They weren't even close to creating [the perfect predator.](https://i.imgur.com/w4VgxDb_d.webp?maxwidth=520&shape=thumb&fidelity=high)


The PREDATOR system: P - Procure candidate R - Reward select behaviors E - Ensure dominancy D - Deny any fowl play A - Acquire rival candidate T - Train them to fight O - Observe the battle R - Reward the winner (but dominantly)


>Deny any fowl play. What did the fucking birds do?


Don’t worry, Charlie’s on the case


Not a damn thing.


This is alien stuff, Dee! **ALIEN STUFF!!**


That’s a 5 star predator.


Because of the Implication


Well dude, dude, think about it: they’re out in the middle of the rainforest going against some threat they barely understand. You know, they look around and what do they see? Nothin' but endless jungle. “Ahh, there's nowhere for me to run. What am I gonna do, not arm myself?”


Soooo, are these people in danger?


Why aren't you understanding this?? They don’t know if they want to get hunted by me. That's not the issue!


The Golden Predator




"I like to bind, I like to be bound!"


Predator binding seems mighty uncomfortable what that net !


Fetish shit!


Why did I know that was going to be Dennis


Because of the implication


Are these comanche in danger??


No one is in any danger, how can I make that any more clear to you?


Well don't you look at me like that, you certainly wouldn't be in any danger.


So there is danger then!


No one's in any danger!


Jesus I did too. Not even in a sunny sub.


I was sure it was going to be Ezra Miller.


Hot one today huh? YEAH!


The plot of the first movie! “ You ever been in a storm, Dutch?!” Edit: or 2, both “ hot ones “ lol


This is a comment worthy of a golden god.




Brian LeFevre.


you bitch


They're all gonna pay the ultimate priiiiice!!!


aw man, i really thought it was gonna be DeShaun Watson


I was thinking Vince McMahon. A Comamnche girl against him has got no chance in Hell.


And that one hasn’t even begun to peak! Damn that got me good. Well done


The golden god of predators


I'm not sure why but I expected to see Dora the explorer.


We all choose the form of our destroyer.


Take my up vote golden God


Fucking lol


I’m constantly working out, dude.


He would never hurt anyone without the weapon, why would he do that? It’s just the implication he would do that.


He did hunt cricket and do something teabag related.


What is your IMPLICATION here?


He hasn’t even begun to peak.


You're not allowed to post that here, that's from a TV show.


Bro…….I didn’t even need to click the link. I had a feeling. AND IT WAD THE GOLDEN GOD FEELING


Predator 6: The Implication


I rewatched Predators this morning and the creature in Prey seems like it could be a younger/ more primitive version of the antagonist sub species in that.


Yes, I’ve seen lots of discussion that the predator in Prey is a juvenile.


It is young, but it is also a subrace from a different environment according to its designer.


I'm assuming, since the pistol is shown in predator 2 that we'll get another sequel in the time line of Prey. Hopefully they can expand more on this.


The picture style credits ended with a predator ship returning to the tribe. So you could explain it as the predators killing the tribe and taking the gun as a trophy


Or an honor trade like Predator 2 and AVP


Naw they always collect the body and they would honor the kill me thinks.


I dont think they're gonna just massacre the tribe because one of them bested a Predator. Unless it's the same sub-species as the big bads in 'Predators', cause they were dicks!


Predators have hunt rules, and they leave alone the individual who kills one of them. This is why Glover was let go in Predator 2.


You're speaking about the regular sub-species; im referring to the other type from the 'Predators' movie.


But we did see the one in Prey obey the [Yautja Honor Code](https://avp.fandom.com/wiki/Yautja_Honor_Code) so it’s more than likely it wasn’t a Bad Blood like the Berserker in Predators. If these were the same tribe, it never would have let Naru live after discovering she was caught in the trap, nor would it have fought fairly with the wolf and bear and Comanche warriors.


Aren’t they all juvenile in the movies? Isn’t the whole thing that they do a hunt on a different planet as a write of passage to adult hood?


The Predator in Prey and the 3 in AVP are unbloodied, meaning they are rookie warriors trying to prove themselves. The ones from Predator 1 and 2 are bloodied or even elites since they are exclusively going after dangerous foes (military/gangsters/police). The Predator in AVP:R is an elite who accepts the task of killing xenomorphs and a Pred-Alien. The ones from Predators are a subspecies of honorless berserkers called bad bloods. They took over the hunting planet and don't abide by the warrior's code. I watched a shit ton of videos about their caste system and different clans this past week lol.


I love this shit. My friend told me avp is no longer canon tho?


They're just a bunch of separate canons now. As far as I can tell, there's nothing inherently incompatible with any of the Predator movies and the AvP movies, though I think Predators ignores Predator 2 and AvP but doesn't necessarily render them non-canon (obviously Prey acknowledges 2 in a big way). However, Prometheus and Alien Covenant are VERY incompatible with the AvP movies, they have extremely different origins for the Xenomorphs AND Weyland-Yutani. So, to simplify, if you want to think of it this way, AvP is canon to Predator but not Alien (or, at least, it isn't canon to the two most recent ones).


From what I saw in Predators recently, the only dishonorable one of the three was the jawbone predator. None of the other predators killed a man laying on the ground with no weapon in his hand, and the doctor never had a weapon around the berserkers before that, jawbone took a cheap kill with no hesitation


Looked victorianish in its design too. The tech was old fashioned but fresh which I thought was cool.


damn, now I want to rewatch it tonight


Yeah check when it pans down his body and shows his gauntlets pretty cool idea. Edit: and obviously the shield


I looked into the lore after watching Prey and Predators the other night. Supposedly the Prey predator is called a “Feral Predator” and is from a more desert and primitive place on the Predator home world.


Ok, I can almost imagine it like the guys in Bone Tomahawk, some forgotten tribe that is Fucking gnarly!


Why did you have to mention BT. Now my nards hurt.


Yo honestly, any death in any Predator movie is far more merciful than that poor bastard!


I love the original Predator design for the first Arnold one. That will forever be my favorite. That being said, I thought the design for Prey was absolutely terrifying, in the best way possible. 200 years isn't a long time in evolutionary time, but for all we know Predators evolve much faster. It was a great look for what a lower evolution predator would look like, yet somehow more menacing.


I think this predator looked as close to the Arnold predator as Yao Ming does to Simone biles or shaq does to Alton brown. No reason they gotta all be identical


>I think this predator looked as close to the Arnold predator as Yao Ming does to Simone biles or shaq does to Alton brown. No reason they gotta all be identical That's my take on it as well. It doesn't need explanation just because it has different face proportions. There's such variation between humans of the same species in real life, even just between different families in the same region, why does this fictional alien need any explanation? He's clearly the same species with the same overall physical features. Same crown and dreads, same mandibles and teeth, basically the same body. Just because his face is shaped differently with a more pronounced brow, wider orbital sockets and larger mouth, it doesn't mean he's special. If they *must* explain it, "he's from a different region" is *more* than enough.


>he's from a different region That's the actual explanation given by the filmmakers.


Which makes total sense. Not all humans look even close to the same


I don’t believe the Predator was less evolved, I see it as matching the weaponry of what he’s hunting. In the OG, he’s hunting humans with modern weaponry, therefore he can play with deadlier weapons himself.


Yeah predator ain't no bitch. That why it only used the claws for the bear fight. It aims to beat you at your own game.


Didn’t he use the claws on the rattlesnake too?


Lmao imagine if the film ended with him dying to a venomous snake and nobody even found out he was there


I'd want to see the rest of the movie from the point of view of his redneck family, who wanted him to know he was adopted and would probably fuck things up. "Of course we refused to train him. Look at those eyes. They're on either side of his head, so he can see the real hunters coming. LOL." "He was doing it so you'd notice him." "I know that! I'm not heartless. Tell the snake it can join our clan."


I do like how the earth is a legit hazard for these guys. Like, I don't care how much acid blood you got, Australia is still a hell of a place.


I went to Uluru and did some tours. A few of the guides mentioned how Australia's First Peoples were lean hunting machines at the peak of human performance. Here's an awful photo from a time when white settlers enslaved them: https://i0.wp.com/news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/1525000/images/_1525825_chainsbbc300.jpg Most of the deadly things in Australia are snakes, spiders, sharks, crocodiles, and roos or cassowaries for their kick. But these guys were the real deal. Like they wiped out the megafauna and reshaped the environment using complex patterns and schedules of burning. Anyway, a Predator movie set in pre-colonisation Australia would be cool, but First Peoples here tend find it offensive when their culture is misappropriated for a commercial product like a film about aliens, so it'll probably never happen.


The *War Of The Worlds* scenario essentially


Predators shouldn’t be able to see snakes by default, what with them being an ectothermic animal, so I could easily see your idea happening. The creators probably would hand wave it away saying the predator has some kind of antivenin or outright immunity to these types of thing. The snake version is basically the war of the worlds outcome.


Yes. It used teeth so he did too.


Come to think of it, the blades kind of look like snake teeth


Fangs are just mouth claws so it still counts.


If that's the case then why did it keep going invisible in the middle of its fights?


I think it's less that they want a "fair" fight and more than they want a challenge so they will handicap themselves but ultiamtely they do want to win and really don't want to die.


For whatever reason they don't seem to consider their optical camouflage a step too far. Possibly because camouflage is common in nature. In the expanded lore it is common though that they will gear up depending on what they are hunting but the camouflage is just sort of a staple.


Because in prey he was a bitcharse predator who didn't like losing.


I mean sure but they do it in all of the movies except AVP


They camo in avp. But it’s not exclusive for the whole film likely because the xenos can probably still detect them, but also one pred is working with a humie, so no need for camouflage.


The cloaking thing I’ve always found kinda antithetical to such a supposedly honour bound species. Same with Klingons.


I brought this up when watching and my husband had a good idea, that maybe wherever they are from a lot of things can cloak, and since they have heat vision maybe that’s not even a big deal to them, and they don’t see it as an advantage.


Unless you try to net it. If you try to net it, it takes it personally.


Pretty close, yup. Predator lore says they're actually way, way more advanced, but used worse tech to try and make it even remotely fair. They avoid pretty much all their armor and use less potent weaponry to put some sport in it for themselves, which aparently does scale. The big exception to this seems to be AVP Requiem. It wasn't a hunt, but a clean up. Why that predator left like it was a hunt, I don't know. Urgency, I guess. And I suppose he did harvest what he could from the ship.


In the Predator over arching story they seek out other races that fight well....hunt them and use their DNA to incorporate the best traits of all species into themselves.


That's from the 2018 Predator. And it makes no sense and everybody would prefer to ignore that movie forever.


Idk man, predators actively trying to give themselves autism makes perfect sense to me


So who’s gonna tell him?


Just a whole planet of predators making Sonichu medallions and posting videos of themselves Dancing for fake girlfriends.


The idea that 1) Autism is a useful genetic trait, 2) that autism somehow makes someone smarter like it did the kid and 3) that you would want to incorporate the traits of a species that you bested into yourself is so completely divorced from reality.


That sounds neat until they used it as an excuse to give the Predator autism in the 2018 movie.


But now I kinda want to see an all-Predator remake of Rain Man.


The DNA part was never a thing until the 2018 movies and is just the dumbest fucking bullshit ever.


That’s neat i didn’t know that


Its so obscure I cannot remember the novel or comic book it came from but yeah I thought it was an awesome story point.


In The Predator they try to incorporate Autism.


Fucking lol. That fucking film….


I love Boyd. He deserved better. I’d even be down to watch a sequel.


They didn't explain it properly. The gear evolved. But the Predator we see in Prey is a subspecies adapted to a different environment and evolved different features and skin textures according to his designer on twitter, so the OG predator is from a different region on the home planet.


It’s nice to see that. So many times in fiction aliens are treated as completely homogenous when looking at our planet it would be far more likely that there would be variance due to region.


So what you're explaining is that the OG predator was space white and this predator is space hispanic or something? Neat, really neat actually, I think its great how they managed to create quite an extensive foundation for a species that is really alien but also very familiar. The curse of most scifi alien races is that every single individual look and act the same way, they did good on this one though


Different subspecies of Predator. https://www.reddit.com/r/LV426/comments/wkxval/the_man_who_designed_the_feral_predator_explains/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Eh, it’s appearance beneath the suit wasn’t too different from the classic design. Probably just a different ethnicity of Predator rather than a less evolved one. ^^You ^^fucking ^^racist. ^^^^/s


Didn’t Predator 2 have a whole bunch a predators. I distinctly remember shorter ones taller one. Ones with better makeup, ones with shitty makeup oh wwait


Predators took it a step further showing there are many groups. The prisoner predator is similar to the one who hunted Dutch and his team, even similar mask. But the 3 big boys were as different from one another as he was from them.


Predators (2010) established there are at least 2 kinds of predator, the smaller ones, which were showed up in the first 2 movies, then a bigger kind that hunts the smaller ones. Then in The Predator there is the absolutely massive one. Not sure if it's a third type, or they just didn't convey the scale of the larger ones properly in Predators.


Other movies and comics have shown quite a morphology for their species. Didn't bother me at all.


They did weaponize autism.


I didn't think of it as a 'less evolved' Predator, but more like, the yautja are an advanced spacefaring race, so of course they'd have different...breeds (is that racist to say lol) or ethnicities that are physically distinct from each other. And I thought that particular Pred looked like a juvenile version of the ["super Predator" from Predators](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2e/9e/1d/2e9e1d09679fff8da49f9940f94427c5.jpg).


Third comment I've read so far being shy about being racist about a fictional species of aliens.


This is what the Predator movies need to become. Pick a cool time period, a cool location and drop a predator or two amongst a group of hunters, soldiers, assassins, samurai, ninjas, etc and then have a bunch of crazy cool kills, a bit of well-placed humor and some dope cinematography and sound design. This movie just created the blueprint for what these movies need to be going forward. It was an absolutely amazing film that completely respects the source material and the excellent original.


I'd love to watch Ninja vs Predator


Predators 2010 scratches that itch for me


Versus ninja and Samurai. If a bunch of Samurai were suddenly stealth-killed with sharp weapons out of fucking nowhere and nobody saw the attacker, they'd naturally think it was the ninjas. Ninjas would know it wasn't them, but fat good that would do against angry samurai. So while they're having a fucking war against each other, the predator starts picking off groups of them one-by-one, until the leader of the samurai clan and the leader of the ninja clan realise the true threat and have to team up and mix samurai martial prowess and ninja sneakiness against the predator. Shit would be fucking dope.


I want to watch a dude with a bunch of mall ninja shit against a predator.


Enemies who can't see each other.


>a cool location and drop a predator or two amongst a group of hunters, soldiers, assassins, samurai, ninjas, etc and then have a bunch of crazy cool kills, a bit of well-placed humor and some dope cinematography and sound design That pretty much sums up Predators (2010). Except with a former Spec ops soldier, an Israeli sniper, a Yakuza, Los Zetas member, Russian commando, death row inmate, and a doctor.


- Feudal Japan - WW2 - Vikings - The Cretaceous Period - Ancient Rome - 70’s Blacksploitation - James Bond/Spy Thriller - Chinese Kung Fu - Mad Max Post Apocalyptia All the above, BUT with a Predator


70's Blacksploitation, hell yeah! He's a bad mothafuc... Shut Yo Mouf! I'm just talmbout Preadator We Can Dig it!




Best Predator since the original Stan Winston design. OG Predator still rules tho. Edit: Just a little background/Fun fact. Originally the predator was going to be JCVD in a suit, but it looked awful. So they ditched JCVD, and Schwarzenegger (still early in his career) stepped in and told the studio he could bring in Stan Winston, who he worked with on Terminator. So Winston gets the job after they're already shooting scenes, and he boards a flight to LA to get to work. On his flight, just happens to be James Cameron and he excitedly tells him about the gig and asks for any ideas. Cameron sketches out the mandibles on a napkin and says "it should have a mouth like that". Winston and his team finish the design and the rest is history. Still one of the top creature designs of all time.


Haha that’s fuckin tight


The face mask design was awesome. The face... was goofy.


The original design is the perfect predator. I will not tolerate Stan Winston slander


The original truly has a brilliant design scheme in that we first see the Pred cloaked, then masked, then unmasked, and it's visually cool and memorable each way.


I always likes the original mask the most too its so fucking badass


I like the City Hunter design personally


> slander No it is not, I resent that! Slander is spoken. In print, it’s libel


What is it if you do speech to text? Slanderous libel?


Yeah why they keep trying to re design the predator alien? I just dont get it. It is a damned perfect character design. I get different skin markings and armour and what not, but these alt-predators always look weird b-grade bizarro versions.


Really liked Prey. The action scenes were very well done


I don't care how unrealistic that Tomahawk on a rope was, it was fucking bad ass.


It was a bit too videogamey, but she didn't use it to hack the Predator to death so it was fine.


I liked it because without the rope, she kept having to run all over the place to get her chopping weapon. But *with* the rope, she didn’t have to get to da choppa.


however it's perfect content for youtubers to attempt to recreate


makes me wish for that to be in a Far Cry game EDIT: preferably FC 2 or 3


There's something like that in at least one of the more recent Tomb Raider games. Although I think she uses it more for traversal.


All Time favourite predator design, felt and looked like a true animal


Loved the lower level tech and the bone helm was "chef kiss*


The face and mask were awful.


They should’ve used Ezra Miller


The perfect Predator was designed 35 years ago.


The perfect predator for *this* movie


Given the look of this predator it seems they are like Alien where they evolve traits based on what they fight and hunt. For reference: Those abs. Or maybe this is like the issue of Klingons in the old Star Trek and the Star Trek The New Generation. Lol


The perfect predator was already created.


Bill Cosby ?


He made some pretty strong drinks


I’d kind of like to see the other 20, because the only thing i didn’t like was the eye placement and width of the upper lip when he was unmasked. Loved everything about it except for the unmasked face, which looked a little janky.


That’s what your mom said


It took him like three hours to finish the shading on the upper lip.


Didn't like the mask, but the cartoonish face underneath was worse.


I didn’t much like the mask either.


>Gillis revealed they created six Predator suits and four heads, all of which they used wisely. “You trash them as you go through production, not only due to human sweat but because some scenes are so physical. We would start with a suit, wear it down, and then move it to stunt suit status. You barely make it across the finish line with one presentable suit.” Meanwhile I Am Mother had 1 suit. Given it was a robot that wasn't moving around as much but still, they only had budget for 1 robot suit.


Yeah but that character wasn't fighting in dirt and mud in almost every scene it appeared in.


I just like the idea that there’s different designed predators. Like the ones from avp and the OG are the good experienced hunters. Compared to the prey that’s a feral type one


I can't be the only one disappointed with them using one of the new designs. The helmet was rad as fuck tho, as were the weapons.


Pretty standard stuff for a designer…


I wouldn't call it perfect by any means. Cool? Yes, but not the best one.


I think the design is fine but I don't think besides the helmet it was worth changing how the Predator looks. Pretty iconic thing to just sort of change. I know that's a pretty weak/petty argument but I stand by the fact I think the predator should just look by and large like the first one (or like Predator 2 had like a few different versions but overall the same). I liked Prey a lot but that is one of the few things that irked me. I think I would have liked to see a normal predator under the bone helmet and with older tech. Not a biggie but still.


Predator has been my absolute favorite creature since I saw the movie over 30 years ago. The original predator is the perfect predator. I like the one in this movie for the most part but his eyes looked like they were stretched to the point that it was laughable.


I loved this movie, but the unmasked face was definitely the worst Predator design so far…


Yeah, I concur. Why did we get Hydrocephalus Ant Face Predator when the original face design is so well designed and iconic?? And whats with the clean shaven body? Tech and mask was cool AF tho´


20, and all they had to do was stick with the original. The new face looked awful Imo.


I dunno, it was hard to see his eyes. I wouldn't call it perfect, by any stretch.


I agree. I was actually a bit disappointed by the facial design.


I really loved the movie, but honestly the only thing I didn't like was the design of the mask and face. Taking away the Predator's eyes on the mask made it feel much less sinister. And with the mask off, he didn't have those beady little yellow eyes that made the original so creepy looking. Im the original, they were the actors real eyes, so they had a real intelligence behind them and created an uncanny effect with the face that really made it so memorable.


Agreed. The new face design was a bit laughable. I know they used real prosthetics but they def had to CG the eyes in... Which gave it a fake goofy look.


Yeah I didn't like the face/mask either for that reason


Should have went for another twenty


I thought it looked incredible wiht the mask on(which was amazing). But the brief time the helmet came off the face looked really odd, the eyes were super high and large. It didn't look good imo. Small squabble though, the helmet wasn't off long and the predator overall looked amazing.


The only thing I didn't like was the face. His eyes are too far apart, looks goofy


I liked the movie, but that was not the perfect Predator. Not even close. The only one that the Prey creature looks better than is the Super Predator in Predator 4.


Hated the face of it. Just didn't feel like a Yautja to me. Good movie though.


It wasn’t “perfect.”


All I know, that predator was the stupidest predator of them all.


the movie was surprisingly good but my expectations were low. i wish they put a twist on this predator. somehow came off as a dumber/brutish version of the og.


Or it is just a different tribe. In Predator lore, the Yautja have clans that believe in different hunting styles. Some use more brutal and reckless styles, some use the "base" model of Predator 1-2-AvP series, and some use a mix of both. These differences are why some hunt one another or modify themselves to "perfect" the hunt. Their whole species is dedicated to the primal need to become the perfect hunter. And like any religion or idea, the off shoots get wild.


I saw someone suggest that this Predator was a juvenile, so makes perfect sense that it’d be dumber


Perfect, no. Decently terrifying, yes.




I liked how it looked like a wendigo


that predator looked like it was designed by hearsay. like they got the mouth and the dreads. rest of the facial features seemed to be missing. and that sucks because otherwise it was a great predator movie.