This show is so so good! Glad they renewed it


was the 2nd season good? i wanted to like it because of Rose Byrne and the premise, but season 1 was a trainwreck


It's a strange show. I love it and I think it's a masterpiece, but I totally understand who hates it. It's not a show for all audiences. Rose will star in another Apple show, with Seth Rogen, and it should be more palatable.


Agree with this. I also thought season 1 was exceptional. I just watched s2 and i really like how as she is evolving, so is her husband. I also think Rose Byrne is very talented. I've seen her in lots of things prior to Physical, but it was her performance in this role that made me a fan.


Season two is way better than season one


Most people liked season 2 better but I thought season 1 was epic, so I am in the minority.


Season 2 was better


Rose Byrne deserves the world.


Hell yeah, the second season was stellar! Makes me sad because I don't know anyone who watches this show. Such mature writing for all the characters and yet it never gets depressing. The '80s sunny San Diego vibes obviously help a lot in that regard.


There’s a group of us in a Physical thread that opens every Thursday at 8, when the show actually drops, and I encourage you to join us for season 3. It’s here on Reddit. I don’t know anyone either but at least we’re here. I hope you’re not already on it as I am not good with usernames!


Thanks! I knew the show didn't have its own subreddit, but sensed it might be present on r/tvPlus where I followed the discussion for Dickinson as well. https://www.reddit.com/r/tvPlus/comments/wghk6e/physical\_season\_2\_episode\_10\_discussion\_thread/


Yes! That’s it!


I admit I only started watching because of Rose. Then I only stayed with the 1st season because I kind of liked that there were no likable characters except maybe Bunny and her surfer bf. Even Rose was insanely unattractive. Inside and out. That made it interesting. But I got hooked. It's a fascinating character study. Has some interesting twists and turns. Season 2 was great. And now I really want to see this story and these characters complete the arc. I hope that whenever it leaves, it leaves on it's own accord and can wrap itself up nicely.


The twists and irony in those twists are first rate!!! The casting is exceptional too but I have an affinity for unlikeable protagonists and secondary characters, (despite natural excellence of actors) and now I love all of them. Especially Bunny and Tyler as you mentioned.


As a functional and mostly recovered anorexic/bulimic (it’s a life long struggle), I looooooove this show. The internal thoughts are spot on, and I love that at first it makes us kinda hate how vain and awful the main character is. Then in season two you start to realize that those aren’t all of her thoughts, it’s that same negative self talk ruling her life that we all get, but it’s just taken over so much by then. Internalized self hate to cope with trauma, that gets redirected at loved ones without conscious choice. I appreciate that the show presents the reality of backsliding in eating disorders. This show accurately depicts the thought process during a food addiction/eating disorder. Love it!


I'm not anorexic or bulimic, but probably have a binge eating disorder. So while the throwing it up after part isn't something I've ever done, the ordering a bunch of junk food, eating it all while telling myself this is the last time I will do this, and then hating myself for doing that definitely is, so that part definitely resonated with me.


This is the very first time I have seen intrusive thoughts of this nature on tv or movies, etc., didn’t cover it in grad school and even books on intrusive thoughts only give a passing glance to this, which doesn’t help normalize it at all, not to mention that’s the thing that got the most hate on this show. That bothers me because it helps people feel known and we free up stigma from other symptoms but not intrusive self loathing. I love that it’s there. Or was there, even if it’s improving, it was there.


Same. I felt kind of more at ease after seeing it portrayed in front of the world, like they wouldn’t put it in the show if not enough people could identify and empathize with it at least a bit to understand. If that’s true, than maybe it’s more ok to talk about what I’m thinking and feeling about myself too, because maybe others will be more supportive than I gave them credit for.


I have yet to finish S2, but I don't know if I will. It just got to be way too miserable and toxic.


Not to spoil or try to get you to do something you don’t want to do but there is some amazing emotional payoff and progression by the end


Oh okay, that's good to hear.


Same boat. It's just so dreary


This is one of the best shows out there right now and a show that nails the era better than the majority of other films and series that have come out in the last decade. It’s criminally under the radar in comparison to other titles right now. Even it’s subreddit is tiny.




YES!!!! I am ELATED!!!


I'll watch Rose Byrne in just about anything, but man, season 1 was... challenging to watch. The characters were pretty unlikable.


Yay Rose, boo everyone else Edit: except for the surfer guy


I’ve heard about this show recently didn’t even know it had a second season.


Yeah, Apple gave it the Stahl/Grunner treatment which will make sense when you see season 2


I love this show. It’s just an amazing evolution of characters.


I'm a huge Rose fan but man... Season 2 has been a chore for me to finish so far. I finished on her... Going to that place to help her... And I just felt like this season is just a mental gut punch and miserable environment. It's just... Idk hard to watch. Not bad but I don't think it's for me anymore.


This is, at best, a mediocre show elevated by a very, very good actor.


Yeah, it’s a great show. I only with GLOW was on apple.




Good show..but please stop playing music that isn’t out in the time period One of my Pet peeves


Rose Byrne + Lycra was always going to work.


This show, like Euphoria, does a lot of Scorsese’s stylistic camera moves from the late 80s as its base mise en scene and it’s just so pleasurable to watch.


I really like this show but I hate how it’s 30 minutes once a week. It’s not long enough to get to know the characters and by the next week I already forgot. It’s like an after thought show for me. If they released it at once OR made it longer, it would be way more impactful.


YESSSSS! Really, really well-written show. Not to everyone’s taste but I have loved it.


Is there a subreddit for this?


I thought I was watching season 1 “live” week-by-week, but it turns out there’s 1 ½ seasons I haven’t seen. Is AppleTV pranking me?