Look on Craigslist and or Facebook market place. I got a Logitech g923 and a playseat challenge for 300 that way.


zero chance you're putting together a full rig for $300 unless you're very good at building DIY stuff


Going to be really tough and you'll have to buy everything used. $500 is a more realistic figure.


Get a used Logitech and clamp it to your desk. You will be able to do that with around 300$. Sim racing is pretty difficult and frustrating if you're just starting out and may be that you won't like it in the end. No reason to throw away money like that.


It is pretty easy to build a rig. There are plenty of instruction guides online. I built my rig from 2x4s and a car seat about 10 years ago. I mean, she ain't pretty, but she does the job. As for a wheel. Going second hand is definitely your best option with your budget. I personally recommend thrustmaster. I've had logitech and fanatec parts over the years, and thrustmaster have given me the least problems.


what i did was i got a g29 for free when i was 10 because some guy from logitech saw my science fair project and found it cool, then i mounted it to my desk, currently it is stuck to my desk with double sided sticky square things because the left clamp broke lol