Yo. I think Obi-Wan wasn’t the worst. I actually quite liked it except for certain characters like the way Reva was written. However, I respect your opinion. I can see why many people may not have liked Obi-Wan. He’s just my favorite SW character so I may be biased.


To be honest, I enjoyed all of these. This bashing for attention via: „my opinion is the best“ is getting on my nerves. I accept these opinions, but this hating is stupid.


Yeah fr. Now that you mention it. I happened to enjoy Book of Boba as well. It wasn’t my favorite of the SW shows but I did enjoy it. I also don’t get why everyone is bashing Dave Filoni all of a sudden. I think people are forgetting that he helped with the Mandalorian and created the clone wars. Just strange that people are hating on SW content for no reason just because they think Andor is the best. So stupid.


Amen to that. I loved to see what happened with Boba after RotJ.


Book of boba fett wasn’t too bad, I just hated the scale of it. It seemed like a small backyard skirmish for several of the galaxy’s top bounty hunters to ever live vs. one of the largest crime syndicates which has ruled over entire planets and controls drug trade across the galaxy. It just seemed so small for what the scales and stakes should have been. Besides that, it was alright, and I enjoyed kenobi too. Andor and tales of the Jedi are really good, I agree with that.


I also enjoyed both Obi and Boba but Andor is objectively on a completely different tier of storytelling quality.


Glad you enjoyed it. I have mixed feeling on it. I personally didn't like how the ending essentially made Obi-Wan into a failure at his main job(protecting Luke) and that Reva is actually the true reason that Luke lives/the OT happens as it does.


Obi-Wan was definitely the worst, simply because 2 of the 7 episodes of BoBF were basically season 2.5 of The Mandalorian. Obi-Wan just felt wrong. Like everyone involved didn't really want to do it, but the mouse needed to make a return on investment, so they went along with it.


Why are you acting like nobody in the fanbase wanted a Obi-wan based project for years?


I'm not. I wanted one too. I just didn't like what we got.


Obi wan was really good in most parts but the rest was meh


To be honest, these memes are fucking annoying. Makes me want to leave every single Star Wars group bc every single post is the same fucking thing


"Andor good every Star Wars before it bad", yeah it does get pretty old. I mean I am happy people enjoy it! But why it must always lead to shaming other things?


All other Star Wars good, Andor just happens to be the current darling


Not according to these posts. It's like everything else is crap. Haha...


TBOBF and Kenobi where enjoyable at least. And I still agree 100% its not bad to good, but ok to good


Personally, I I kenobi was good, otherwise sure


And then there's Godzilla: Mandalorian.


Andor is fire! Andor is...life!


I’d put tales of the Jedi over andor


Yeah, it hits so hard to see how Dooku was hurting and seeing corruption before he decided enough was enough.


Too bad they didn't just make the series about count dooku, did we need yet another ahsoka show? Plus if they weren't a major character, the voice acting felt off like it was the interns


The only reason I find it nice they did it the way it was done was for the symmetry. Both were on a parallel journey. Both had loss, both saw the corruption, but they went 2 different directions. I can appreciate that aspect.


Tales of the Jedi was better than The Clone Wars I'd say, it was so interesting seeing Dooku's side


I prefer Obi-wan massively over Andor.


Amen brotha


Kenobi really ripped of twilight of the apprentice and was still not as emotionally engaging as a childrens tv show on disney XD


The Vader mask bit sure but it make a fun symbolic thing that both Obi-wan and Ahsoka only managed to take down half of vader's mask while Luke managed to take the whole mask, showing that he got to Anakin fully. Most of Kenobi was an inferior version of the Fallen Order storyline.


God forbid you enjoy something without talking shit about another show. You Andor Nazis’ are fucking embarrassing.


Soooo is now a bad time to say these “memes” are getting old?


You should switch the places of tales of the jedi and andor


The tribalism is nauseating.


Bold of you to repost this as OC.


Can we all just agree that everyone likes star wars differently


Kenobi series WAY better than people give it credit for - you don't know anything.


Book of Boba could have been great but I hated to “scooter gang”. They was the worst.


Obi-Wan was bad with some decent content mixed in.


This was my consensus. But I can understand why some people like Obi-Wan, I suppose. More Ewan McGregor isn’t a bad thing. Honestly think Boba Fett was bottom tier though, sadly. I hoped it’d be good.


Always find it funny how people whould say "spitting facts" on thier own post.