I'd surrender way less if losing without surrendering guaranteed even just a friggin' single legacy pack ticket or something no matter what.


Yea they need to add a played it out award for getting KO’d


Add a recurring daily mission, take 15,000 battle damage from your opponent. 🤣


Don't you get exp and battle pass progress if you lost normally?


Yes, but usually only 500, meaning you don't hit 1000 for a legacy pack, gems or cards most of the time.


Personally I just wait, I don't play much anyway so I'll get what I can


Idk, sometimes you can play another duel in the time it takes them to just attack while the your field’s desolate


Play another whole duel?! Do your opponents attack so slowly, or do you have a super fast matchmaking, loading animation, and you and your opponent build up your boards so fast that it's just about 20 seconds or less? Sorry if this sounded aggressive but I just can't understand 😅


Some people will flex and flex until they can't flex anymore even if you literally have nothing on hand and on board.


Well as a combo player i can say that often you just want to have another negate in case they got something to prevent your lethal. But comboing for like 10 Minutes is unnecessary most of the time


Yes actually hahah, especially during the synchro event. Minus the 20 seconds bit I also often play big wrench decks where there’s pretty big boss monsters, short combos, and otk* but it’s easy to clear (I.E. appliancers). So it wouldn’t be too rare to get my field cleared, and then sit through a 3 minute dryton, hero, utopia, blue eyes or stardust combo. Occasionally eldich too because they have only one to attack with and I’m out of outs to draw. In a nutshell, there’s plenty of situations where people get over cautious or show-offy and just drag on


I can understand when being cautious because it happened to me before that I had lethal and just didn't want to combo more because that's just a waste of time for both me and my opponent, but sometimes they activate something that negates my attack or special summon during the battle phase and such so SOMETIMES if I could I might just get me a negate first


I definitely get it, there’s times where I have to risk a lot to get a comeback, like playing evenly matched from the hand on their turn. But often it’s just not worth the time when you’re at 2000lp, they already have barrone de fleur, and start summoning to get borrel or something


Yes, “That’s lethal, gg,” is how the etiquette of Yugioh goes. The fact that the devs created a mission system that interacts badly with the basic etiquette of Yugioh is on them.


Yep, when I have no counterplay and see my opponent going for a lethal combo I surrender. No need to drag this out. I've seen people scoping when I make a full recover. That's just how it is.


Surrendering when they start going for a lethal combo and you dont see a point sitting through all of it - fair. I've had people surrender the moment I enter Battle Phase with lethal on my field instead of waiting out the 5 seconds it would take me to attack with my monsters, though, and at that point they're just being spiteful and petty to deny me mission progress.


Or they don't actively think about missions at all. It never even occured to me there would be a reason not to surrender until I came into this subreddit, and I can't be alone


Sure, but if you were gonna surrender because you dont have a chance of winning anyway anymore, you would do it before I combo for 3 minutes and not wait out my entire combo, watch me go into battle phase and then surrender to save yourself 5 seconds.


There's always a chance you mess up, happened often enough both to me and my opponents. Once you have lethal, it's over and I can concede. I don't care about missions at that point and I doubt most others do.


I’ve had folks that try to flex and then completely mess up. There’s strategy to being patient, but if you’re gonna die, you’re gonna die.


I only do that if it's a combo I'm unfamiliar with. I look at it like asking for a showdown in a poker game, once you've proved you can kill me I'll happily scoop


Lmao yep! I was always like "oh damn they got me good, let's go to the next one, gg!" I still barely care about missions, I got most the cards I want lol


Depends. If I played against a deck that stopped me from playing, I sure as hell am not giving him/her mission progress.


I once had someone who waited through my combo until I had 10k atk with a monster but the second I wanted to attack my he surrendered


Yep. Also negating that 8k swimg for their mission is my petty revenge.


really busting those card gamer stereotypes aren't you pal


Nah i shower regulary lmfao.


that's step 1 of 12, best of luck with the rest.


Lmao what are the other 11 I'm curious now


The big one is to stop telling yourself "I'm a cool guy" and to start asking yourself "what can I do to make people think I'm a good time to be around".


His fault for not killing you faster.


Wow we got a lame bad ass over here !!!!!


They did call themselves petty, so they are at least self aware.


You could skip stuff in real life, even without saying gg, not like the one sit across could punch you in the face and call it a direct attack. ​ MD#TCG or OCG, different game need different etiquette.


Master Duel is made to be an online Yugioh experience. It *should* be designed around proper etiquette for the game it is supposed to emulate.


online yugioh # emulate real life yugioh, when did Konami ever said the later? Because this game and duel link, is exactly what Konami has been offered hand held player for e few decade already, it just add server matchmaking. It's not some new kind of NEW HIGH emulator. Hell, hell scoring after game system while being inferior to is also based on those old handheld game.


If you want emulator, the first thing you should complain about should be "why the fuck is it automatic?" not these bullshit.


Only reason I surrender is because MD taking damage sounds are really loud, and I don't want my gf to think I'm a loser


Still not as loud as when the game starts. Like holy fuck I had to turn down the game volume like 80%. Shits ridiculously loud.


Bagpipe noises


*scotland intensifies*


If you think that's loud, don't play Duel Links.


Y-U-G-I-O-H D-U-E-L L-I-N-K-S!!!!!!!!!!!


I tried to sneak play Duel Links at work one day. I have a desk job and it was pretty quiet. I didn't realize my phone was at max volume.


I must be getting old. I compare it to the old THX sound from old vhs's as a kid. Can't tell which is louder.


THX was traumatizing


Same but my son instead of my GF. He announces the shit too. Soon as he hears it, he goes "DID YOU LOSE DADDY?!?!."


-8000 Real Life Points


This hurts so bad my wife literally walked by otw to the bathroom heard it and was talking shit the entire rest of the way to bathroom lol


If they enter battle phase, they’re already trying to end ASAP. You both get stuff from the game ending normally anyway. If they keep comboing past the point of having lethal on board, then you surrender because they’re trying to flex. They don’t deserve the satisfaction of winning normally and getting full rewards if they won’t give you the decency to end it quick.


Usually if my opponent has a card in hand or set, I try to get to a negate of some sort, just in case it's a Mirror Force or Battle Fader or something. It's burned me before, I'm not letting it happen again.


Same, lesson learned. but I click faster so leas time wasted for me and my opponent.


Especially if you're sitting watching a 20 min combo. Not giving them the satisfaction.


Soon as I see prank kids come out I start a timer. Once we hit 5 minutes of them cycling cards I just quit. That’s still the major bad part of this game. Meta decks eat up so much time it kills any real urge to play at times. Who wants to watch someone kill their entire deck for 20 minutes? The timer for turns needs to be cut down some.


You have a strange definition of flex. It doesn’t matter if they surrender or I attack, I win either way. And they haven’t surrendered so they still have something planned I need to counter.


And that is why people surrender, they have nothing to counter you anymore, but no people are like "why you prevent my missions???!(!??!??!?!! Dishonor!!!!" I wish Konami just rewards you for sticking it out, but "that's lethal, alright gg" has always been etiquette for YGO


Some people held on to their battle trap expecting me to stop my combo to attack knowing full well I could make multi negate and surrender when I summon a negate or worse, when I enter battle phase after I summon the negates. ​ There are all kind of scum out there.


I just go for lethal tbh, but damn. There was one time, my opponent almost made a comeback, by activating something in the gy. Kinda pissed me off. But yeah, it’s only for a few times taught me to make some negates in case something like that happens again


This game takes too long to animate everything, the second I've lost I'm out. No need to wait the extra 5 minutes so you can battle phase. Let alone the 15 - 20 minutes it takes some motherfucker to do his full combo vs my clear board / empty hand.


That’s perfectly normal. Surrendering right before the game ending attack is just petty though.


Speak for yourself, buddy.


But in some game I skip a few plays to just go in BP for lethal, then opponent activate something in hand/grave And I lose that game Had I just summon some monster negation for assurance I wouldn't lose Never again Either u wait for my play until u surrender yourself, because I need assurance Or u had ntg to play in my turn that fuck me up(field/grave/hand) I would rather my opponent to surrender, than waiting to fuck me up


I wish MD would change its settings so you could check the opponent’s graveyard whenever. So frustrating


You can


u could, i just overlooked and assumed they had ntg so much for "going for lethal as fast as i can" without any assurance that cost me the game


I only need 1 win per day so you can take the win, just let me finish my mission


yes i have memorized the sequence to surrender without even looking for situations like these


The fact is i stopped opponent from getting his dailies done. Thats what matters more


You people are villians lol


Unless it's a rogue or unique deck, it's a good feeling when it's a Swordsoul deck for the 500th time hitting that surrender before game.


Fortunately I stack missions and never do the damage one. Actually, you get more rewards if opponent surrenders because the game gives you 1000 point if you have only done effect damage (Longyuan)


Rank4 decks with Traptrix engine agrees (Rafflesia send Gravedigger)


I don't have a problem with swordsoul honestly. They don't make unfair board and their combo aren't long it's just overused because it's new and it's for the first time in master duel a good synchro deck


They literally just make 2 negates (grandmaster and baron) then pass if you dont have a lava golem droplet or ra sphere mode. Ur done for most of the time especially if they still have handtraps on hand


I feel like people really overhyped Baronne, atleast before Swordsoul anyway. Before it required awkward combos that most decks would have to go out of their way to do. With swordsoul its just 1 monster(and a discard) and here a free Baronne. Still, Baronne is a single negate and non quick effect target destruction so thats nice but after playing it a bit I don't see why people would intentionally try to make this card playable in decks its not easily playable in.


If you can get over/bait Baronne then outing Chix isn't too hard since he needs to target a monster on the field. Most rogue or higher decks wont be shut down by it. Hell even janky ass Blue Eyes and DM can technically get over Baronne + Chix with just their in-archetype support. Not that it's easy, but it's not "draw the out"-tier oppressive >_>


Swordsoul Tenyi is the biggest problem in the game currently. A basic hand can give them an Omni negate, effect monster negate, grave effects + hand traps + face downs.


It's the meta decks who do this when a rogue deck outs them.


*opponent summons Verte -> Surrender


Hey 10 seconds is 10 seconds.


I'm not gonna lie, doing it in the battle phase is a dick move


Playing the Fusion event, I'm a shit returning player and I've won games I had no right to because the opponent surrendered as soon as I started breaking their board. Like one game I started with HFD and removed their backrow and then they scooped instantly, even though the other 5 cards in my hand were useless and I had no way to deal with their monsters lol. Like I don't mind them trying to save both our time ofc but like they didn't even wait to see if I could actually break their board or not.


Lots of people surrender too early imo


I made a 16k Arc rebellion, let me hit you with it.


why would i do that? lol


Helps with title completion and you get to see big numbers


Do people actually look at peoples titles


No, unless you click a person's profile making them very useless. Cause they don't do anything. None the less I would like to collect them all.


Have fun playing every festival and getting the same title in different years


Arc Rebellion is the reason I get visibly excited facing Darklord Despia


Just let me finish the 8k+ mission please.


I usually allow my opponents to attack for game unless they decide to continue their combo. I usually allow one extra combo if I know it's a negate but when I see them extend further, Imma scoop cause that's just disrespectful and a waste of my time.




And then there's me, stuck between wanting to end the battle sooner and worrying if my opponent still got something in his hand.


If I can I'll always get a negate out even if I have lethal. I lost once trying to end it quickly and never again. It hurts so bad when it happens.


(casually activates battle fader)


I usually play it out to let people get their dailies done. Unless they’re playing a deck I hate in which case I surrender to spite them


And I'll do it again


I surrender for 3 reasons. 1) the opponent is taking way too long to do combos when I'm sitting vulnerable, 2) they are playing a deck that's super annoying to deal with (witchcrafters), or 3) they've pissed me off and I don't want to give them the satisfaction/daily progress of landing the damage.


If the opponent has already set up a FTK or OTK on turn 2, I'm dipping. If the duel is past the turn 3 mark and both of us have an average board and I'm tryna complete my dailies, I'll stay. But only if they don't continue a combo after having lethal on board already.


Once I see lethal I give them about 10 seconds to enter the BP or I leave.


If it’s a rogue deck that overcomes a good buster lock or rhongo bongo then it’d be pretty bad manners to not let them swing But if they’re using a top tier deck then yea it’s always morally correct


Do I spot a fellow Buster Blader enjoyer?


Imma just say fuck the ones that disconnect on purpose. Wasting 10-20 seconds waiting for the game to register that you aren’t there anymore, just hit the surrender button. On topic: the only times when I surrender before lethal is when: A. My opponent is playing a cheesy (eg. Numeron) or meta deck. B. I get salty cause my deck decided to be a brick so i get to play basically nothing while my opponent builds a board for lethal


I surrender if I see you have lethal and you still continue to summon monsters, at that point you're just flexing and wasting my time, so I'm gonna leave and waste yours instead


I keep getting people that do it the moment i get lethal on the board.


Numeron OTK has been rampant in plat lately, which is great since I play Buster Blader so they're pretty much an auto win


I'll stay until the bitter end. Surrender isn't an option for me.


Just a tip; if you surrend, in game if u did some lifetime missions, it wont count.


Noooo, don't do that. Let your opponent finish their daily missions And if you really have game it's not necessary to do 100 combos. Spare your opponents time. We should have an etiquette of the duelist idk


If you play a big number OTK deck like Numeron or Crusadia I will literally never let you get that oh so satisfying final blow


TBH the game engine is so slow on some platforms that is faster this way. Or ir you have maxx C on hand that helps nothing and the prompt keep popping up.


In my experience I've had them extra deck off an 8k monster to combo off into smaller monsters Then went into that number 100 dragon for a bigger number Didn't attack yet Combo off to summon another 💀


It would be nice to get a setting to toggle the animations. But, ya know, I’m not Konami.


Game settings > Duel > special summon animations Boss monsters will still have their image on screen but it's still a LOT faster


I need it link Duel Links where I can basically cut out all animations. In-person duels don’t have animations and such yet, so why should my vijea game? Lmao


If I have a bad hand and my opponent keeps summoning, I press the surrender button


I usually don't surrender, just 'cause I'm petty and want my opponent to waste a bit more of their time. Although sometimes they do misplay, such as trying to bop my Stratos with their Borrelsword Dragon while I still have Sunrise on the field. Hey, person I dueled, in the infinitesimal chance that you're reading this, I got two questions: 1. Why didn't you take the Kaiju you gave me's attack and instead wanted Stratos'? As far as I can see you'd have gotten 1400 instead of 1100 and then have the bonus of hitting Stratos with that boosted attack, that'd be good, right? 2. Why didn't you beat over Sunrise first? You even went through the effort of putting him into defense position and everything.


I'd only stay if the reward for staying was enough to make me not want to leave, and usually I only scoop like that when I'm certain they're going for an otk. I don't know even a tenth of all the decks to look out for, like hell I know what the other guy was doing.


I modified my dino deck to go second and i havent entered battle fase in many moons


Few days ago I was playing and I entered the battlephase : one of my two monster was able to attack : 4000 atk and the other was 4000 atk. He had 8000 lifepoint and surrendered when i entered battle phase. Little did he know that he had 4000 lifepoints left after the battle. He surrendered before this


Combos are waaaay faster in physical game, since there's no fancy animation and the guy doesn't slowly excavate his deck like my grandma. so having basic etiquette in paper game is easier than watching your opponent set a negate in md because of the card you set. can't blame them, although scooping in battle phase is just straight up a dick move


CyDra players: why can't you just let me swing?! Opponent: *screams and surrenders*


If you're an asshole that has nothing but negates on your board, then you don't deserve any gems. If you legitimately break my board then you've impressed me, if you come up with something creative (Like a direct attack over my monsters that deals 8000 damage) then you my friend deserve the win.


Sometimes I see a board being made and I'm like "I'm genuinely sure I could deal with this but I could probably win 2 other games in the span of this person's first turn."


I always let the opponent attack if he has game, unless he starts doing his entire combo again after wiping my board. That's just disrespectful, stop stroking yourself and win already


If someone breaks my board and is just going to finish me off I'll let it happen. But if you break my board, have the attack power to finish me and continue to fill your board, I'm out


I usually just let them have the satisfaction of the attack.. they worked for it.. also I know the pain of just trying to complete the damage done daily mission and not being able to because over the course of 20 duels all your wins have been from your opponent hitting the surrender button..


you are winning either way, idk why would you complain over things like this


The only time I will not surrender, is if they actually just get straight to the attack. I hate when people summon extra monsters and stuff, even though they have enough monsters to finish me off.


Its sad the rewards are so pathetic its not even worth the time it takes them to attack you


U r toxic


*slams table* STUPID! I'm not gonnna let you get the chance!


If you surrender, you lose all mission progress