The battery drain is insane on this version


This is my favourite reply so far… * Turn off all things under Siri (Content from Apple, Suggestions from Apple…). * Also check your Analytics and Privacy Reports (they tend to "reset" and turn them back on after a major update I noticed). * Turn off all Background App Refreshes (just leave it "On" on the top, but uncheck WhatsApp-Instagram-Facebook if not everything, it will still come in just fine) * Remove notifications for Apple things that you don't use (like Screen Time, App Privacy Report…) * Under Location Services: Check that all of them are at least "While Using" or "Never" and not "All the time", but try not to use 'Precise Location' * Under System Services: Turn-off "Product Improvement" * Under Privacy & Security: Turn-off "Research Sensor & Sensor Data" and "Tracking" * Under App Store: Disable Automatic Downloads. * Under Settings: Turn-off "Exposure Notifications" Some Additional: * Turn-off AOD * Turn-off "Hey Siri * Turn-off "Raise to Wake" * Avoid Keyboard Haptics (at least for those not on the latest iPhones) From the community: (u/Beepeedi) * Removing Location/GPS based Widgets like 'Weather'


Turning off the phone works best.


This is what i do. I just turn it back on when i think i’ll get a call. It’s been off since launch


Underrated comment. 😂😂


Underrated comment comment. 🤣😂


Whenever there is a battery drain it’s usually because there is a lot of communication going on in the background. Such as your location, anything your mic picks up etc. Its almost always an invasion of privacy. Just look at their response and the advice they give.


Over the years, they've added a lot of sensors to the point of measuring how many times you pick up a phone, how many steps you took in a walk etc (all in a phone, not talking about the watch) and masking them as a feature.


Agreed. And these are all invasions of privacy to help them market us.


Funny you say that since Apple is basically *the only* tech company that doesn't sell your data to marketers or offer it indirectly for use via things like ad targeting.


> offer it indirectly for use via things like ad targeting. Except for, you know, their Ad targeting options... Not *as* invasive as something like Google or Facebook, but it's still that. (You can target Ads to people based on things like gender, age, and location).


How do we know what they do with the data?


Well, they're a public company; if they had a business of selling access to your data, it'd show up on their financial reports. They also proactively take steps to ensure end-to-end encryption of your data wherever possible; and countless security researchers are *always* looking at the devices and their data transfer and surely someone would blow the whistle on them. But let's say you think they're hiding it under some other line item on their financials, somehow hiding the data collection from security researchers, somehow faking encryption without anyone noticing; you're still left with a problem that for them to sell it, they need to make it known it's something that can be bought; and the ad business doesn't work on 'secret arrangements with only a few big parties where you can hide it via NDAs', it only works when you can get *as many parties as possible* to buy ads. They also *explicitly say they don't*. It's one thing to be quiet about it and hope it goes unnoticed, but it's another thing entirely to actually lie about it; which would violate countless laws and isn't a liability they'd ever realistically expose themselves to (since in a post-GDPR world it's a *massive* liability). In short, it's not something that can be realistically kept hidden. It's well known Apple uses some usage data internally, but there's never been any indication since they shuttered their old iAds initiative that they sell access to any of it outside their walls.


Thank you for a mature response to a very conspiratorial question.


You just trust them, it's that simple!


Caught lying about some of that stuff wouldn’t just be a slap on the wrist. They would face very serious consequences in court of public opinion and civil courts. Most companies are open about selling your data. Do you think they want to warn you and are just being polite?


They are in business of selling products. All of them. Not a single free thing and everyone keeps questioning them. Meanwhile Google, company that lives and breathes for hoarding user data and shilling ads from 3rd parties, all wrapped under “look at all this free shit we give you all for free!” and no one questions a frigging thing. How?!


"Market" ... There's a government employee laughing in a cubicle right now.


I just realized my battery drain lines up with the update. A whole bunch of shit got reset.


Turning off active widgets on the new Lock Screen, like the weather app helps too


I have the 14 pro and have been getting insanely good battery life on my phone. Like, after 12 hours I’m still at 50% despite using it all day good. I don’t use any widgets and disabled all the information reporting settings that weren’t relevant for me, so I’m fairly certain those are the biggest thing contributing to the battery life


>I don’t use any widgets and disabled all the information reporting settings that weren’t relevant for me, so I’m fairly certain those are the biggest thing contributing to the battery life Same. Been turning all that off since my 4S. 13 mini battery has been unaffected by the update.


This will change in less than a year


Actually, all weather widgets is one big culprit - Nice one. I have the battery percentage widget which sadly I would need in order to not constantly squint my eyes while charging but all location based widget including Apple's own weather especially is a sucker however those as clock or battery should be safe.


ty. Great list.


I'll just stick with android...


In that case, hope you can install CalyxOS (˵\^◡\^˵)


Thank you!! I just got a “new” phone - bought a refurbished 8 a few months ago, discovered it didn’t have nearly as much storage as I needed so returning it and bought another 8 with more storage, literally the day before this update. I had been worrying this one somehow had a shittier battery, despite the battery health saying 95% on both. Sounds like I need to update some settings and see if that helps. Appreciate you posting this. Edit: If I turn off “hey siri” but leave on “press home for Siri,” will that still help?


you have to do all this shit just to make a phone run decent? thats why I have Android.


LOL. I thought this was advice for Pixel 6 🤣 Crazy how iPhones have reached the same point 😂


If you go into the settings and scroll down to each individual app, when you click on each one there is a “Siri and Search” section. I turned off “learn from this app” for just about every one and the other options for most of the other apps


The text bubbles are blue that's all that matters




This was the big reason I switched to android after iPhone 6. I was told that Apple got sued and it wouldn't happen again... well...


Are you confusing apple deliberately slowing down the devices to match the natural degradation of the battery with the os itself being buggy?


That's a hardware issue at root.


I think you’re confused on this one


Yeah I'll admit to that.


I frankly don’t know if it’s any different on my iPhone XR. Running iOS 16 since day 1 and updated to 16.0.2 immediately few days ago. It’s 4 years old device with battery still at 94% health.


These things don’t apply to all devices obviously. I’m also lucky with my 11 pro max and also have zero issues.


May be coincidence but my cell signal has been absolute shit since around the time I updated. Anyone else experiencing this? Other factors- I have Verizon (who may be upgrading towers to 5G) and live just outside NYC in NJ


I’ve noticed this too - located out west. It seems places I used to frequent with decent coverage has gone down to maybe a bar or two.


my phone (also verizon) will just drop internet for no reason, it will either say "SOS" where it should say LTE/5G and I have to reset my phone 3-4x to get it to work again - although, the resets probably do nothing, its just a matter of time.


This and the battery drain. My phone has barely one bar at my house (off of wifi) when it used to have full bars.


A buddy of mine works at verizon as a PM. I made the same complaint to him. He informed me that the 5G rollout has been a complete disaster and that there is some packet transition/translation logic that is just broken, especially when switching between 5G and 5G UW.


I use to have 5G everywhere I went, same route, now only LTE. Even if I force 5G ON vs Auto.


Same here in Columbus, OH. My phone will go into SOS mode if there’s no signal or too many people are around. I didn’t think nothing of it being at a football game. But then the same thing happened while grocery shopping.


NYC here, i stood a block away from Times Square and couldn’t load google. Toggled airplane mode on and off, still nothing. living in the most populated city in the country and not having service is something I never expected. It’s only gotten worse lately, it’s absolutely insane and oddly terrifying


Mines been shit ever since I updated it’s driving me fucking nuts


Im so happy to hear this I also have Verizon and have been having problems with my connection it use to be fast but there are places I absolutely lose connection or it slows when it never happened. I wonder what’s going on.


My 11 is out of juice by 3pm from 8am crazy


That’s weird I feel like my 12 has better battery life than before


I’m running some of the health features like balance watch


I have to say I haven’t had any issues on my 12 pro as well, cant say it feels like its lasting longer but cant say it isnt either


I have an 11 Pro Max. I haven’t been paying attention the last few days to my battery usage, as I’m getting ready to move. I’m running the beta profile on my phone and have the option now to upgrade to 16.1 Beta 2. If anyone would like I can test how long it takes to go from 100 to 0 before and after I upgrade. I am currently running version 20A362.


You could but it’ll be completely arbitrary without rigorous testing conditions. Usage time, apps you’re using, active background services, wireless connections, ambient & device temperature… all of these (and many other factors) will have an impact, so unless the phone is staying in a controlled space and being used in the same way on a set schedule it’s unlikely anything you measure will be particularly meaningful. The variance from one test to another will likely be more significant than any change the update causes.


I thought it was because I'm still using an XR and almost thought about upgrading to something newer, but I guess I should probably wait. My phone has been using 40 - 50% every three hours and will lose up to 10% idling overnight if it isn't charging.


I am also using an XR and since this update my phone has been having issues reading my battery. It shuts down at 58% and I have to plug it in to turn it on again. It’s garbage. My phone was perfectly fine before. Lol


My iphone Xs max 64gb is DRAINING battery like crazy. At this point I want a new phone.. IDK what apple is doing.


I mean if you want a new phone then what they are doing is working, unfortunately.


i have the same model, but higher storage, and i'm not experiencing the issue.


They are looking for another class action lawsuit, that’s what apple is doing. But if they make more money getting more people to buy new phones than the settlement then it’s just a business cost.


Reverse uno card on apple. Ill get a Samsung ahaha


If you wanna leave apple because your 4 year old phone is getting increasingly obsolete I can assure you that Samsung is the worst choice out there lmao


Why? I have a 4 year old Samsung Note 9 and its still works flawlessy.


What Android version are you using?


When did the current supported major Android version come out? EDIT: To answer my own question: 2019. The Samsung Note 9 doesn't support anything above Android 10 from 2019. The latest Android version is 13. Your phone might still work flawlessly, but it hasn't been getting major OS updates in a long time.


Fair point, but my day-to-day usage hasn't been affected. I bet I could eek another year out of it.


The irony of leaving Apple for Samsung due to planned obsolescence.


You will not leave the church of the blue bubble... All your friends are here, and if you leave us, you leave them!


Uses Signal to get blue-bubbles\~ ^(Modern Problems require Modern Solutions.)


\#1 reason Apple won't implement RCS right there. Making everyone's lives worse in this particular way makes them more money.


##[Google Messages users in India are reportedly drowning in ads | RCS appears to be the problem](https://www.theverge.com/2022/5/18/23121150/google-messages-india-rcs-ads)


100% chance you’ve waived your right to class action through single plaintiff arbitration.


What apple is doing? You have answered it yourself: "...I want a new phone".


Zero issues on iPhone 11 iOS 16.0


Same. 11 PM and battery is just as good as iOS 15. Makes me wonder if it's certain app/apps that are causing the issue. I don't use a lot of very common apps -- no IG, FB, Tiktok, Snapchat, etc and those apps use a lot of background processes.


On iPhone X - 64GB as well. Nah, don't upgrade because of that which would be very much their intended goal if I remember iOS 14 and iPhone 6 battery issue correct. So far, This is my favourite reply: --- * Turn off all things under Siri (Content from Apple, Suggestions from Apple…). * Also check your Analytics and Privacy Reports (they tend to "reset" and turn them back on after a major update I noticed). * Turn off all Background App Refreshes (just leave it "On" on the top, but uncheck WhatsApp-Instagram-Facebook if not everything, it will still come in just fine) * Remove notifications for Apple things that you don't use (like Screen Time, App Privacy Report…) * Under Location Services: Check that all of them are at least "While Using" or "Never" and not "All the time", but try not to use 'Precise Location' * Under System Services: Turn-off "Product Improvement" * Under Privacy & Security: Turn-off "Research Sensor & Sensor Data" and "Tracking" * Under App Store: Disable Automatic Downloads. * Under Settings: Turn-off "Exposure Notifications" Some Ancillary Settings: --- * Turn-off AOD * Turn-off "Hey Siri * Turn-off "Raise to Wake" * Avoid Keyboard Haptics (at least for those not on the latest iPhones) Other than cooling down from setting ablaze every sensory setting default by Apple, a Recovery Mode Update if you've a Mac (need to do a backup first) instead of OTA Updates clears the years of Cache (User Cache, System Cache etc), Broken Registry, App Leftovers, Media and other Junk built up on the device – for me, it cleared 24GB or something where Safari itself was hogging excess of 9GB = It was 39GB immediately after, 40GB as of now. Also, $30s to pop a new battery for devices that old.


Most of this should have disabled by the user form the start. A lot of this “invasion of privacy” (which is absolutely going on, no denying) can be mitigated through toggle-able settings


It's really spread out, some very deep like under System Service to find 'Significant Location' as example for an average user to really even know all of them first - Even for me as an tech enthusiast I must admit, it's only through following those as Brandon Butch on YouTube or forum comments that I discover enough.


I agree. There really is no way for the average user to know. But I’m also a firm believe that if you own these devices and carry them around with you 24/7/365, you should know them pretty well - inside and out. This includes knowing how to navigate to Settings > Privacy.


I respect the spirit and too believe one should but truth is reality is often disappointing in that regard especially among those with good stable regular income where you'll find in this thread itself for the ultimate solution of theirs to instead buy a new device.


Another good one is to disable setting time automatically. I don't change time zones very often, so don't need it pinging a server to check against my location every minute or so..


Forced obsolescence to make you give them more money. Theyve done it before and had to face a Class action lawsuit but its been estimated they made way more off people buying new phones than they lawsuit cost them so why wouldnt they just do it again.


People keep repeating bullshit for what, 7 years now? Nevermind that this “planned slowdown” on iPhones only affected phones with so fucked up batteries they barely worked with them, they throttled chipset so it wouldn’t overdrain battery and die. If battery was replaced, it would operate as brand new phone at full speed. The function you’re still bitching about is still present on ALL iPhones. It’s not affecting anything unless battery is so fucked up it needs to step in to extend the usability of phone if battery is so fucked up it can’t sustain the phone reliably anymore. Replacing battery fully restores performance. Only and main mistake Apple made was how they communicated the existence and purpose of the function. They poorly communicated the whole thing to users and people lost their shit because they didn’t understand it. And given your clueless response, that’s still the case apparently. Meanwhile all Android phone makers with exception of Samsung provide absolutely shit software support for their phones (by shit I mean none at all) basically since Android exists and no one ever has a problem with that. It’s so bad that Google is forced to stretch out support of ancient Android versions so people can even use their phones and apps, because so many are stuck on ancient Android versions. Anyone cares? No. People literally praise the fact they can use ancient outdated Android versions as some sort of benefit, not realizing it has to be that way because Android support is so shit across entire segment. But any time anyone mentions Apple people drag this fucking batterygate shit out like some sort of dumbest “gotcha” ever or something.


Updating that phones OS was dumb


they're about to get another sucker like you to upgrade.


They’re draining your battery so you’ll get a new phone!


"At this point I want a new phone." Seems like the feature is working as desired.


Have you ever replaced it? The battery I mean? My XS MAX is almost 4 years old and the battery is toast. I have in and ordered a new 14 Pro this morning. Probably could have made it another 6 months, but my wife’s iPhone 8 is barely functional so I just ordered both at once. Went with the most memory available so I can stop paying for cloud storage (which I’ve had to up multiple times), and I hope to get 4-5 years out of it. I was astonished that they gave me $400 credit for my 56gb XS max. Question for anyone who might know…. Will I see noticeable improvements in service/data speeds on the 5g?


A recovery mode update would surprise you how much cache (user cache, system cache, app cache etc), app leftovers , broken registry, media and other various junk a user has built up over the years. My 64GB iPhone X that am still using by the grace of God cleared up 24GB because of wanting to update to iOS 16 but had no space no matter what I uninstalled - it was all the system. On macOS one has the option of CleanMyMac while Windows & Android have inbuilt cleaning features but when it comes to iOS it's a sorry state of junk hogging up space.


Can you explain the steps to initiate a “recovery mode update?” Are there any side effects other than clearing cache? Can you do this if you already updated to iOS 16? Thanks in advance


I had the xsm since it came out and it got really bad recently. I had to upgrade to the 14pm and now my battery lasts a couple days


Well. You want a new phone. Apples job is done /s


Charging an issue too, every time I go to charge now I’m getting overheating warnings…


Ohh wait me too...


Mine charges slow so I literally have a stand fan seeing the battery ballooning and popping up the display photos on twitter.




I should've done that. My mistake.


Always wait for the x.1 release.


Every major update is the same, it’s best to wait (like you said) til x.1 version.


No clue why issues with new major iOS releases is news to anyone anymore for this reason.


Yea that’s smart. The first versions of a major update are always buggy. I was just too excited to be able to edit my texts lol


That might be, but this is the first being that drastic. Even iOS 14 doesn't compare which was public beta vs this public release.


I always forget to wait and then read a comment like yours to remind me I’m an idiot. So thanks.


I’ve been wondering the same too! Even with light use I’m at 0% before the end of the day, used to finish the day at about 25-35%


It was never this bad during the beta. Usually it’s the other way around and it gets better with the public release.


13 Pro user here. The battery life is slightly degraded no doubt. In the first few days after updating I enabled the astronomy lock screen and boy did that eat battery like crazy. 18% battery on average per day just for that lock screen. I've disabled it now.


Ok, so not just a me thing. This update’s made a bunch of stuff hitch or crash. The worst being Canvas which I need for college, and Snapchat


New iOS updates ALWAYS have bugs in them when first released. Quality has gone very downhill in the past decade


12 here and the battery drain is really bad. I have to keep it plugged in constantly so that I can have near 100% when I leave the house


Idk my 13 pro seems fine


Money bags over here


Pretty sure that’s happening to me I have a 100% battery and somehow is draining fast


Is anyone else having overheating on Carplay? My iPhone 13 Mini will overheat within 20 minutes of using wired Carplay in my VW


I can’t share links/content directly from inside apps to GROUP texts, only individual contacts in my address book. For example, in the Reddit app, if I wanted to share this post I would hit the up-arrow share button, type in “cousins” for my cousin group and share. I can’t do that anymore, the share function only finds individual contacts. Anyone have a work around for this?


So BAU after an iOS major update.


Have the Iphone 14 Pro and the battery is draining mad fast when I don't even use it. Come back to my desk and it would have dropped from 20% to 13% in a matter of an hour and it not being used.


Check the comments I've already replied and see if it helps you in any better.


I’m having issues importing pictures into Photos now. Using an iPhone X, Photos on my mac gives me the “unrecognizable format error” warning. In the past it usually solved itself with a restart, but I’ve never had it persist like this. I can dropbox the pictures and drag them into Photos, but I sure do miss the speed of hardwiring.


I had a trade in deal with my carrier & I’m done with these upgrades, idc if it’s dirt cheap (which it has been the past few years) . I feel like my battery going from a 13 pro to 14 pro is actually worse.


I went to a 12 mini from an 11, I get like 2 hours less battery, but now I don’t have cramps in my hands from holding that big ass phone


My XS is down from 100% by 8am to 50% by 11am. Wish I had waited a few more weeks before updating because the clock being behind my S/O's head on the lock screen isn't worth the trade off in terms of performance.


The battery drain is absolutely nuts after the update


This really isn’t anything new from apple… I say as an iPhone user


Yeah my phone battery drain is insane. I thought it was just me.


Yet another reason to not upgrade day 1


As per every iOS upgrade, they rebuild it from scratch, it launches with issues despite months of beta, and all those issues are patched just in time for iOS 17 beta to roll around


Thank God they gave us the option to not upgrade and just update the security. I hate that apple kills our devices with these new OSes. My Mac is running slower than I ever imagined because of the upgrade to Monterey OS because the new OS is not designed for the old intel processors. 🤬


I wonder how this keeps happening very often. Also, in the software release chain, there are testers, project managers who vet it, how do these things slip by ?


The Tim Cook era has started to outsource it (Wipro?) and hence the scenario, basically a WFH culture where H is replaced by Remote-Office.




Tim Apple : Just buy another iPhone (probably).


Apple users are more and more beta users


iOS has become worse and worse since 13. Really sad with the lackluster build and stability of 16. Apple needs to step up on software. All of the supported hardware is top tier. Time to focus on the software.


My iPhone 12 mini no longer wirelessly charges. So sad about it too


with the new update? mine is just fine


Strange. I haven’t been getting battery drain. I also haven’t experienced many bugs, at least none that aren’t being patched in iOS 16.1


It is all the location aware lock screen features that is causing much of it. Turn that off and it is back to normal.


I just had my phone charged over night at 85 and now it’s 53%


I thought only Google Pixel's or Androids had so many issues and iPhones "just works"


Yeah my 14 pro has shit battery. All day long battery life my ass.


Why do people still update they’re phone after Apple literally went to court for deliberately making you get the newest phone by fucking up your oldest one with updates.


I went back to android because ios16 is crap


TDLR:Apple has added a huge amount of tracking and background data. Now battery drain is rough.


I’m not experiencing any bugs on an iPhone X


Good for you man, nice to see a fellow iPhone X user - What's your battery health?


14 pro max and am not seeing issues. Battery is lasting me 2 1/2 days. I'm assuming they tested on newer versions over older though, so not big surprise


iPhone XS Max and 13 Pro Max no issues here.


Weird my max xs is still operating at about the same battery levels as it was on 15.x.


Same. XS has had no issues; I could tell it was degrading on all fronts, however. I just wrote that off to age. Getting a 14 Pro, though. Will be interesting.


If my battery survives, I want to hold off until the 15 in the hopes that it has a USB-C interface instead of lightning... Battery health is currently at 87% - I had a scare a while back on 15 that caused the phone to kinda freak out and drain 50-70% of the battery within like 30 minutes; but an update seemed to fix that and so far - fingers crossed - I'm hanging in there...


Battery drain hasn’t been a problem for my iPhone 11 with iOS 16, but did have an issue with it saying the phone has detected fluid in the lightening port. Which wasn’t a bit wet, or have any kind of fluid in it.


Low bars and battery drain. Apple needs to step up their game, I said I’d never leave but….


Received a new iPhone 13 on Thursday last week. Booted it up and went thru setup. Says "New iOS version available! 16.0.2!" Figure ok, sure whatever. 4 hours later, still sitting there at "Preparing Update" Reboot the phone. Boots up and I get to the lock screen. Cool. Get in, do a data transfer phone to phone. Takes 2 hours and sits at "1 minute remaining" on old phone for 2+ hours. Go to bed. Phone was plugged in and Battery was charging this entire time. Reboot new phone again. Goes thru the setup again for some reason. Gets to "Select Country" screen. I select US and then it just sits there. Wait 10 min for it to do something. Nothing. I had unplugged it at this point and battery was at %40. Mind you it was charging overnight. Force a restart. Boots to Hello screen. Swipe up and the screen is a white screen of death. Nothing on it and nothing to select. Restart phone a few times before doing a DSU restore. Hook it to iTunes. iTunes hangs at "Please wait restoring phone," but the phone reboots during this process automatically. iTunes froze and have to force it closed on my PC. Phone boots up to Hello setup screen. Swipe up, white screen of death again. Call my provider and attempt to initiate an RMA. 45 min on the phone and they want me to pay $1.06 to return the phone to them. Why? Why $1.06? Taxes here at 8% so even if it's $1, what is the 6 cents for? Why do I have to pay you to return my phone? Already $1K into this phone, so whatever. Here's my $1.06 FU fee. New iPhone 13 will be here tomorrow. I will NOT install the 16.0.2 update this time around.


Easy to reproduce this for anyone from Apple. Just do a data wipe on your phone after upgrading to 16.0.2. Your phone will not recover. Just make sure you have $1.06 in your bank account so you can initiate an RMA


If am not wrong, iOS version 16.0.2 followed by 16.0.1 is only available to the 14-series.


Quite possible it downloaded the wrong firmware and that would explain a lot being incompatible. However, it wasn't an option. During the firmware update process on initial setup right out of the box I had 2 options: Skip or install 16.0.2. Not knowing any better (or since it's so new not being aware of any issues with it) I installed and entered into a rabbit hole of pain and wasted time.


After doing a backup on your Mac or PC (via iTunes) can do an Update through Recovery Mode to immediately address the issue - if everything goes well, follow the comments on toggling off some of the redundant settings to keep the battery drain sane for your new device. Btw, congrats on your new device - hope, everything goes well very soon.


Fb app running in the background has been the culprit for me since upgrade. Deleted the app and it’s still worse than normal but nowhere near as bad as it was.


Interesting, haven’t noticed a power drain issue myself, got an iPhone 13 Pro Max haven’t any battery drain issues. But I only use the small weather app widget on the Lock Screen. I use my phone constantly throughout the day and night. I use location services/GPS and both AirPods Pro and Apple Watch.


Haven’t noticed any change on my 12 mini.


That’s cause the battery is always dead


Planned obsolescence, software version.


Also, put the notifications in the middle of the Home Screen again. Whoever came up with putting them on the bottom should be fired. And make the battery icon actually show a physical decrease in it like before. I HATE the new battery percentage icon.


When people ask me why I don't want to go back to iPhone, I just don't know what to say.


But..but r/apple users assured us the whole reason for betas is to fix **all** the bugs!!!


I’m finding battery drain is normal in the context of iOS updates. Like, it’s annoying, but it usually self corrects within a few weeks (whether because of updates or because the background processes have finished). Only other bug I have experienced is in Podcasts, which Apple still can’t get right. Up Next isn’t updating properly. Very annoying.


I'm still rocking my hand-me-down iphone 6s so i'm stuck on ios 15.7 which... i guess is a good thing XD


This is why I always wait a few months after the release to update my iPhone.


Been avoiding updating my ipad for ages because of this kind of BS. Still on 13.3 lol. It’d be great if I could just keep my setup in the state where it’s working best, but something always ends up pushing me out of that xanadu. Is there a way I can DL a stable iOS update that isn’t 16?


Anyone else noticed the search function is basically unusable? Like you search for something, say “Netflix” and it spends like a whole minute before it will show the result and bring up the app. Sometimes it just won’t show anything. Super annoying.


And that's why I don't install new iOS releases for at least a month or two...


And this is why you never upgrade to the newest major software revision unless you absolutely have to for workflow or security reasons


my job forced me to upgrade to this or else blackberry work would stop working, now my battery drains so quick


which is why I immediately reverted back to ios 15 after beta testing it


Glad I haven’t upgraded


Yet I have not experienced any negative issues at all 🤔


That's why you always wait for reviews before updating.


I used to charge my phone once during my work shift now I have to charge it at least twice sometimes thrice and I have the 13 Pro.


Does anyone’s voice dictation work?


Yeah, my iPhone 8 is gonna stay on iOS 15.6 for a while, methinks.


There's 15.7 I believe if you check, that one's fine since it has no new feature and only fixes security holes in addition to tuning the software further.


This is why you NEVER enable auto-update. EVER.


I just want them to unfuck the video player. I thought they learned their lesson about putting ui over the fucking video.


Always let the suckers update first.


Hmm. At least my gut feeling is that battery actually improved on my 12 mini. At the very least, it’s not worse. So certainly doesn’t affect all phones equally.


My 369 Samsung Galaxy a33 lasting 3days and feeling like a flagship gg Apple