This is the dumbest thing ive seen today


I don't know which is more idiotic; the captain/pilot of each ship failing miserably to course correct/cut engines or the two guys who stayed on the bow in the impact zone.


It amazes me how two vessels manage to collide on open sea, on a clear day, when they have each other in view. Like, how do they make them that stupid, yet they survive long enough to enter adulthood and operate a ship?!


I hear money helps a lot.




The small boat appears to have someone at the helm on the top deck.


Right? A boat can't stop short or run a light in the open ocean. They have miles to correct or prevent this.


Arrogance. Each believes the other should yield. Right of way doesn’t mean squat if someone isn’t going to give it to you.


there's very clear rules of the sea determining who has right of way in situations like this


Those same rules say that each vessel must prevent a collision. Both captains would be at fault in this scenario.


The ship with the person filming on it is obviously a massive ship and can't just turn on a dime like y'all think


I wouldn't call it massive. But yes, it is larger


If following the rules looks like its going to lead to my own death, I’m willing to be a badass and break the rules.


You fucking rebel


It’s not even about death. It’s about avoiding a collision.


Breaking the rules to avoid collision is a part of the second official rule in the book.


If someone cuts you off on the road to make an illegal turn, wouldn't you still try to avoid the accident?


Sure but the problem here is that vessels should pass port to port. So the avoiding manoeuvre from the boat that got hit would be a right turn, which in this case would leave them hit completely midship at 90 degrees. Of course both vessels should make course corrections but one boat is definitely in the wrong here


Actually the stand-on vessel is generally advised to make NO course corrections as this makes avoiding it harder for the give-way vessel. They should have used their whistle and hailed the other vessel on the radio though, both should have seen this coming minutes out at least if traveling on a set course. I agree with the poster above, autopilot at least on the give-way vessel and an inattentive captain/crew.


Right, but if you're about to get hit and the other vessel is doing nothing, probably a good idea to do something. That decision should have been made a few hundred meters prior though


[The one recording is at fault.](https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/33/83.15) When two power-driven vessels are crossing so as to involve risk of collision, the vessel which has the other on her starboard side shall keep out of the way and shall, if the circumstances of the case admit, avoid crossing ahead of the other vessel. Recording boat should have turned to starboard and crossed the others stern. The other boat should maintain course and speed.


There are overlapping principles that sometimes conflict, though. For example, smaller boats should yield to larger boats. The larger boat takes more energy to turn, and has less maneuverability. You'll never see a big tanker yield to a small boat the way you described above, right? The principles overlap, requiring active judgment and discernment. Which is why rich people crash their boats, because wealthy yacht owners lack judgment and discernment. Their minds are entirely warped by privilege.


This situation is really easy. Boat being filmed from is according to rules supposed to correct his course to starboard before even becoming an inconvenience for the other vessel. The ship being filmed from could have seen that they were on a collision course on radar for tens of minutes ago. Also when two ships are this close both should take evasive action by steering hard to starboard.


Unless the boat filming is wind-powered and currently under sail, then it gets right of way. It's unlikely given the size of the filming boat, but vessels under sail always have right of way.


Not correct. A sailing vessel powerd only by the wind does not have the right of way in circumstances such as: Close danger of collision (both vessels take evasive action) A sailing vessel shall never be an issue for any traffic that can only safely go through a tight passage. A vessel gaining on another from behind (without any special conditions) never has right of way. Including sailboats. A sailboat shall give right of way to: A vessel showing NUC lanterns. Not under command. Red over red A vessel with hampered ability to manouvre red over white over red. A vessel engaged in fishing. Be it trawling or otherwise. There could be special rules in place as well. Here in Norway we have a rule: Leisure craft and open boats powered by engine sail or ores shall keep out of the way for larger vessels or vessels that go en route from destination to destination. Aswell as other utiliy ships. Basically keep away from all ships that aren't leisure craft. So in Norway. The sailboat if it was a Leisure craft it and the other one is some sort of ferry or cruise experience like. The sailboat should keep away. Also, when a ship is navigating and observes a ship that is on a collision course with it it should continue evaluating the situation untill the situation is cleared. If it was a sailing vessel it should have kept course and speed and observed the other ship making a course change or speed change. Since this never happened the sailboat should have taken evasive action hard to starboard. This is much more nuanced than you know but generally the ship being filmed from has most of the fault. Tho in such cases both captains are punished and not just one. This is basically every maritime type of blame. It falls on all parts.


I don't care if I'm in my lane or have the right of way, if someone is gunna hit me, I'm getting out of the way. I've seen people pull onto the shoulder or off the road to avoid a more serious accident. The boat with the right of way could have avoided being hit. It doesn't matter if they're in the right, using the physics of boats, this was possible to avoid.


Exactly. Everyone replying about who actually had right of way or what the rules are, are fucking hilarious. It doesn’t matter. If the other person doesn’t yield, you’re going to collide. Saying “I hAd ThE rIgHt Of WaY” isn’t going to prevent a collision. These are the same people that will cross the road without looking because “cars have to stop for me” (assuming in Canada or US). Doesn’t matter, if that car isn’t going to stop, you’re getting smacked.


If I am in the smaller boat the larger boat always gets the right of way!




My cousin went on some business thing in Sudan a loooong time ago. I mean before Gaddafi times. Well he and his buddy bought a pickup truck because they couldn't find a rental and it was cheap. They drove put into the bush/desert or whatever wasteland and found out there was ONE tree within 50 miles of them. By hitting it. Like these two meeting with a whole sea to miss each other.


Failing miserably = giagantic ship captain egos. Two competing wills thinking *I have the right of way. Obviously the other chap will veer starboard in time*


The larger vessel always has the right of way. That small boat was filled with the dumbest people on the ocean that day. Including the captain.


The lady screaming. If you are going to crash into a boat twice your size at speed maybe don't stand right near the collision??


Heavier vessel


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I get trying to avoid well before hand. But if it was a last minute course correction I feel like that angle is best because there were more people elsewhere.


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Who is supposed to give way?


I love how you got like five completely different answers to a simple question


Every permutation you can find here lol. Both, none of them, either one of them


The one with the least amount of money?


The filming vessel initially but by the time this video commences both were obliged to manoeuvre to avoid the collision.


By the time the video commences is there any way for them to miss each other


If each vessel has gone hard right they would have very narrowly missed one another. Alas, they were both too stupid to do anything.


It's like they were trying to perfectly maximize damage, any helm in any direction by either would have been better than this Klingon shit.


This comment made me laugh harder than anything I’ve seen on Reddit in a while, thank you.


Maybe by reducing speed and veering all the way to their right, but they both seemed to be going way too fast to avoid it.


> reducing speed and veering Ships need movement to steer via their rudders, slower speed=slower turning


The big ship looks to be barely moving. Plus considering it took a side impact to the bow from a smaller boat, if it had momentum built up, it would have continued past the accident scene.


This is the right answer


Shall, may, shall


This situation is really easy. Boat being filmed from is according to rules supposed to correct his course to starboard before even becoming an inconvenience for the other vessel. The ship being filmed from could have seen that they were on a collision course on radar for tens of minutes ago. Also when two ships are this close both should take evasive action by steering hard to starboard.


https://www.boatus.org/navigation-rules/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA7bucBhCeARIsAIOwr--mjipmmeUH4c2iLspIHs6ygm75uMltPrMDYVV-lafRyMm_U4ENFO8aAueMEALw_wcB The boat filming is at fault. (Be aware that these rules change a bit when one of the vessels is under sail. The sailing vessel is the stand on vessel in that case.....power boats must give way.)


The vessel approaching from starboard (right) is the stand-on vessel, and has the right-of-way. The vessel filming is the give-way vessel, and is at fault. There are hierarchies which supersede this standard, including vessels limited in their ability to maneuver (sometimes incorrectly referred to as the non-existent "law of gross tonnage"), or a boat engaged in fishing, working etc. This doesn't apply to either of these boats


https://www.boatingmag.com/how-to/right-of-way-rules-for-boaters/ There aren't any hard and fast legal rules concerning right-of-way on the open water like there is for cars on the road. But in general, according to COLREGS: Assuming these are two powered boats of roughly equal tonnage, then the starboard boat has right of way (the boat that got hit by the camera boat). Meaning the camera boat is the give-way boat and should have steered to starboard to avoid a collision. However, if the camera boat was of a significantly larger tonnage like a cruise ship or freighter (it doesn't appear to be), then the smaller boat should give way. The same would be true if the camera boat is a sailing boat, as powered vessels need to give way to sailing boats. However, if the camera boat is neither and simply does not give way to the stand-on boat for whatever reason despite not having right-of-way, then the stand-on boat should have taken evasive action anyway to avoid a collision. Neither boat appears to be sounding their horns to alert the other or making any type of speed or course correction, making them essentially both at fault.


> There aren't any hard and fast legal rules concerning right-of-way on the open water like there is for cars on the road. I would argue this is incorrect; there's a rather specific set of rules. True, there are some areas that even courts struggle over, but there's a number of myths that persist. Perhaps chief among those myths is the "law of tonnage". > Assuming these are two powered boats of roughly equal tonnage, then the starboard boat has right of way (the boat that got hit by the camera boat). Meaning the camera boat is the give-way boat and should have steered to starboard to avoid a collision. Here, for example, tonnage is irrelevant. A relevant comparison would be a small economy car meeting a semi-truck at an unsigned intersection. Out in the ocean, a cruise ship is still give-way to a sport fisher crossing on her starboard bow. The maneuvering rules that mention vessel size are limited to TSS and areas considered narrow channels or fairways.


You never realise how much people are confidently wrong on Reddit, until you see an upvoted comment about something in your expertise do you? You’re correct. The dude you replied to is wrong.


I’m sorry but you’re entirely incorrect. There are hard and fast rules and tonnage has nothing to do with this. The filming boat should have made a bold alteration to starboard in good time. (Rule 15). Once it became apparent that the filming boat hadn’t taken action, the other boat should have taken whatever action was required to bast avoid collision, which would have also been an alteration to starboard in this case (rule 17).


Smaller boat was in the turn lane and had it’s left turn indicator on. 100% the landing plane’s fault. Red card.


15 yard penalty and loss of bow.


The small boat was to the right of the filming boat (right of way), so the filming boat is at fault.


The one recording was supposed to give way, right of way rules apply. We take our boat out every weekend and it’s beyond frustrating how few people operating boats either don’t know that or don’t care. Captains of boats this size should never have let this happen, one may be technically at fault but the other should have been paying a lot more attention


I'm not exactly versed on the turning circles of vessels like that but I would say that it looks like neither of them attempted to either change speed or turn **at all** Was this just the worlds dumbest game of I'm the one with right of way here?


Well its egypt so youre probably right. We do this on the roads as well, everything is a game of chicken.


Probably both on autopilot and left the helm


Yes, every time this post comes up, there is usually a link to the accident. Both vessels were on autopilot. The vessel videoing is at fault. Because electronics are so relatively cheap these days, vessels, even small ones, that have auto pilot have collision detection and avoidance. Quick story: at one of the largest fishing events on the east coast many years ago, a 60’ sport fishing boat left the inlet headed out to sea in the early morning to go to the fishing grounds 2 hours off shore. It was early, so all the passengers were dozing in the salon, and the captain and first mate set the autopilot and went below to fix some issue they were having. They set the autopilot to a course and went below, but entered the coordinates exactly 180 incorrect. When they went below, the vessel slowly did a 180 ( as it was told to) and nobody noticed. The vessel ended up heading straight to the beach and hit it full speed. My friend was going over the inlet bridge at the time and stopped and just watched it slid onto the beach. No one was harmed except the pocket book and ego’s. The vessel was actually not badly damaged. Having to tow it off the beach was the biggest issue. After that they replaced the shafts, wheels, rudders and was good as new.


Where do you find autopilot with collision avoidance? I own a sailboat and recently installed a new autopilot (5 years ago) and it purely maintains a constant heading. I don't have AIS (which would aid in collision detection) but even so, my marine data system's capabilities didn't mention an integration that would enable it to take evasive action based on AIS data, it would just sound an alarm if another vessel gets within a watch circle (ie violates a perimeter radius). Not saying it *couldn't* be programmed in a more sophisticated system, I just haven't seen any advertising for systems that do what you claim, and I'm curious.


Both Raymaraine and Garmin make collision, avoidance system that integrate with their auto pilot. I’m going to take a cheap shot at you here. My experience with sail boaters is they don’t know what relatively inexpensive means. Sorry for the cheap shot.


Interesting. The only thing I could find from Raymarine on "collision avoidance" seemed to be a software feature of the MFD that would [visually display keep-out regions](https://www.pbo.co.uk/gear/collision-avoidance-software-38277) based on interdiction zones predicted by AIS data; this obviously aids the skipper in making navigation decisions but their article didn't say anything about autonomous navigation or rerouting based on these calculations. As for costs, all boating is expensive but depending on the size and sophistication of the vessel, those costs can range over many orders of magnitude. I've got tech from B\&G; all-told it cost about $7500. Expensive for me, but peanuts for the big boys. I realize that commercial ships or megayachts probably spend 1000x more. I wouldn't expect to get an autonomy system for $7500. But given that they advertise ludicrously expensive things to everyone and then hope to convince you to buy a lower-end component of that vision, I would at least expect to have found ads or web pages describing them. If I search for `garmin boat collision avoidance autopilot` on Google, I see the report of this [FLIR-and-AI-based collision avoidance system](https://www.yachtingmagazine.com/story/electronics/oscar-collision-avoidance-system/) that has nothing to do with Garmin. Though even in this article I can't tell whether the boat is autonomously course-correcting, or whether it is again simply an alarm or HUD aid for the skipper. The only result from Garmin itself is about setting collision alarms based on watch circle.


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Boats have a red light on the port (left) and a green light on the right (starboard), and they work just like traffic lights. So OP could see the small boat's red light (STOP you dumb fuck), and small boat could see a green light (you CAN go, but don't given the dumb fuck's not changing course).


Yup. When all three lights I see ahead, I turn to Starboard and show my Red. Green to Green, Red to Red, Perfect Safety, Go Ahead. But if to Starboard Red appear, It is my duty to keep clear. To act as judgment says is proper, To Port or Starboard, Back or Stop her. And if upon my Port is seen, A Steamer’s Starboard light of Green, There’s nought for me to do but see, That Green to Port stays Clear of me. Both in safety and in doubt, Always keep a good look out. In danger, with no room to turn, Ease her, Stop her, Go Astern.


> When all three lights I see ahead, Red (port side), Green (starboard side), white ("steaming"/motoring)


Tina, literally turn in any direction to avoid hitting the only other car in the parking lot.


I heard that Tina groan as I watched this happen 😅




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What is the possibility of two boats colliding in the open wide sea with the area of 450,000 square km?


Clearly it’s 100%


[Constant bearing, decreasing range ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constant_bearing,_decreasing_range)


Similarly, the first two cars in Ohio somehow found each other and crashed.


Swag like Ohio


My guess is this is a case of nobody actually attentive at the wheel of either boat.


There's a few thousands square miles of water around them, how are these two in the exact same area?


Said every boater that has ever had another boater come close to them for no reason. Which literally happens every time I go boating.




*When a mommy and daddy boat love each other...*


Ja pierdolę moment


"Oh fuck"


They probably saw each other 5min before the crash. There is a law on sea which says which of the boats can stay their course and which has to correct their course. Apparently both got it wrong


Specifically, the law states that the vessel that holds the other off her starboard bow is the give way vessel, while the other is the stand on vessel (meaning she should hold steady her course and speed). However, there is a clause to that rule that states that if the give way vessel is not obeying the rules (in this case it would have been clear to see that the give way vessel was not giving way) then the stand on vessel is still responsible to avoid collision. Therefore, yes, the ship filming this was initially at fault. But in the end since the collision happened both ships are at fault.


To me it looks like the stand off vessel had a steering problem, which is why the guy was on the bow trying to get the stand on vessel’s attention. (Maritime rules of the road if you see another boats port(left) side you need to alter your course/speed, the stand on vessel are to maintain their course and speed. On another note how they didn’t manage to contact each other over radio is beyond me?


Boats crashing in the ocean, in the middle of the day, in completely clear weather has to be the stupidest, most hilarious thing I've ever seen.


When Tina belcher becomes a ship captain


Completely avoidable...🤦🏼‍♂️


One captain: ugh, this facebook post isn't loading. Another captain: I have to catch them all. Two boats: crunchy-crunch.


Not a ton of space out there after all


How, they literally had an entire ocean!


The effects of autopilot. No one driving either boat.


Make way for Prince Walid! Prince Walid, fabulous he, now swimming in wawa


Boat 1- boating, boating, boating, crashing, sinking Boat 2 - boating, boating, boating, crashing, rescuing


Is it kind of a competition of the most stubborn captain 👩‍✈️?


Rules of the road doesn't apply when it's a sea smaller vessels yield to larger since it takes a longer time to stop a larger vessel


The POV boat is the Give way vessel. Due to the fact that the other vessel is to his starboard (right side) and forward of his Beam (an imaginary line perpendicular to the boat. Think about your ears being on the beam of your head) That being said according to the International Collision Avoidance Regulations (COLREGS) the pov vessel must make a large and deliberate course change to starboard, change speed appropriately, and avoid crossing ahead of the other vessel. POV is the give way vessel. Full stop. Additionally, the other vessel is somewhat at fault also, due to COLREGS RULE 2, being that he has a duty to take action to avoid a collision when he has determined that the give way vessel is not taking sufficient action to avoid a collision. Source: I am a professional mariner.


You mean to fuckin tell me that you have the whole fuckin sea, and you’re gonna go and crash into another boat?!?! Mother fucker recording, wasn’t even panicking.


How the fuck you crash in open sea my man


[Every time I see this clip](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ_EKHGgWJQ)


What part of “turn right” was so impossible for these dumbasses?


Prince Walid was demoted to a Viceroy!


It’s really too bad that there’s not some large body of water nearby big enough for both of them.


How? How does this happen? It's like hitting the one pole in a parking lot if that parking lot was 2500 miles wide


IT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!! Everyday it amazes me how unbelievably stupid the average person is. In the completely open and calm sea with full visibility this happens...


How the fuck do you even accidentally do that


This could have easily been avoided. Both should have pulled starboard long before they got this close.


You have the whole ocean and some how you still managed collide


So much sea and so little other traffic.


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This is the last place I expected a Powerman 5000 reference😂 Edit: grammar


It popped up in my youtube recommendations recently, so I had it on my mind. :D


Honest question. Is this just insurance fraud? How the hell do you crash into each other like this?


[Constant bearing, decreasing range](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constant_bearing,_decreasing_range) > The reasoning is subtle: non-sailors who are used to driving automobiles normally are able to detect the possible risk of a collision with implicit reference to the background (e.g., the street, the scenery, the landscape, etc.) At sea, when vessels are borne in water, the sea surface removes this vital visual clue. Unaware individuals tend to gauge the risk of two vessels colliding based on which direction each vessel is heading. In other words, a novice will think that two vessels which appear to be heading apart from each other cannot collide. This is false, as when a faster vessel is overtaking a slower one, they can in fact have a collision even though the vessels are on substantially different headings.


Expensive game of chicken.


I don't understand how this happens. Literally drive anywhere fucking else.


I’d be interested to see the full video - why was someone filming what looks like fully anticipating a crash? Had the other boat changed course into this and made an effort to not give way? Can anyone find the fully video?


The Red Sea is 169,113 square miles in size... and these two dumb-bells were hellbent on occupying the same space at the same time.


What a completely preventable collision


They got so much sea and no one is paying attention


Make way for Prince Walid!


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This should get a price. Idiot awards or something like that.


The kid hiding in the front of the boat nearly gets killed. You can see his head just before impact.




Both captains suck


If only it could’ve been avoided


I guess both captains was getting a blowjobs at that moment


It’s a little pond so I can see how that could happen.


Tina… your heading for the only other car in the parking lot


The entire ocean!!


The filming boat was anchored


The only person who saw it coming was busy filming and suggested, someone should?




it’s a completely empty sea! the dude filming should have forced someone to steer away instead of sitting there—people got hurt on the smaller ship/boat


Little boat should have stood down


Bigger equals right of way unless you want your shit broke. Even if though in the wrong you really think they care? And is that before or after your crushed?


Now this is what it’s like… iykyk


Damn that visibility was awful, no wonder there was a collision




I guess the red sea just isn't big enough for these two.


Polish and France


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Prince Waylaid


Even in a vast ocean idiots can find each other


Worst thing I saw today.


Imagine being in an infinitely large parking lot with only one light pole and somehow you manage to plow your car into that one light pole. That's the only thing dumber than these boat captains.


I could be wrong but it looks like the larger boat is barely moving, I’m guessing they didn’t have much maneuverability at that speed. The other boat appears to be going significantly faster.


I think the bigger boat won.


The Red Sea just added another shade of red.


All that ocean and these idiots run into each other


Wow, almost made the front fall off.


You idiots had an entire sea and still managed to hit each other?


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Sooo much ocean and yet the b line into each other


The prince walid, (the boat the got crushed) had the right of way didn't it?




I've watched this several times and sonrbody tell me if you're seeing these two things. 1. The big ship is moving at coasting speed at most. I can't even tell if he's moving or if just the waves are moving, it's that slow. 2. The incoming vessel doesn't look like it's going straight even. It looks like that ship is moving very fast but also it's turning slightly to port the whole time until it hits the big ships bow. It's like the incoming ship was moving at a high rate of speed and turned port into the big ship that was barely moving. You know how a big ship hits a smaller vessel, the smaller one takes damage and scrapes all the way down one side of the bigger ship, after the big ship tries to drown it in front and it picks a side and the big ship keeps going??? The big ship wasn't moving before the collision or after the collision. That's why you see no avoidance maneuver, the big ship tried them, the smaller boat steered onto them again, so the big boat just stopped. And the little boat is a maniac. Or I'm wrong. Idk


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Small vessels are to give right of way to larger vessels.


If anyone is wondering, the cameraman talks in Polish - "trzymaj się" meaning "hold on [to something]" and "ja pierdolę" is just cursing ("fuck" but more literally "I'm fucking this")


The absolute emotionless “oh fuck” got me crying laughing bro- On a serious note that’s stupid as fuck. They should’ve seen each other from far *far* away, the waters are complétales open and there aren’t any other boats in the area.


Did anyone else see the girl directly in between where the boats collided? Lucky can’t even describe how lucky she is that she wasn’t crushed to death🤯


Yield to the bigger vessel, smaller vessels....


What do you actually do in this situation? It's not like you can take each others registration.


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Bro there is so much water. How tf did they not see eachother 15 minutes ago. Lmao


[hold my beer...](https://www.reddit.com/r/nononono/comments/xwxiya/ship_crashes_into_only_wind_turbine_for_miles/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)


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Boat on right was legally correct but smashed: If another vessel is approaching you from the port — or left — side of your boat, you have the right of way and should maintain your speed and direction.


“Oh fuck”


Stupid egyptian "captains". A somalian pirate has more knowledge than them.


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Bumper boats isn't a thing I guess