Kenneth Copeland Cooks Up The Most Bonkers Plea Yet For A Private Jet

Kenneth Copeland Cooks Up The Most Bonkers Plea Yet For A Private Jet


Copeland deserves a new jet after him blowing away the virus and single handedly saving the world from Covid19. He did that, right?


His other jets are lonely?


Another one?


>Right-wing televangelist Kenneth Copeland is begging viewers to send him cash to support his private jet so he won’t have to deal with coronavirus vaccine mandates to travel, which he called “the mark of the beast.” Someone should remind him that he literally demanded a vaccine from God to come immediately. Look: # [Kenneth Copeland demands God bring a vaccine immediately](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JPRvxTjfOk) But now the vaccine (or even requirements for the vaccine) is the Mark of the Beast? WTF. *He asked for the vaccine in order to halt the COVID epidemic.* Did he forget that all this was on video? His own ministry's YouTube channel [still has this original video up](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSIrQBGfUtw) where he demands a vaccine from God.


At this point, these televangelists followers are just trying to see which ones of them are the stupidest.


This man made his fortune from a “true story” book he wrote about being nine years old, dying from an illness, and being sent to hell (he came back to life, though, naturally). I remember reading the book as a kid. Such a scammer.


Twas but a flesh wound!