"We don't pay our employees livable wages, so let me try to guilt trip you into doing it." Would be a more appropriate statement.


This is how most restaurants (in the US at least) operate. Paying a lower wage to "tipped employees" is basically slavery. At that point, you might as well make them independent contractors.


"Driver has less than $20 in bank account"


Am delivery driver, can confirm. Edit: I definitely make more than minimum wage. But most of it doesn't come from my employer. I make 7.00 an hour plus tips when on the road. 10.50 in-store, which is my states minimum wage. After tips I make about $15 to $20 an hour. $25+ an hour on a really good night. 34¢ per mile is reimbursed to me for gas. Most of my income is cash taken home after my shifts. It's no lie that drivers and servers heavily rely on making tips. My bi-weekly paycheck from the employer is around $200 after taxes while my total monthly income is around $1800 to $2000. 25-30 hours a week. Just to give you an idea.


Used to be driver. Can also confirm.


So now you have $30 in your pocket.


And the other one is given the peace sign.


Nice almost miss that.




Can confirm worked at both, and as bad as people think delivery drivers have it, insiders have it the worst since they don't even get any tips and have to work literally non stop. When I switched to delevering I was amazed how much easier things were. I got to chill in my car most of the time listening to music and podcasts while earning tips.


Agreed, driving was better than in store at both dominoes and papa johns (especially with dumbass kid mgr spending his time in the office playing f’ng 3ds competition pokemon while all the instores made the food unless we got slammed. What finally made me quit(dom’s) was my boss telling me to get out of the restroom or get sent home(same kid) on a day i had been sick from flu(you’re welcome Matawan NJ, they wouldn’t let me call off)so I quit, wrote them up to BBB, and left them with 1 driver for Friday dinner rush


Yeah I remember being an insider and my manager would constantly be on smoke breaks and when it was time for my shift to end they would say after they were done with a cigarette I could leave but then the phones would ring and they would have to help make stuff.before they could finish the ciggerete so afterwards I would have to wait some more since they would still need to smoke again. Such bullshit. Then there was the assistant manager who was always smoking weed in the cooler and fucking one of the other employees on shift while me and 1 other insider were running the entire store.


Jesus Fucking Christ, what Pizza Huts are ya'll working at? I work in a small town Pizza Hut and besides the weed (We all smoke) any of that other shit would not and could not go on. Being able to play DS? I've tried to bring my Switch and it turned out being too busy to ever even turn it on.


The fee is for you to find a different source for your pizza (or whatever it is).


Came here to here to say this...


I was a delivery driver for the first half of this year, and it was so traumatic, but what made it the worst was while you’re on the road, risking your vehicle, money, and life, you’re getting paid 6.25 per hour.. while the restaurant is risking absolutely nothing. And then making the person buying it possibly not have room to tip, which pisses the driver off, and makes them seem snobby. When really all they could tip in the first place went to a delivery fee. That job was very annoying and I feel like a lot of could have been avoided by simply being promised .5 the delivery fee whether or not people tip.


This is the main reason why I got out of food service or at least the tipping aspect of it ... mainly the front of the house... I did not want to rely on people whether they paid me or not, to pay my bills ... so I needed to find work where the job paid my bills and not my customers paying my bills... This became self-evident when I became a father and now I had another mouth to feed...


Lmao are we the same person I had some money saved but not enough at the end of last year when I found out my fiancé was pregnant, and I worked a lot of seventy hour weeks in the snow delivering pizza, and it helped me get ahead a lot, but once I got to the point I was able to find something else I did, I was having those same thoughts. But, easy 4 day a week 7-3 now with plenty of breaks and no interaction except a handful of cool coworkers


Anytime I order from a place, even if it says tip included, I always ALWAYS give a cash tip to the driver. Y’all are awesome and get screwed so I try and do what I can


Can confirm as a delivery driver that I definitely get fucked on tips if it's on a credit card. If I didn't suck so much at other things I'd try something else but this the only job I have ever had that I haven't screwed up..


I just wanna say, I’m 30, thought I was destined to do dead end jobs for the rest of my life but I got a factory job 9 years ago, worked hard and got recognition. Now for that same company I do QA work and sit in a cubicle most the time. You just haven’t found the thing you’re good at yet and that’s fine, keep working it king


So you were 21 when you got the factory job? You still had your whole life ahead of you! I appreciate the sentiment, but fuck I would have felt better if you said you were 40.


I was, but I didn’t finish high school ( have a GED Tho!) , I had no ambition, a kid( 3 kids now) and just an all around fuck up. Today, I’m 30 married with 3 kids, bought a nice house a few months ago, and have a decent job. When I first got this job years ago I thought I was destined to be a Grunt heading nowhere. I busted ass and got promoted several times showing my worth. Anybody can do it, and I believe in you! ( also please give us universal healthcare :( )


This is the way


When I worked for papa John's we had motorcycle jackets (I was one of the motorcycle deliveries) that said driver only carries £10. 1. We delivered to people that would mug for a tenner and did (delivery people, never enter blocks of flats!) 2.) on a Friday or Saturday night I'd easily have £250 on me. If I was robbed I'd probably barter some of it back. I promise I won't call the plod if I can keep my phone and £50...


I used to deliver. I kept 1s in one roll and higher bills in another. One day I was putting big bills into the other roll and some guy ran up and snatch my roll of 1s. Prolly 12 dollars or so. Told my job he got me for the big roll. Made out better than a bandit.


better than *the* bandit too


The secret ingredient, is crime


You became the bandit


I can’t see myself ever being a delivery driver at this point but I’m going to remember this as a pro tip for shady folk


For sure. If your on vacation somewhere kind of sketch keep a dummy wallet in you pocket and your real one on your chest. Put expired bank cards and such in the dummy. Deception is the best defense.


so you... became the bandit. lol


But that's part of *why* they take your phone


"I know it's a rip, but I'll pay for the convivence."-Professor.


As soon as it gets to $60 you get more weed


Hahahah fuck I feel personally attacked


Wash, rinse, repeat.




Usually better deals on pick up too. So more expensive food +delivery +tip. Fuck that, I'll go get it.


Was delivery always this expensive? You end up paying $30 for a $15 pizza these days.


No, blame the rise of delivery apps. They are the new ticketmaster. The old days you called the pizza or chinese place. You paid the same as ordering at the restaurant. The driver got $8 tips because you felt bad asking for change on a $12 order.


My local places I've asked for the direct number for *that* location. Or walk in and wait. These apps taking a cut of already thin margins.... fuck that.


They are the middleman to get to the middleman.




Delivery apps are for finding local restaurants and browsing their menu. Then you go to their actual website to order


Except when the website redirects to an app


This is the problem these days. Half the restaurants around me use a third-party webapp to process orders, and they raise prices *even if you're ordering for pickup.* I was ordering chinese the other day, and I tried to order online just to save from having to call a person and waste their time, and the $9 dishes were fucking $12 online, even though I was driving my ass to the restaurant to get the food. It wasn't uber or doordash or anything, it was just some generic looking webapp. It was even more annoying because it wasn't apparent at all. It also served as their online menu. I only even knew I was getting ripped off because it seemed fishy, so I checked their google maps page and found pictures of people photographing the physical menu. So I just called them and saved $8. I started looking around and noticed that every other restaurant in my town is doing this. I think they're just hoping that people don't notice, as there is no way to find their real prices online. Like, bro. Why are you charging me for not blowing up your phone? Fucking infuriating.


When i order delivery for pizza from a local pizza place they use DoorDash drivers


I recently learned that Panda Express delivers to me for no delivery charge.


But is the price the same for the order if you dined in? And do you receive the same amount of food? I noticed in my area when ordering through Uber Eats or Grub hub, almost all restaurants charge more per item to order through the app (not including fees) and Panda specifically would have less food in the order than if I went there myself.


My local pizza place adds $2 per item through doordash but I think it's doordash making the profit. On a $20 pizza that isn't bad but a 3.50 appetizer is 5.50 so it adds up. It's a bunch of bullshit.


In my city, there's still plenty of regular delivery, as well as the previous one I just lived in


My first job was at dominos in 07 and it was a huge difference back then. If you carried out there were lots of coupons on single pizzas so delivery missed out on major savings there plus like $4 delivery plus tip.


And let’s face it, there isn’t even $3 worth of ingredients in that pizza to begin with.


I read a few years ago that at major chain pizza places, the pizza is underpriced to look like a good deal. The 3,4,5 dollar "delivery charge" that doesn't go to the driver is to make up for this. People see "$10 any large pizza!" And then don't consider the fact that 10 bucks is less than the mandatory pizza order (pizza hut won't deliver to you if your items are less than $12.98 before tax and fees), so you have to add shit you didn't initially want to match up with some arbitrary number, and then the taxes, fees, and tips. So you still have "$10 any large pizza!" in your brain, when your order total ends up being over 20 bucks. So really I guess you can think of picking up your own pizza as their loss leader. Haven't had a pizza delivered in a long time because of this bullshit.


I’ve started to do the same but the other night when I was paying at a fast food drive-through (think slightly better than Wendy’s), they asked if I wanted to add a tip onto my card. I get they are busting their ass in there but it’s a DRIVE-THROUGH, just let me pay for the food and be done. They hadn’t given me my food yet and I didn’t want spit-chili so I tipped a little and fucked off. Weird exchange.




**EDIT:** For future jackasses who don't read, this comment is in reference to the new tipping appearing in every shop/fast food type places that appears on an electronic register when paying. This is basically guilt tipping that has never existed before the last 2-3 years. Sorry but no, tipping was never normal, and I can understand tipping waiters and bartenders and other things that have been the norm for generations. This new trend to tip cashiers/cooks is just a new way for business owners to bypass paying themselves. No thanks, don't feel bad.


I wonder if the problem also stems a little from the people who try to tip almost everyone. I briefly worked as a cart pusher for a little while after high school, and a couple times when I had to help folks to their car they offered me tips I had to turn down.


I mean that is the origin of tipping too, awarding employees who more or less go the extra mile to help out. It shouldn’t be standard to tip every employee who is just filling their job description.


Honestly I've just started asking the employee if they actually get the tips or not. Surprising amount of places have told me that they don't get them. I've worked tipped jobs before and anytime a credit card tip is added to your check, its in its own column or specific line that delineates it from other pay. So I believe when they tell me no. I tip to the ones who tell me they actually see the money on my card and if they don't get them I'll do my best to leave cash when I've got it.


Does brb mean something different now?


Maybe he talked himself into going to pick up some food.


Think they ment BTW


I'm so glad someone had this same thought. Lol


Betcher Red Butt


What I never get is there's a dominos like 30min walk from my house (1-5min by car depending on traffic.. literally right down the road) and they charge 12.99 for delivery plus fees so why is none of that going to the driver?


It's about the same for me, about 10 minute drive


Jesus Aitch it’s only $3.50 in the STL metro area. A double digit delivery fee is absurd unless they’re traveling 10+ miles.


I always get to the pay and when it makes one pizza 40$ I cancel and do something else haha they lose business by being greedy


I have done the same thing when I'm craving some shitty pizza which is only like once a year. It's crazy to me because the better places around here are either free delivery or charge like $1 but dominoes and pizza hut both charge like $10. It makes no sense that the bigger chains charge so much more for their delivery fees


Yah it is bs and I’m sorry but I remember pizza from Domino’s and Pizza Hut back in the 80’s and that shit was awesome and tasted wonderful! Then around the mid to late 90’s they changed something with their dow and it’s always tasted crappy. I feel bad for the younger generation that missed out on that. When me and the wife travel I’m always on the lookout for a hole in the wall pizza joint that’s privately owned and not franchised and their shit is always awesome! There is a pizza joint in Savannah, Ga. that stays open till like 3am on the weekends that makes the best damn pizza I have ever had.


The 15 year old on the phone is much happier when you don't order




And to anyone reading who doesn't, please for the love of god start.


Where I live it's $3.99, where are you all getting $10 delivery fees? EDIT: I should stress that it's $3.99 directly from Domino's, if you're ordering through another service I have no idea what they're going to charge. I don't even know if Domino's is on those other services.


Also in STL, I can't imagine paying TEN dollars for delivery fee, without any of it going towards tips. I get Dominos because of how affordable it is, but even then my 25 dollars of food winds up being closer to 40 after tax, fee, and tip.


Because you'll pay for it


Thats why back in my more poor days I worked for a local pizza business. Delivery fees were $3.50, we got at least half of that back for each run plus a differential for "long runs" and larger orders, so the bigger the order the more we were cashed out for at the end of the shift. I worked day shift (because fuck delivering after dark) so not the prime pizza time, but definitely hot for big lunch orders by businesses. Sure it doesn't sound like much, but it added up and was much better than this BS of large corporate chains charging that much and giving none of it to the driver. Plus the owners actually worked in the stores or stopped in every day with supplies, so it was easy to build good relationships. I almost miss the job for that reason. Do your job well and you were respected with no BS. I'm still good friends with one of the bosses there and he always pays everyone's tab when we go out. They were just good people who actually respected their employees and the customers.


Wtf do you guys live? My delivery free from dominos is 3.99..which is still absurd but when I’m lazy I’ll accept it. Would never pay as much as the pizza


yeah, this shit is baffling to me. delivery fees here are like €1-3 usually.




Dominos in my area charges $4.99 delivery fee. That’s if I call or order online directly through them. I always just pick it up.


They're going to charge as much as they can. Why wouldn't they?




I hope he made a claim for the work mileage on his taxes.


Sounds like he didn’t make enough for anything but a standard deduction to be worthwhile.


This guy knows taxes.


I like a guy who knows taxes. But that's because I don't know anything about taxes. I just know 'plug in numbers into the box' and hope for the best.


something i learned last year - if you efile, plug you numbers into multiple vendors' software. i tried like 4 off the irs recommended site and got 4 different numbers..


It's almost like they should just tell us our tax obligation each year instead....


Lol no. That would make it too easy. Rather keep the dummies doing it themselves and maybe they'll slip up in one of several way that will fiscally benefit the irs.


Irs actually turbo tax and the like that lobby to keep things how they are. IRS provides a free way to do taxes it's just much harder to find than turbotax


Jokes on TurboTax no matter how shifty they try and get to add sneaky fees into their free version I never fall for it. Haven't paid a cent to file taxes in my almost decade of doing it.


Not just the IRS. Intuit lobbied against legislation that would have made the tax code more understandable so they could keep selling TurboTax.


> in one of several way that will fiscally benefit the irs. I think it's more about fiscally benefiting the tax software people.


No kidding.. How much of a discrepancy was there between them?


Especially after the Trump changes. Since being married in 2013, I had always itemized. But the last year? Phew, couldn't even come close to the standard deduction. Oh well, easier for me I guess.


Most likely didn't report tips. If so it's not worth declaring milage and risking an audit.


Pizza hut is absolute trash over here in Missouri. My mom worked there for 4 years, went from a server to the general manager, like she had her name on the building and everything. She literally turned a trash store that was visibly dirty and turned it around, and she became the manager at one of the worst times possible (right when covid hit) and everything was going smooth, but it all changed when the parent company was changed. The new area manger treated my mom like shit, and was an absolute douchebag. It escalated until my mom had enough, she ended up quitting. In response, they BANNED her from stepping on their property, ordering food or speaking to their employees. It's funny because one of the employees came to our house earlier.




Just get a small loan from your dad /s


She should notify corporate. Nothing might come of it but I doubt people like that are running a shop the way corporate wants and it might be the thing that causes them to pay a little more attention to that franchise and I bet they'd hate that.


This. Let them drop the hammer on them.




Trust me, if you work Uber, Lyft, pizza delivery, etc. you pay for your own gas, sadly.




There should be a per mile rate you get that more than covers gas. Gas shouldn't be covered in your own vehicle unfortunately.


There is a small mileage rate that goes towards pay, at least in the Papa John's franchise I managed a few years ago. If I recall correctly, which I probably don't, the mileage started at 28 cents a mile and capped at 35 cents a mile depending on tenure. So, not much, but it was something.


Really? I used to work at the hut and they gave us 2.50 per delivery


Oof! I was always under the impression that some of the delivery fees go towards the gas and repairs for the vehicles being used by the drivers... I mean obviously I knew some of it is going to the business, but it never dawned on me how much of it is actually pure profit for the business. Good on your hubby for leaving this exploitative job.


They certainly could if the location uses franchise owned vehicles. Not a lot of those anymore.


I used to work at a pizza place that had a delivery car, we loved that thing. It was from like 1985, felt like a go kart


I'm a driver at round table, the delivery fee is $4 and I get $1.25 of that per delivery. So some places the delivery a portion of that goes to the driver.


Was this in Georgia and a Muy! franchise possibly? Sounds just like my experience.


Fuck Muy! After the start of the pandemic they sent a "thank you" basket of candy. We ate it. We got in trouble because we weren't supposed to eat it. We were supposed to take a picture of it so they could use it for PR.




What did they expect to happen?


Wow, what utter bullshit. I'm not surprised unfortunately, I know someone who works in care, several months after covid hit and they worked like dogs, management informed staff that they were getting a gift as a thank you. They all received a small kit-kat.


Yup. I work at a hospital. Our union has been fighting for hazard pay. Hospital said they would get us something to say thank you to us... We got a pin of the hospital logo with a thank you card. The pins are ones they sell in the gift shop, but it's been closed this whole because of covid We got the merchandise they can't get rid of I hate everything


It's fucking disgusting, the way they expect you to be greatful too and can't understand why you're upset shows just how out of touch they are. Nothing would be better than what is basically a slap in the face.


That's the norm in america lmfao


Probably not. That’s just the norm


I worked at Pizza Hut 10 years ago delivering and I got $7.25/hr while I was in the store and $4.50/hr while on the road. I got $1.20 for every delivery plus tips. I starred the night with a $20 bank and my $1.20 per delivery came out of that. So if I made over 17 deliveries or something like that they owed me money when I cashed in my bank at the end of the night and that happened several times. It was actually very good money. I was making around $500 in tips a week, plus I still got around a $350 paycheck every 2 weeks.


Yeah man when i delivered for a mom and pop shop with similar pay structure id make over $25+ an hour when everyone else was paying 10-12$


Yeah, you can make decent bank driving. Worked in a small college town so the delivery area was tiny. Taking 20+ deliveries on a weekend night was cake. Sometimes I miss the freedom from that job.




Guilt tripping the customer for the employer’s policy to fail to pay a sufficient wage to their own drivers is wrong.


I think more people need to recognize this so that we can all keep collectively agreeing that the working class has been suckered into some idea of it being normal to work 40+ a week to live on weekends if lucky. People need to continue this “employee shortage” and demand respect, work life balance, and a thriving wage not just a meh livable wage. I have a job, but was reached out to by two other companies to work with them as well, once they started talking about compensation offerings and role expectations i told them that i thrive with making my own schedule so long as it makes sense with the clients and customers we service and that i wouldnt be sitting behind a desk as a requirement and that my monetary value would be starting at x range and can be reviewed and have suggestions made after six months to see if that value was proven to move forward. Was denied by both places - i think it was a pretty fair offer to them from me. If employers cant meet my basic needs to kick some ass for them then they dont deserve to have solid employees and should fail.


I litteraly just asked for.more.than minimum and at least 5 places told me they "couldn't do it" but wanted me to start litteraly the next day.


Sounds like they need to shutter their windows and close up.


The Speedway™️ gas station near me has a sign in the window that said (earlier today) closing at 2:30 due to lack of employees. Will open at 6am tomorrow.






Lived right by a 24 hour speedway for six years. Lots of late night snack runs. The midnight shift turnover was INSANE. Literally maybe one or two people lasted more than a year. The amount of shit one person was responsible for is insane. You can't stock shelves AND clean floors AND take cash at the same time. They set you up to fail harder the more the business is succeeding. Speedway is on some serious bullshit.


OOH ARE WE SHITTALKING SPEEDWAY?? i just quit working at speedway after half a year and i can confidently say ive never felt more beaten down and broken by a job in my life. at my current job my pay is $3 less and i still feel 1000x better than i ever did at speedway. there were only ever 2 employees in store at a time, you got MAYBE a single 10 minute break if time allowed and you didnt even get free fountain drinks (i actually had a manager charge me for tap water because i had used a fountain cup). seriously, if youre ever in such dire straits you consider working at a speedway im sure the local pizza hut is hiring and it will be a much better experience for you.


Omg i broke all those rules when i worked there, fuck them and their bullshit. I made sure the people who were working with me got decent breaks, i made sure nobody was having to sprint to do 5 tasks at once, and i made damn sure nobody ever paid for a drink, on the clock or not.


My ex was a speedway manager in a northeast store, after being a cashier for a while. Fucking *nightmare*. It seemed ok at first, but the longer she was there, and the higher she rose, the more it seemed they tried to take advantage of her. Currently part of a class action suit with other managers for back pay. Fuck that place...


All their own fault. Speedway the company is rich as FUCK. They could pay more.


Both Subways (sub shop) in my area have been doing that exact same thing. But yah that’s what happens when you pay minimum wage.


Lately on indeed all the companies have asked "what do you expect to be making?" I respond with every single one that "I expect them to pay me what they offered in the ad." No one gets back to me. Like why advertise a pay you refuse to pay? I report those job ads.


A few years ago I interviewed for an ASSISTANT STORE MANAGER position with second and Charles. I asked for $10/hr at least to afford my bills. They told me the most I would get is $8. Quickly denied that.


I was recently a manager for a very small (6 locations) salad bar chain. It was minimum wage work for regular team members. When this national worker shortage started, it expanded to us. I reached out to my boss and the owner of the company multiple times trying to get them to help me hire with nothing. I finally found me another job. When they asked what made me want to leave I said "I don't see how you will get out of this. There is no way you can pay more than $9/hr for team members (which is the new minimum for fast food chains in our area, with our minimum wage being $7.25). I don't see how this company will survive when federal minimum wage gets increased any where above $9."


Everyone but the owners get fucked in food service. In their minds there will always be another poor sap who desperately needs a job and will take whatever tables scraps are offered. I have no respect for business owners who have never done the actual work, and don't see good employees as being worth keeping.


A lot of times they only hire teenagers because they don’t have a lot skills and are inherently lower value workers. They can get away with this as long as there are a fresh supply of teens looking for their first jobs.


!an employee shortage led to the rise of increased pay/rights and the formation of a middle class in Europe; amusingly enough it was ALSO due to a plague. Though in that case the shortage was because everyone was dead


That’s literally what unions did. I’m in the electrical union and that’s what we live by. Then in the 70s and 80s Republicans fooled everyone into thinking we’re evil.


I grew up with my mom and grandfather in unions. I saw how much good they could do, so I never understood why there were so many people opposed to unions until I got older and realized who was behind the hatred.


Yeah and when you realize big companies spend millions to keep people from unionizing. If they justify spending that much think what they could lose.


My first job out of high school was at Walmart and at least half of their training videos were about how terrible unions are for workers. I grew up in a family from union country, PA. I lasted 3 months at Walmart and then job hopped until a position at a unionized business opened up. I'm still not happy, but I'm far better where I am now than anywhere else locally.


It should be illegal for large companies or any job for that matter to coerce new employees with propaganda about how bad unions are.


Depends on your experience. My grandfather got to retire at 55, and lived really comfortably to 100 and thought unions were the best thing ever. Until I showed him the union deal we had at pacific theater, basically a union in managements back pocket. Worked after that at a place that required you to join the teamsters. For a part time job. And they got the same dues as a full time guy paid...and they didn’t really do anything for you the first ten years. If I could join a union today as good as my grandfather’s I would join in a second. Seems like a great business opportunity for someone to setup union for IT employees.


My great grandfather was a coal miner during the 30s. His Union was great and into his 80s, he lectured me on it. I was in the Almagamated Aluminum, Brick, and Glass workers Union. They sold our asses down the river. Let the company bring in Komatsu equipment when Cat was 30 miles away. I left, but 10 years later the guys were still making the same wage. My point here is - unions work when the union stands, when it doesn’t, it’s just a drain.


I made a whole post on this one time. I was stating how the entire premise is wrong and that tipped employees should direct their anger at their employer who is paying them a sub standard rate instead of being angry at the customer for not making up what the employer should already be paying. All I got was hate lol I worked in the service industry, I know what it's like. It blows me away that the employers have somehow convinced the employees that their low income is the fault of the customer and not the fault of the one signing their actual paychecks.


People on both sides turn against the idea of no tipping. Service workers who happen into a business where the tipping is good. Customers who read the message as being depriving service workers of an income source. But I think the culture of tipping is toxic. originally it was an extra reward for great service. It wasn’t normalized and certainly not to a level of 20% of the bill as a minimum expected amount. Delivery should be a cost and labor that is built into the business model rather than offloaded as an unbilled hidden cost to the customer. 20% overages for every restaurant meal and delivery is an arcane tradition. It should be ended. It no longer reflects the original purpose of it.


Exactly. Here in Germany tipping is a smth you do to essentially thank the Person serving u for good Service, it’s considered polite to do so but not necessery.


Exactly. I pay the business $10 so I don’t have to pay the driver more.


This is how it should be


Hell, in the UK we don't generally tip at all, outside of a few *niche* scenarios, and even then it's not *expected*. In fact, contrary to American practices, any *expectation* of a tip for performing the service we're already paying for would be thing that's considered exceptionally rude here.


Some states have done away with that and tipping still goes on strong. I don't think tips are going away in America but some of these shady practices can definitely be legislated out.


It's honestly come to picking up my own food. I'm not willing to screw over some poor delivery guy and I'm not willing to pay for extra fees and tips. I just go get the damn food myself.


Except now youre encouraged to tip pick ups as well. I grew up in europe, i find tipi g ridiculous and will never ever tip for picking up my food. Thats like leaving a tip for the cashier for scanning your items at a super market. Might as well tip every single job and let the customers pay employees instead of the employers.


I went in to a Chipotle like build a burrito fast food place last week for the first time in about six months. After using my credit card it asked if I wanted to tip. No. No, I don't. They didn't used to have that.


I dunno, maybe pay them a decent wage rather than guilting people into doing it for you


I must say I love that theres no tipping culture in Finland. When I visit countries that do I have no idea how much it should be and when to tip. Its so much easier when its all in the price already


I’m a plumber in The Bay Area, CA. Plumbers are very expensive, we have high prices. Every single Asian customer I get keeps insisting to tip me, and I keep trying to explain that I don’t need a tip, I just charged you $500… I get paid well. Please save your tip for somebody who’s employer is taking advantage of them… looking at you food service industry…


In USA you're expected to tip like, 10-20% of the total order. You don't have to ofc, but the tipping culture is so strong that it feels wrong not to tip, if you have any shred of empathy.




“Automatic gratuity on parties of 6 or more” Well thats no longer gratuitous, is it?




It's usually called a gratuity charge.


Every post about American tipping culture seems so weird to me. Where I'm from, tipping is not expected from the customer. Customers only tip if they liked the service and they can afford to tip their servers. For instance, if a bar's primary demographic is college students, who have limited money to spend on drinks after a hell week, they usually don't tip. Also, based on my experience and what friends told me, if you're going to tip, it's not based on how much you spend on food.


Any deliverie charge is not a wage please pay your drivers a wage


Isn’t the driver making the standard wage of someone working at the restaurant making pizzas?


I think it depends on the state. In NC I got paid $3.15/hr plus $0.24/mile and tips while on the road.


Nope. When I worked at domino's they got $7.25 when they were inside, and $5 when they were on the road. Plus tips. It's like how waiters have their own smaller minimum wage. Edit: most of the insiders got paid $10 or more.


Which must meet the state's minimum wage, if they don't make that with tips the restaurant must compensate them.


Pretty much


When I delivered pizza about... 6 or 7 years ago? The delivery charge all went to me. Good company.


yep, and more in my case. Corporations are so freakin greedy.


To pay the driver their hourly pittance, fuck Domino's. The only thing shittier than their business model is their food.


I worked for Dominos. They claimed the fee was for insurance for the driver. Which is 100% bullshit. We got about 35¢ per mile to pay for gas but that's it. Delivery driving is killer. Any tipped work is awful. You have to rely on the generosity of others just so you can pay bills. It wears at the soul.


Working for Domino's now, only 23 cents per mile in my location. Was considering working towards GM but turns out I'd make just $14 per hour. Just put my application in at another place with $16 starting. Fuck covid for ruining my career before all this.


Yeah, COVID and mismanagement is tearing up my workplace too. I make $24/hr and I'm terrified of losing that. I'm not going to find something like that anywhere else. I've been close to the management at Domino's (and Papa John's for a while) and they've never seemed overly happy. I think it's a lot of work without a lot of benefit.


I think you might be making a semantics mistake. It's for insurance on the driver. Not insurance for the driver. You get no benefit. The store is protecting itself.


That makes much more sense. I stand by my comment on it being soul crushing.


Pay them a decent wage so your patrons don't have to


Dominos CEO was paid $3.6 million in cash in 2020 ($6.295m in total) That's around $4,000 an hour. So how about YOU Dominos reward your drivers for their...as you put it...awesomeness. Source: [https://www1.salary.com/DOMINOS-PIZZA-INC-Executive-Salaries.html](https://www1.salary.com/DOMINOS-PIZZA-INC-Executive-Salaries.html)


I just pick everything up now. If I use the app, and do an in store pickup, my order total is usually 60% cheaper than if I had it delivered.


I’ve worked for Domino’s before (around 2010). I got paid minimum wage to drive around the city and deliver the goods in a timely manner. At the end of the shift, drivers got called into the office with all of their receipts. Any cash we had was secured in a little locker (to prevent theft) and manager would separate what cash belonged to Domino’s and what was the driver’s (tips). If cash was missing from the driver’s runs for any reason, it would come out of the driver’s tips (even if another employee potentially stole money from the driver’s money locker). Any tips paid with a credit card would show on pay stubs and taxed (cash tips did not show on pay stubs and were not taxed by Domino’s). On bad nights, a driver could literally walk out with $0 in tips, less gas in their personal car, and only paid for the hours worked. Edit: delivery fees were never for the driver to pocket, at least not at the Domino’s I worked at. Few other edits for clarity.


It makes it so it discourages ordering delivery and going to order in-person to save on staffing and logistics. And if you do decide to do delivery, they make more money off of it. Their coupons encourage ordering in, too. It makes it easier for them if you come in-person to do everything so price comes way down. You don’t have to pay the fee and there’s usually some sort of great value takeout-only coupon. If you can make it in, it makes you pay less and adds less stress to their business.


Damn should I raise the dough and bake the pizza too!?


$10? Where do you live OP? Its $2.49 where I live.


I work for dominoes… it goes to their pay checks but it is not a tip. It is reimbursement for mileage/ gas.


And this is why I stopped being a delivery driver. I used to deliver in a small, sorta resort-like town and on good days I’d make substantial money in tips, plus they (Pizza Hut) covered my gas mileage. HOWEVER, this came out to basically nothing as the minimum wage was so pathetic that I broke even on all my bills, and mind you I was living with my parents so my bills were basically just my car and my cellphone package