I'm glad I'm not like that person. Must suck to always try and find things to be angry about :( MsheU? Smh. This is grown ass adults talking like that.


I hope you're joking. I haven't met a single person in real life who saw it and didn't like it.


What an original take by Nerdrotic. Gee, I wonder if he’ll like She-Hulk? *snicker*


Since when is that incel a proper indicator of what’s good?


He used to own a comic book store. I think he knows more than the majority people on here


Anyone can own a store. That means jack shit when he has to use “MSheU”. It screams incel energy and that he shouldn’t be taken seriously


Its not mutually exclusive You can own a comic store AND be a incel piece of shit


Bullshit. He is nothing more then clickbait idiot.


**Consider the following:** No.


People getting mad at the movie that is on the same level as previous. The only issue for incels are 'w*mens'. Imagine that those people would be sucking MCU dick if that was like every previous production


Jesus Fucking Christ That movie was practically Evil Dead 4. If you didn't like it, you can't call yourself a Raimi or MCU fan. Anyone who uses M She U, is telling me they are an Incel.


The reason people are calling it The MSheU is because we are going into This movie expecting a Doctor Strange movie and he is sidelined by The female characters and people are stick and tired of this bait and switch. It happened with Loki, it happened with Hawkeye, it happened with Moon Knight and now it’s happened with Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. If If they wanted to make a Scarlet Witch and America Chavez movie then that’s what they should have called it.


You gonna cry?


No, he didn’t get sidelined. Wanda is the antagonist, so she’s going to get a lot of screen time. America Chavez is important to the plot, so she gets a lot of screen time. It’s still a Doctor Strange movie because it follows him. It didn’t happen in any of the shows, quit your incel whining and go back under your bridge troll


Honestly a great movie overall. Maybe some small questionable plot points but easily one of the better MCU movies which is saying quite a bit since the majority have been good.


100% I would say its @ 10th on my list. Pretty great, not amazing