in the world to burn cash besides airplanes) who did all their own suspension alignment and it didn't look super hard. Might as well buy a bubble balancer and do your own wheel balancing. Mounting is that part that seems to be a right bitch without the tire monkey gear. Maybe those wheels and tires are bitty enough that one of those manual tire changing setups isn't super awful to use.


It's probably just because the make and model isn't in the system and the typical tire shops don't want to do custom alignment settings because they don't want you to come back six months later with bald tires and blame it on them. Second to that is probably the width, they may be afraid that it wouldn't fit on the rack safely. It's always about liability and what they're willing to warranty when a "normie" mechanic refuses a job. A shop that advertises custom alignments and regularly works on classic cars should be able to do it. A kei truck is the same width as an MG Midget/Austin Healey Sprite and the suspension is just as super simple.


You hit the exact reason why they wouldn’t do it. A lot of people turned me away because it wasn’t in the system.


I do them in my driveway with either the string method or two tape measures even. Probably not as good as a shop but I've never had bad wear. For the camber I just eye ball it and have been ok there too but probably should get some sort of tool to dial it in


I'm in Hawai'i and Lex Brodies put new tires on for me no problem.


For tow alignment I use a flat surface and a couple of trash bags. Keep the bag folded like how it comes. Just open it so it is a square. Lift truck. Adjust. Roll over it if it pulls then it’s out. Adjust until you can roll over it without lines from tire crinkling trash bag. Easiest way I learned to set tow. Two line/tape measure method for camber/caster.


That's whack? I literally just went to bell tire and they said yeah sure.


Just curious but is there a reason why 鈴木 キャリイ is on backwards?


No idea. Came that way. I have no clue what it says. I just left it since I’ve had it


It says Suzuki Carry which itself is kind of funny considering its a Mazda(yes I know its a rebadge carry). Also Suzuki(スズキ) is usually written in katakana and in not kanji.


Yea I’m not really sure. I appreciate you translating! And yea i always kinda wondered because the title on the car classifies it as a Suzuki carry but it’s badges as a scrum? Not really sure what the deal with that is


>the title on the car classifies it as a Suzuki carry Wild guess but probably has something to do with its easier to get insurance or title for a Carry than a Scrum or whoever imported it didn't know better.


Go to a any other shop than a big o tire or something. Those places will not touch anything that isn’t a stock USA spec car. Literally any performance shop. Give a call to local performance shops and even if they don’t have an alignment machine I’m sure they would tell you who could. Also if there’s a drifting culture where you live, I’m sure there’s a “(insert state) drift” facebook group where you could ask who does alignments, those dudes do alignments on the craziest cars.


Solid advice I will try this! Thank you!


Lots of info for string alignments on the web. You can do a really good job if you take your time and pay close attention to detail. For shops, look for the crusty old guys. The chains all use high tech machines and they just throw the lasers on, input the make and model into the computer, and the tech just turns it until it's green. Not in the computer means they can't do it. There's an old dude somewhere that knows how to do an alignment with the old equipment and he can knock it out no problem.


Thanks for the input everyone! I’ve called about everyone possible where I live and no one will do it. I’m gonna just attempt to do it myself. Been watching videos on “old school methods”. I appreciate the input! I will keep you guys posted on how it went.


Align it yourself, if your mechanically inclined, shouldn’t be a issue? 🚀


A lot of alignment techs are dumb and if the specs aren’t in their system (they probably aren’t) they won’t do it. I had a year old Kia Stinger that a shop refused to align because they were too cheap to update their software to get new vehicle specs.


Hey what kind of tires you got on this? Like where’d you get them? I got mine with some wacky atv tires and trying to find somthing closer to yours.


Toyo open country 145/80R12. I got them on eBay. To be honest I wish I went bigger. you can find a bigger size that fits 12s. I believe 165? Maybe. You’d have to do the research. I also have a 2” lift.


If you really wanna do it at home: https://youtu.be/NZUgNJjUQLY