> A federal judge in Arizona has decided the court can't block a House January 6 committee subpoena for GOP state chair Kelli Ward and her husband Michael's cell phone data, a ruling that may deliver more information in the probe about the state-level backing for Donald Trump after his 2020 loss. Hell yes. These traitors can go get fucked.


Some idiots are gonna try and call this unconstitutional. I just wanna let everyone reading this know that this is actually only one of about three issues that **every single member of the delegates universally agreed.** It was so agreed upon by the framers of the Constitution that both George Mason and James Wilson wrote about being shocked that Adams and Jefferson both agreed vehemently that investigation and censure of anyone should be routine. Adams was kinda crazy about the idea that especially and specifically public office holders could and *should* be disciplined by the legislature, but Adams also had some...interesting ideas about how we should be treating our leaders. I can't remember but I think there's a piece he (is suspected to have) authored that suggested we should castrate people when they are elected to make sure they focus on the needs of the people.


Castrate that bank account. I wonder what would happen if they were all paid minimum wage of their state and cut from the dark money.


they would be even more prone to bribes


Not if the penalty for bribery was castration.


I volunteer my services for chief castration officer. Looking for a deputy.


Do we have to provide our own power tools?


No, we have a standard issue toolset, but I understand officers have preferences. So I won’t stop you from carrying personal tools while on the job.


Gotcha, so wire strippers, extra heavy duty rubber bands and electric hedge trimmers will work then? Gotta be prepared, ya know?


Absolutely, just make sure all personal tools are registered with the headmaster of the ~~armory~~ tool shed.


Nah you gotta make the pay decent enough to entice competent, dedicated officials, without making it too much of an incentive to hold onto office by any means necessary. If being a politician wasn’t paid, only the rich would be able to afford to do it. I do agree that the current batch has too many people with too much money.


You described the current 175k wage in Congress. They get paid handsomely enough to not need bribes or anything but are greedy old fucks and take em anywau


Bingo! On top of the pay they have the best Healthcare plans in the world, all kinds of perks and benefits, and still most choose to make decisions in their own financial interests. There's no such thing as "enough" money for those people. We could pay them $100 million per year and the same ones taking $10k bribes now would be taking $10k bribes then. The only way to stop corruption is to go tough on crime with white collar criminals. Harsh prison sentences don't deter crimes of passion or desperation, but they work very well at deterring calculated crimes of greed. If they thought there was even a small chance of doing 30 years they wouldn't be so easy to corrupt. That would also eliminate their incentives for seeking public office leaving space for actual honest folks who just want to make a difference as their legacy, not just die with a bunch of zeroes on spreadsheets.




I want a book recommendation from you Edit: please


*The Expanse* series is fantastic. I also recommend the *Murderbot* series, and have nothing but good things to say about *The Witcher* series as well. I never recommend political books because I think people should simply read about politics whether they agree with the point of view or not. If you only read stuff based on your personal position, you'll end up in a nasty information/confirmation bias cycle. Go read stuff by classical authors you don't agree with. Find a new idea by a political thinker you didn't expect.


This is good news, but is any traitor really stupid enough to keep evidence of their crimes on their phone a year and a half after people start getting subpoenaed and/or imprisoned?




The secret service sure as hell tried to destroy their phones. So no. But then again, the rest of these chucklehead republicans can’t even convert a word doc to a PDF. I doubt these folks know how to delete text strings or even what is evidence of a crime and what isn’t…since they don’t realize they are doing anything wrong.


It'll never, ever happen but damn it I want to see some of these text threads come out in DOJ writs. I just think it would be funny as hell to read. "Then Larry came in with a gallon of personal lube and a car battery! OMG!!"


Remember that Trump preferred to flush docs down the toilet to destroy them, believing it to be better than just burning them in fireplaces in the WH, or just shredding them using the ubiquitous office shredder. This is the kind of "stable geniuses" we're dealing with.


> keep evidence of their crimes They want data from the phone company, not their phones. Usually in these cases when the subpoena is issued, the phone company or ISP will parse out the requested data and have it ready to go. If the customer sues to stop it, then all they've done is 'pause' the action. The requested data is preserved and still able to be retrieved while the case makes it way through courts. So, for the J6 Committee they'll still get what they asked for - if it existed when they issued the initial subpoena. If you'll all recall, there was an announcement from the J6 Committee back in 2021 where they said "All ISPs and phone companies need to retain the data for these people who we're investigating so that if we ask for it you can deliver it" .... and the GOP went NUTS. They threatened all sorts of hellfire on *any* company that complied with the J6 Committee. Now we see why - because they knew they are guilty and that the evidence was out there.


Man, I really wanna see those texts. Can’t someone leak them or something? I mean, seems like the thing to do.


Is any traitor stupid enough to keep classified documents in their basement years after stealing them?


Well yes in fact.


Maybe not but your text message records and call logs still exist


The fact so many people around Jan 6th and Trump are stupid enough to *text* incriminating shit at all makes me think there is a good chance they are stupid enough to also not purge those texts.


These records are often kept off the phone by the service carrier.


And if you have any apps on your phone, like telegram, it has the encryption keys needed to decrypt all that data that is probably still sitting the in the cloud somewhere. Your phone has all the private keys needed to decrypt all that secret cloud data. Bottom line, don't be stupid enough to use any electronic communication to commit crimes. If they want it bad enough, they'll get it.


Did Ginni send her text messages??


Is it me, or is that a hard sentence to read Judge finds they can’t not decide to didn’t have the power to undo a motion that isn’t filed not by the House leaves at 4pm heading west going 60mph while the Chair is going north east at 55kph at 2pm so how many Cheetos does the judge not have left?


So, even as a lawyer, way too many judicial opinions and legal briefs still read like that to me. Sometimes it’s takes me hours to navigate a few pages of really dense procedural stuff when it’s a case or jurisdiction I’m not too familiar with. And I’m still trying to wrap my head around the personal jurisdiction (or really, why there hasn’t been a bigger dead made out of the apparent lack of it) in the Trump Mar a Lago / Judge Cannon / Special Master case. (And I’ve had numerous lawyer friends and podcasts try to walk me though it…but I only get more lost, lol). So no. It’s not just you.


A lot of this has nothing to do with legal writing. There's just a tendency for people to put too much into one sentence in journalism and in English classes. Good contract writing means shorter sentences without a lot of unneeded adjectives or ambiguity.


I'm a lawyer, too, and I spend so, so much time thinking about the clearest way to write something, with the goal of making certain that it can't be misunderstood. I break compound sentences down into multiple sentences, play with sentence order, and minimize pronoun use unless it's 100% clear what the antecedent for the pronoun is (while also trying to make sure that sentences don't become gobbledygook due to repeating long terms/phrases instead of using a pronoun). Then I read shit that other people write that is barely recognizable as English and wonder what the fuck I'm doing over here.


I remember reading about a movement to rewrite laws so that they are more intelligible. I would love to see that take hold.


That movement sounds it could turn into a monkeypaw wish very fast. If any bad faith writer (and if the last 10 years have taught me anything, it is that there are a lot of people that like to abuse power) gets to rewrite a law 'to make it readable/simple' it will be written so simple it benefits their belief or can be interpreted as benefitting their system. I rather have lawyers looking at documents that are very descriptive to the point where they think "why!!!" Instead of simple jack reading a sentence a have his way with it. But maybe I'm just broken and cynical after all the fuckery of last decade and should order a refill of hope pills


I agree. However I’m getting really frustrated by the fact that it’s basically impossible to know the law. Things that seem like they should be slam dunks aren’t. Apparently it’s impossible to know beforehand whether a given act is legal or nor and often it won’t be known until the supreme court weighs in. I’m glad I never was ordered to do something that might’ve violated the law while I was in the army, because I’m sure as hell not qualified to say whether it’s illegal or not. When caught between violating a direct order which is *definitely* illegal or refusing it based on hope that one would eventually be vindicated, what the hell is a person to do? Laws don’t need to be simplistic, but when simple shit like whether torture is legal takes multiple years in court to figure out, we have a real clarity problem. If the finest legal minds in the country can’t figure it out in an afternoon, what hope do the rest of us have?


I could not agree more! I have watched the soap opera that was Depp vs Heard this summer. And I don't think that was the most difficult case in history, but the language and procedures that were used, just to have it not fucked up because of a form error is ridiculous. The jury even made an error on the last second of the trial l, something to do with filling in an arbitrary number. People were scared for a moment that it could nullify all the carefully navigated 'judical traps'. This example was a case with little impact (for all but 2 privileged people), but I can imagine cases that would impact you or me and it going wrong because the law has become an incompressible pile of wordbarf, I would be pissed. So yeah easy to read laws of procedures should be a cornerstone of a democracy because what you said, if you don't even know if you're wrong or when you know it's superduper wrong and you can't prove it because of words, everything can be fucked by or because of that. In IT there is a word for being fucked because you didn't go with times or didn't upgrade software, tech debt. And that's with stuff written or made in the last years. Yet here we are, holding on to words and procedures from 200+ years ago. And upgrading means riot:x I seriously need those hopium pills :) Sorry for the rant, and hope it made some sense if not, disregard this message and have an awesome day!


Not a lawyer, but handle a lot of detailed customer communication for my company. I do what you said and then I also re-read the email a couple of times intentionally trying to misinterpret the communication, and rephrasing it until I can't find any possible way to parse the information in a fashion other than what I'm intending. And then people read and reply to the first sentence without reading the rest of it. Bonus points if they ask a follow up question that's answered in the second sentence.


/sigh.. "Per my previous email..."


100%. I can’t stand contracts with vaguely drafted/ambiguous clauses. This is why I love reading high-level DOJ briefs. Lots of times those lawyers are so confident in their position, they strip it all down to meat-and-potatoes facts and law. No hyperbole. No metaphors. No rhetoric. Lots of monosyllabic words. Really easy to follow.


Do you have some links to examples at hand, please?


Almost anything related to the classified documents that Trump stole will be written by high level DoJ lawyers. On the government side, anyway. The Trump lawyers are usually hacks and truly jumping the shark. So if you want good legal writing like OP was talking about that, just look up the Government's briefs in those cases.


Vague or ambiguous clauses are great for the non-drafting party. There's a presumption that those clauses resolve in your favor in court.


Factual, relevant, clear, complete, concise.


Many lawyers LOVE flowery language. Maybe they think it makes them appear more intelligent but it’s just becomes a detractor to those reading their docs. Great sleeping material.


I've been known to draw my own sort of Venn diagram to untangle poorly communicated verbiage like this. And for EULAs, I break some long sentences into their own paragraphs, and separate long comma separated lists into numbered lists. Oh, and I use online case-converter utilities to reduce ALL CAPS into legible sentences. Sometimes it's the only way to understand what I'm agreeing to in the EULA.


Do you often find yourself crossing out double negatives in order to find the nested interpretation in these types of documents. Reading shit like this makes me want to pull my hair out.


And there was a study that showed that it's poor writing and not the legal language that makes these documents so hard to understand:[https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0010027722000580](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=32889072)


I find these dumb long sentences easier to read by just turning it into multiple sentences (even if that's not the most compelling writing style). So it's easier to read as: A federal judge in Arizona has decided the court can't block a House January 6 committee subpoena. The House subpoena was for GOP state chair Kelli Ward and her husband Michael's cell phone data. This is a ruling that may deliver more information in the probe about the state-level backing for Donald Trump after his 2020 loss.


> A federal judge in Arizona has decided the court can't block a House January 6 committee subpoena It's pretty clear Member of the Arizona state legislature had her phone records subpoenaed. She petitioned in federal court to have the subpoena quashed. The court told her to fuck off


Yeah it’s not even a double negative lol? Unless you qualify block as a negative, which it isn’t inherently. If anything it is a bit of a run on sentence but nothing crazy…




Republicans are just throwing anything at the wall to delay this instead of facing it, I’m convinced.


They'll find a way to win midterms and the country will be perma-fucked.


I don't say this every election, but this does seem a very very important test of the American Experiment.




Anyone reading this, please don't let "Help is on the way" distract you from doing as much as you can to alleviate the traitors from getting elected. Help may be on the way, but we cannot let our guard down even one bit. Fight, fight, fight until the polls are closed, especially for purple states. Reference: Hillary in 2016.


🇺🇲 VOTE 🇺🇲 Do not let a defeatist mindset stop you from voting. Genuinely every vote counts. Exhaust every resource and make sure you know where and when to vote. Make sure you are registered to vote now and the day before voting, especially if you live in a red state!! https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/ https://www.usa.gov/confirm-voter-registration


Idk. GOP has been campaigning for democrats since 2016. Everything they do keeps their voters and just inspires more democrats to vote. If they just left women’s rights alone they’d have much better odds.


God I wish I had this optimism.


I mean, that's standard operating procedure, so... yeah.


Yeah their goal is to delay all proceedings until they can kill it.


Why would she need to hide her phone records if it was a peaceful protest until antifa actors started the violence?


Surely they were just giving the peaceful tourists some sight seeing tips?


Was this the lady that was live broadcasting the exact location of specific congressional members openly?


They really thought that they would win the coup and then everything would be fine and everyone would clap and cheer for the things they had done. They really thought that.


I know whenever I go somewhere as a tourist I always want to see stairwells.


Be careful if you vacation in Russia! I understand the stairwells there are feral and they cannot guarantee your safety!


Gravity hits different in Russia


The windows are even worse!


*see also: Ivana Trump


Given that there is no bottom to the depravity of Putin's cock holster, I am just assuming that Trump personally murdered Ivana with his own tiny hands, then tried blaming it on an illegal immigrant employee.


It's okay, the stairwells prefer politburo as their prey. As long as you have no political power you should be fine in there.


Oh you sweet summer child… just because they don’t prey on the smaller morsels doesn’t mean safety… let me tell you about Siberia…


I got a graphic tshirt with a likeness of one of the stairwells adjacent to a service elevator when I was a kid. Changed my life forever. We don’t talk about stairwells enough in this country.


Man my wife just sent me a photo of a fantastic stairwell from her hotel in London. It just gets me right in the mood seeing quality civil engineering and architecture.


Stairwells do photograph really well.


I laughed way too hard at this at the dentist office


It's just crazy to me - looks like there are actual traitors all over the place. And in high places. The highest, you might say. WTF America, once I looked up to you. Now I can't even think about visiting your country. It's sad.


She just doesn't want the government looking for Hillary's emails on her phone, like the FBI did during their search of Mara-Lago (or however you spell it). /s


I love how even Hannity was taken aback by that one


I feel like I missed something.


In a recent interview 45 had with Sean Hannity, he said that the FBI was probably searching for Hillary’s emails in the raid at mar-a-lago. Which is if of course, insanity, unless you consider that maybe 45 also had copies of them, printed them all out, and had them available - and seeing as Hillary having them in private was such a big crime - a crime that 45 failed to prosecute, what a loser he is - that means that 45 committed the same crime. Of course they were just searching for the things they politely asked him for back, multiple times, and had to go get eventually.


I’m guessing the emails would appear if 45 would just think about them.


It's real enough if he thinks about it, like that terrible [Hurricane Dorian](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Dorian%E2%80%93Alabama_controversy) destroying Alabama.


He does have a very good brain!


I saw a snippet of that. Hilary’s emails, declassification by thought, he really sounded deranged. Like more than usual


I'm wondering if he's going to try to use an insanity defense.


Would his narcissism and ego allow that?


For once he may be feeling the repercussions of his actions.


As much i despise the guy, his idiotic commitment to shoehorning Hilary’s e-mail into literally anything cracks me up. He does it because he knows his moron followers will eat it up


That’s the one thing he’s good at - branding.


but what about Hunter Bidens laptop!


The FBI planted Hillary's emails there, of course, along with Hunter's laptop


Trump claimed that the real reason the FBI searched Merd A Lago is they are completely corrupt and they knew Trump had some amazing damning classified evidence that would destroy Obama and Hillary somehow, and he was about to release it to the world before the FBI showed up. Or something like that.


It was more that Trump is amazing and everyone loves him. The FBI was mean and raided! (RAIDED!!!) his property. The only explanation is that they must have been looking for Hillary's buttery males because everyone hates her and it would be totally justified if they wanted to raid her.


> The FBI was mean and raided! (RAIDED!!!) his property. Yes, the FBI agents even walked on his carpet with their shoes on. How RUDE!


That carpet really ties the room together, though.


Yeah well that's just, like, your opinion, man.


Sounds like malarkey to me, Jack.


Now cut that out!


Maaan wild to me that he was gonna wait until the day after the raid to release it rather than releasing it when Clinton was beating him in the polls, or when Biden was absolutely liquefying him in the polls, or after he promised that he was definitely gonna get her once he was elected and made it so central to his campaign that crowds were chanting "Lock her up!"


The truly terrifying thing is his followers will believe anything he says.


[go to 1:14 into this video for the gold](https://twitter.com/Acyn/status/1572790894834913280?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1572790894834913280%7Ctwgr%5Ea47346a428ffe224201e47515b620e2a29b69e69%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thedailybeast.com%2Ftrump-claims-fbi-agents-may-have-been-looking-for-hillarys-emails-during-mar-a-lago-raid) SIDE NOTE: I saw a screenshot from 0:16 of this video on a meme page talking about trump’s diapey and I thought it was photoshopped. Holy shit it wasn’t.




Yea its crazy people think they know what he is saying


That's the beauty of it -- people can imagine he's saying all the things they agree with, and totally discount any words they don't agree with as a misunderstanding.


Custom reality. Look at this scandal: he has offered anyone who wants to be on his side multiple, internally contradictory excuses that all mean that he's perfectly innocent and a great guy overall. You can take your pick from: 1) of course I took documents every president does 2) sure, I took documents but it's cool because I declassified them with my mind 3) I took documents, but they're only personal documents to do with my health and were never classified 4) the FBI planted those documents He said all these things, and clearly not all of these things can be true at the same time, but as a cultist you're encouraged to pick the one that resonates best with you and then just run with it.


You’re so correct that it hurts


I think it's crazy people think *he* knows what he's saying.


"Sometimes I'll start a sentence, and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way." - Michael Scott - Donald Trump


Crazy people do think that, yes. We're not allowed to take voter registrations or guns away from crazy people. though.


"It's a politician who calls people names and threatens to beat them up even though he almost certainly has a glass jaw. Finally, a politician I can relate to!"


They call Biden Sleepy Joe while rooting for Dementia Don


“Cuz your sending it to Mar A Lago or wherever your sending it” Did he just admit there are more documents elsewhere?


Thank you.That’s all gold. I especially like the part about NARA being a radical left organization


Trump word salad. You missed Trump word salad.


Person woman man camera TV hamberder covfefe yo-semites big strong crying man rapist walls really rich hunter bidens laptop


It's always hilarious watching Trump interviews on Fox News. Even his most loyal propagandists can't hide how flabbergasted they are at just how utterly fucking stupid the man is when they actually have a conversation with him.




But what about hunter biden's laptop?


Have they checked mike Lindell’s pillows?


No, he's very possessive of them. He named his company accordingly.




Ah! *That's* where Hillary's emails are!


Mar-a-Lago = "Ocean by the lake," like the way a narcissist would describe it.


Before it was built for a breakfast cereal heiress, the location of Mar-a-Lago was the largest known nesting grounds for the now nearly extinct North American Crocodile. To date it is the only drained swamp associated with Trump, and all the hard work was done before he was born.


"Sea to Lake" since it's between lake worth and the ocean, though of course he didn't come up with that name (lol) it was the breakfast cereal heiress who built it. She wanted to give it to the state of Florida to become a "center for advanced scholars," so the universe is clearly playing a joke on us.


It’s correctly spelled Mango-Lardo




Im pretty sure it's, Mara-Lardo, but your misspelling is a conman mistake so don't feel that bad. One guy misspells something and then the next thing you know it's everywhere.


Schrödinger's insurrectionists. They're simultaneously violent antifa plants and peaceful patriotic protestors who got let into the building with open arms and did nothing wrong. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.


As someone who was repeatedly told this as a child, you aren't mad that you did anything wrong, you're mad you got caught. That's this whole poo flinging mess we find ourselves with. Buncha entitled toddlers angry that they can't get the cookie out of the jar without letting go of it.


Going on the offensive when caught in the wrong is also textbook narcissism via DARVO.


Because when they finally catch the Antifa, and pull off the mask, Scooby Doo style, the person under the mask will be the Republican Party.


Which is why tRump said on TV, during the invasion, that they were all very special and he loved them very much.


Can't she just comply?


What do they have to hide? If no wrongdoing was done they have nothing to worry about. Just comply with the authorities is what they tell people dealing with the police. It seems like the GOP may be acting hypocritically. ;-)


Trump - “Mob bosses, criminals take the fifth. What do you have to hide?” Trump - Takes the fifth over 400 times.


Pleading the fifth is the only time they ever remember that the Constitution has more than two amendments.


They have no idea that the fifth is an amendment. To them its just a phrase.


It’s hard to tell, they won’t say much about it


They trample the First on their way to the Second.


Calling out mob bosses when you profited from running banana stands for mob bosses (russian) after they got rid of competing mob bosses (italian) in the US.


Can you blame him? There’s always money in the banana stand.


I wonder how much of Dorito Mussolini's speech style is modeled after Brando in The Godfather. Every accusation is a confession, but I wonder how much of it is an intentional dog whistle to his base.


Makes perfect sense once you accept that DJT is just a mob boss himself. A particularly low rent and stupid mob boss, but nonetheless.


Makes you think they may have something to hide


They have so, so much to hide


>It seems like the GOP may be acting hypocritically. ;-) \*clutches pearls\*


They are domestic terrorists of course they have everything they do to Hide


Maybe don't do crime and you'll have nothing to worry about?




Even when they do they just “take the fifth”.


I heard if you take the fifth you’re guilty….


Like the mob.




Not order like "let's be fair and organized", but social order like "know your place".


These people know what they did was very wrong or they wouldn’t be trying to actively hide and suppress evidence of it.


You have to know that you are on the wrong side of history when you have to go to specific bubble subs (conservative, etc) to get the reaction you seek for confirmation. This is on the front page, and the top comments are all pro-decision on this judge.


Isn’t it wild the group that cries about corruption and draining the swamp and to “take back America” support this type of treason and corruption? It is just absolutely mind blowing to me.


It took me a long time to figure out their gameplan but all those values are completely irrelevant. They're not trying to push a set of values, they're trying to "make it true" that they represent those values regardless of what they actually do. If something gives them an advantage they'll do it and later come up with whatever justification is necessary. It's fascism plain and simple.


Hey! Someone in my state did something stellar!


I'm celebrating the win but it's exhausting to think about how many more AZGQP nutjobs we have left that need to GO. Keeping up hope for November!


it's amazing how many Republicans that 'love america' are completely unwilling to provide information about Jan 6th. A mob attacked the capitol and they just want to shrug their shoulders about it


“So they are going with a different judge.”


I wonder if the GoP is tired of winning yet?


As an Arizona resident, I applaud the court’s decision!


GOP having another terrible week. Love it!


You love to see it


Fat Donnie the moron is having a very bad day/week/month/year/decade/century.


Take them all down, that's something I can get behind!!


These fucking idiots thought it was a good idea to take on the American government.... 🤣


How much more evidence of wrong doing has to come forward before republicans get their heads out their asses. If I was a die hard about something and actual evidence was pouring in everyday of wrongdoing I wouldn’t support them.


So much of fascism is based entirely on the premise that if they get one person in government to say they can ignore the law, then they can ignore the law. And so much of *opposing* fascism relies entirely on enacting consequences for people who lie about what the law is, and making God damn certain that the fascist tactic above is not allowed to work. Until people stop pausing it every second to give even more of their infinite benefit of the doubt to the fascists, they're going to keep fucking doing this shit


I don't even have to open this article to know they are talking about Kelli Ward. Such a vile and despicable human being.


How did a GOP chair think they had the immunity of an elected official? That is insane.


Trumpubs: If our leaders aren't above the law then the law is wrong! LiBeRaL CoNsPiRaCy!!1!


As people often tell Black men who are dealing with police investigations, “If you didn’t do anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about, so just comply. Stop resisting.”


Just this pic alone - she must be Queen of the Karens..?


She does look like the final evolution of one


Or the daughter of The Church Lady from SNL


The final boss Karen


This makes sense - since she probably broke the law…


GOP PR statement: “very few of our peaceful protesters and tourists smeared their feces in the hallways of the U.S. Capitol building.”


This lady, and many others, conspired to delete my vote.. I hope they pay dearly.


This is really important, because now they can move forward and obtain phone records from all of these fucks.


“If you have nothing to hide, what’s the problem?” “Just comply with authorities” Etc


Ah so sad! How long did Hillary testify again? Weak ass republicans.


Why would they want to block it? It's funny how we've just gotten used to living in the Twilight Zone.


The party of "LAW & ORDER" So willing to plot & Okay with the killing of police to overthrow a democratically elected government. And now are willing to Defund the FBI.


Great news. Get fucked, Arizona Republican Party! Sincerely, An Arizonan.


Republicans are overthrowing the government of the US in plain view. What they don't realize is by breaking all the rules, they are no longer protected by the rules. We can't say this on here but it will happen sooner or later.


Grand Old Party of Treason.


All I'm sayin' is that all this buildup better pay off in the season finale.


TV has one thing right about reality, endings typically suck and are overall dissatisfying. Theres a small few good ones and the very occasional great one, but most endings just suck.


Life is written by the same dudes that brought you Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Take that how you will.