The thing that excites me the most about Arcane getting an Emmy is not the prospect of even more seasons or spin-offs in other settings, but the chance for more adult animation getting their chance to be made.


Just need every seaosn of arcane tell new different region


That was my initial thought, but seeing as season 2 continues the piltover/zaun storyline it doesn't appear that is the case.


We have adult animation up to our eyeballs these days... I don't think "getting a chance" is really a stretch for anything.


I guess I should have specified. High budget adult animation. There is lots of animation for adults, but it is usually on a shoe string budget, and don't get me wrong, they do good work with what they got, but sometimes you want a big spectacle.


And the budget shouldn't only be spent on voice actors, but on animation.


Arcane was so good, from the story to the soundtrack to the artistic direction...eye watering good. Season 2 is probably my most awaited show right now, fully deserves an Emmy.


Arcane deserves an Emmy, it was such a good show and you didn't even need to play LoL to understand it.


Never played the game. Loved the show. Hope they do more.


The lore and the game are separate really, most players don't even know the lore, but Riot has been world building like crazy so you can expect a lot characters with complex and tragic backstories.


yeah, don't play the game. Absolutely toxic as fuck. I'm straight up subscribed to their channel only because they put out some really neat shorts about their characters And the occasional BTS stuff about their development process


I this without hyperbole that Arcane may have ruined television animation for me. The level of detail and fluidity is just off the charts.


Is daddy warbucks played by mark messier?


Harry Connick Jr




It’s only been thirty years. I’m sure the hurt is still fresh.


We got a pretty good GM at least for now.


Well deserved for Arcane!


I’m super late to Arcane - only just watched it a few weeks ago - but holy shit, if it doesn’t deserve every one of the plaudits it’s been receiving. One of the best single seasons of television I’ve seen in ages. And absolutely unbelievable that it’s from a first time team on top of that.


My one small gripe with Arcane was using a mainstream song (Enemy by Imagine Dragons) in not only the intro but in the show. I like the song itself but just felt like a cross promotional misfit.


All the songs were made for the show. The song was made for the show first then became mainstream afterwards. I'm pretty sure Warriors was also made for League of Legends for their World Championships then became mainstream afterwards.


Ah, didn't know that. Still didn't seem to fit to me.


Imagine Dragons are a big part of League culture as they performed the first World Championship song for League "Warriors" which they even used for their 10 years anniversary (It's a nod to decade old players of the game)


Isn't the song written for the show?


It Is.


Imagine Dragons has more than one song?


Wasn’t Annie a little ginger orphan girl?