I hope they have many more seasons. I never thought I was into short stories, but *Love, Death & Robots* had me hooked from the first episode. There are *so many* talented writers, voice actors, and artists out there and I hope the show puts a spotlight on many of them because what I've seen so far has blown me away.


I highly recommend the YouTube channel DUST, quality varies but I'd say is generally excellent and there's some really interesting shorts on it. Episodes are from a few minutes up to around half an hour, and they sometimes do multiple episode stories. Some CGI, some live action. https://youtu.be/wnMqT8QbvaM Here's one I like to get you started.


Seconding Dust recommendation. Great stuff.


This will get me a couple downvotes, but Dust definitely goes by quantity over quality. The vast majority of content on their channel is mediocre at best. If you thought season 2 of love death and robots was not on par with the rest of the show then Dust is going to set things into perspective.. Yes, there are a couple gems few and far between but even amongst those you're not going to find another "bad travelling".


Each season I find a new favorite to obsess over. Bad Traveling was just absolutely amazing.


Craven, every last one of you


I absolutely loved the Heart of the Machine Mobius inspired one!


Night of the Mini Dead is my current favorite haha


I don't normally care for zombie stories, but that one had me creased with laughter for the entire episode.


You might enjoy many other Neal Asher short stories as well.


The yogurt remains my favorite


It’s a Twilight Zone for the modern era if it keeps going this well.


Good to see they didnt axe this with the animation cuts


LDR might be one of the few full successes they have amidst all the cutbacks and cancellations


i think it's also technically 3rd party studios making each individual episode, so it's not like it's all the netflix animation department


Yeah, that would be it. They only cut back on the Netflix Animation studio, which actually only produced a small amount of Netflix’s animated content. They’re still having other studios make plenty of content for them.


Three Robots 3: Those darn Cats


I’ll take it! The Three Robots shorts are my favorite 😊


Fantastic news. Love this show. Hopefully it will be on par with season 1 and 3 (though I still really liked season 2).


There's four types of episodes in this show: Actually amazing and really interesting with deep themes. Ones that try to be in the cateogry above but fall short. Some 5-10 minute 'cute' or 'funny' one that you forget about once it ends. Some utterly terrible immature episode of people shooting and swearing. For some reason these are usually the longest ones as well. If the episode has a mercenary there is a 90% chance it will be in this category.


So there's something for everyone!


And i love every bit of each episode.


Exactly, like the worst of those 4 categories is still top tier entertainment, and it's so low stakes because they're only 5-15 minutes long so it's not the biggest deal if it was *only* entertaining. And then you have truly brilliant works of art like Swarm, Jibaro, and Zima Blue.


Beyond the Aquila Rift was 10/10 top tier performance. I would love a full on movie or series about it.


That one still haunts me. The glimpses of the decayed reality were almost identical to a string of recurring nightmares I had in college.


I practically fellate Zima Blue when recommending it to my friends.


What did you think of Bad Traveling? (The one with the crab monster on the ship)


Bad traveling stuck with me for weeks. So excellent


That one fucked me up. Jarring animation too. They used the space horror/fiction as a theme very well in that one.


You're thinking of Beyond the Aquila Rift from the first season


The best episode to date in my opinion


It's definitely up there


Amazing. My favourites overall are- Bad Travelling, Pop Squad, Zima Blue, Aquilia Rift, Secret War, Good Hunting.


All good, also Sonnie’s Edge. That was perfect for episode 1 to set the hook.


It was a good choice for track 1.


God i want more Sonnie's Edge. It's always the episode I show people first


That wasn't episode 1 for me, three robots is listed first. Does netflix randomize the order off episodes for LD&R?


It does appear to have changed. When I watched volume 1, SE was first and Aquila Rift was somewhere near the end. It was like that for years. Now I’m showing 3 Robots first, as you say, and Aquila Rift second. It doesn’t matter, there are so many good ones you could show first to get the audience hooked.


The episode list for season 1 was random between accounts back when it was first released. That made it a bit hard to talk about as not everyone had time to watch 22 episodes.


I don't think it was actually random, iirc there were like 4 different orders that were possible but it was random what order your account would get


No love for The Very Pulse Of The Machine? Otherwise I generally agree.


Haven't checked in some months but it was tied for like 5th worst rated episode of the entire show. Which surprised me because that episode left me speechless and teary eyed. Even read the short story after rewatching it a few times over the next couple weeks. Absolute favorite episode of LDR.


Best episode of the entire anthology IMO


> Some utterly terrible immature episode of people shooting and swearing. Hey don't hate, I for one love those. Reminds me of being young and watching the old Sly/Arnold/Kurt Russel flicks


what you didnt like the "I'm a god damn US Marine, and I don't give a fuck" "CATCHPRASE CATCHPHRASE CATCHPHRASE" episodes ?


Which one was that?


If they are referring to Kill Team Kill (S03E05), I noticed a lot of people not understanding it's satire. If you don't find it enjoyable regardless, all good. But plenty of comments about it on the LDR sub where they clearly just missed the point




I saw people saying the Asteroid was Trump and that made it "Another Liberal Hollywood political attack piece". Talk about being radicalized...


Just had a January 6th wacko go and try to shoot up an FBI office. These knobs have given body and soul to the Mango Messiah.


Me included, reddit users definitely overestimate themselves


It's loud dumb fun and I'm here for it


I was referring to it, and I get it's satire, but there are too many Army dudes shooting it out, just before that was the c'thulu one, and its not that they suck(they're still great and funny), it's just that (especially with only 9 episodes) i was hoping for more.


You forgot to add tiddies to the edgy violent episodes.


I loved Kill Team Kill. Its was hilarious and epic.


The team that made kill team kill would be PERFECT for a broforce movie/show. It’s the same kind of action/comedy and satire.


I'm always in it for the ones made by Blur Studio. Other ones are good, but those have always been the very peak for me.


Subvert our expectations by having an army unit stumble upon an ancient eldritch horror, but they have a good time and learn something positive about themselves.


10 minutes of an army unit Cthu-losing their minds playing beer pong with the Old Ones.


Lovecraft + “Dead Man On Campus” + “Weekend at Bernie’s”


Cthulhu is Bernie in this situation and has been dead the whole time. The real Eldritch horror was the friends we made along the way.


All I want is to see someone rip a gravity bong with Azathoth.


LMAO, I am all for this. Turns out it's some super advanced civilization that just loved to party or some shit, and it's all good fun and games but then at the end flip it one more time and he dies a horrible death and it's the end of the world


Like that Reddit anthology story about a future humanity that has reached the piannacle of technological and societal advancement and basically just play around the universe?


Have them sweep the floor with it, hypercompetent like Space Marines.


The real eldritch horror was the friends we made along the way


"He is my best f'taghn!"


Good news, hope we will see more stories by Alastair Reynolds & Peter F. Hamilton. Also they need to take a look at stories by Asimov, David Brin, Larry Niven, Kurt Vonnegut & many others.


Nah, just do all of the stories in Burning Chrome by William Gibson.


Yeah I’d love some more episodes actually dealing with robots and their place in their respective worlds. Show feels more “Love, Death and Usually Sci-Fi” than robots. Not fully complaining cause Bad Traveling is my favorite episode of the whole show


Bad Traveling is incredible.


So weird how an episode about a giant nigh-omnipotent crab traumatizing pirates is the best episode in a show called "Love, Death, and Robots". Doesn't make sense, but it's there all the same. Love it


I mean it had love and death. It's not black mirror. 🤷‍♂️


That crab really loved its crab babies


And human flesh!


That was a Death episode. Much Death. So death. Also motherly love.


More like Love, Death, and an army vs a monster Since the majority of episodes tend to deal with a group of people fighting a monster.


So true. I was expecting way more Asimov and Blade Runner type stuff based off the title


Iain M. muthafuckin Banks.


Absolutely. I love this series because it really gives voice to a lot of the lesser-known sci-fi stories (especially by masterful authors) that just wouldn't be adapted as easily to film or a TV show. Short stories are seeing a resurgence recently, and I'm so happy about that.


They are usually hit or miss, but season 3 episode 2 (ship episode) was on on par with Zima Blue.


I mean when you have a anthology series hit or miss episodes come with the territory.


Yup. Seems like the whole point. There is something for everyone. I keep seeing praise for episodes I didn't like and people dissing the ones I loved the most.


Yeah, i didnt like zima blue for example but there were some really good ones in the season. Fav probably remains Lucky 13 for me.


I really enjoyed Lucky 13, though that may be because I enjoy scifi military stories. It just really hit the mark for me. Compared to others like the last episode of season three that so many people praise and it just bored me because it felt like it was a case of you have to like me or you’re just to unsophisticated to get me.


beyond aquila rift is sooo good.


That’s what happens when you get David Fincher to direct. Really hoping he does another episode at some point


Bad Traveling became my favorite of the entire series thus far, wonderfully done short story.


I'm glad you mentioned Zima Blue that was my favorite episode of season 1 something about it just hits different.


I mean if a pool vacuum can become world famous there's hope for all of us.


Agreed. To me it's still the best short of the whole series. 👍


I keep hoping we get more Alastair Reynolds. His universe is vast and all we got was Aquila and Zima in season 1. Season 3 gave us multiple Asher works though and he was new to me so I'm glad for that introduction.


I would kill for an Iain M Banks, although id happily settle for something revelation space.


I'd like Marko Kloos, personally. Lucky 13 and combat werewolves were so good. But S3, with the possible exception of The Very Pulse of the Machine, didn't have any of the uplifting wonder of Zima Blue and Fish Night. I need that, since we're apparently living in the dystopian timeline. It's what appreciate about The Orville.


> It's what appreciate about The Orville. We're best friends now. You have the same taste in books and shows, it's the law.


It hits me hard because I had a dream once, that’s stuck with me for years, where everything was black but a liquid that wasn’t a liquid spilled out of the nothing. Blue has been my least favorite color forever, but I loved this episode so much because it reminded me of that shade of blue. That and gaias face in “When I was done dying” by Dan deacon


Sounds like you started life out as a lava lamp.


Possibly, I am quite gelatinous


And *hot*. ;)


I think Jibaro was up there too


Director Alberto Mielgo also did The Witness from S01E03.


Damn he did two of my favs


I love The Witness. It's the animation. Very good.


That was a stunningly beautiful episode.


Season 3 was a huge step-up from 2, which makes me very excited for more. Now if only Black Mirror could have a similar return to quality...


Forgot black mirror was a thing. It’s felt like forever since there was a new season.


Man, Black Mirror was such a phenomenon that kinda just fizzled out.


It got too real


Yeah. Black mirror stopped being clever when COVID hit.


Season 4 was so good, then season 5 was so forgettable that it made the whole thing seem tired.


S5 was only 3 episodes, I don't think it had much of a chance. I personally like the catfishing street fighter episode.


Yep, exactly this.


Cause it’s been several years cause of legal issues and stuff but they are now officially making season 6.


Casting is going on now, probably a year off.


I'm rewatching all of it right now, currently mid season 2. Definitely not as good, however I liked "Ice" and "Snow in the Desert"


I really liked Pop Squad as well, its one of my favourites overall.


I liked those also, but my favorites were "The Tall Grass" and "All Through the House". I honestly think the only problem with that season was that it was too short, 6/8 episodes were great IMO. The only two I disliked were "Life Hutch" and "The Drowned Giant". I had more dislikes in S1.


I love how people have such wildly different takes on this show. Life Hutch was probably my favorite from S2. Love the suspense.


I love them, but I hope we’re done with “modern military unit stumbles into an ancient evil” plotlines for next season.


Keep giving us “40K chaos/old god” flavor stuff interfacing with human society though, that shit hits deep


Heretic identified!


Death to the false emperor.


Check out Oats Studio on Netflix if you're into that kind of stuff. They have a few episodes with some Warp-y shit.


That mock cooking show episode though….oooof


That one with the creature made of hands was pretty freaky


it’s been a dominant theme. wouldn’t mind seeing some more bad cases of giant crabs effin it up tho. that crab wasn’t playin around lol


So many twists and turns in that episode, fantastic.


Yeah that was my favorite. Fit so many should-have-been-obvious but was not turns into such a short run time. It twisted you like three times all while giving you a complete hero to root for. Best one by far.


Plus, whether intended or not, helluva callback to [Brent Spiner's scientist in *Independence Day*!!!](https://imgur.com/a/ndFsYWu)


Oh that's cool. I didn't make that connection at first but definitley seems intentional. Good catch. Was actually crazy violent for one of these too. I know theres been violent episodes but this one was like..more crunchy/visceral i thought.


And it did a wonderful job of world building despite never leaving the ship. I would’ve enjoyed seeing what adventures the protagonist got into next.


Agreed. My mind was blown when I found out David Fincher directed it, too.


The whole series grew out of David Fincher’s attempts to reboot *Heavy Metal*, he’s a producer for the series.


Interesting! Hope he directs more shorts... not that it isn't important that he produces, but producing doesn't usually entail much creative input, which is what I want from him.


Absolutely. Always great to see a director play around with a medium outside of their usual comfort zone. His short was a standout and I’d also love to see more.


good news! the author who wrote that has, like, 30 or 40 full novels where giant evil space crabs are the main antagonist! so plenty of material to choose from.


That and the Rats episode were both Neal Asher works. He was a new author to me, and I was glad they introduced me to him because his imagination is amazing.


Rats was Joe Abercrombie. EDIT: My bad, Joe just wrote the script. Crazy given he's such a notable author himself.


They have so many exceptional people signing up for these. It must be amazing being in the decisions team with so much talent to work with, I can understand the difficulty in deciding what gets greenlit. I just beg they return to a little more Reynolds.


Any good starting points with him? Never heard of him, but he seems quite prolific and I'm interested to give his works a try.


i think gridlinked was the first novel in the polity universe he writes. you probably want to read them in order, theres about 30 of them and a lot of new stuff gets introduced throughout. he tends towards trilogies, but theyre pretty much all set in the same universe. gridlinked is in the "agent cormac" trilogy. once you read them all, the world and antagonist of the story in LD&R will seem very familiar.... edit: as will the robot scorpion in the rats one.


That episode was so fucking dope.


I just want more rats vs robots episodes.


Those rats changed tune surprisingly quickly. "Our murderer is our Savior!" :)


It’s like the Protestants and the Catholics. They needed to make peace bc otherwise they would destroy each other


Straight up became the beginning of “Rata-brewery” at the end


it likely was a few generations of rats and the real enemy was the bots in their eyes. So the human likely wasn't the real bad guy as the ones who'd remember that era would have been killed or dead


Give me more giant mecha


That was like, two episodes? It's nothing compared to the "what if we could take someone's consciousness and upload it into a computer" that's seemingly every other episode of Black Mirror. Edit: the worst example was USS Callister, where Jesse Plemons is able to insert fully realized clones of his coworkers into a game using lip smudges from paper cups.


They seem to have given up on the classical short story scifi that defined season 1. I was really hoping for a lot more Alastair reynolds, but we get so little of any of those authors and a lot of beautifully rendered but somewhat flat stories lately. I love the 3 robot characters, but really, do we need to keep getting clubbed on the head with "humans bad" next season? Beyond the Aquila Rift and Zima Blue are fan favorites and reynolds' catalog or work is vast... sign him up for more please. Sonnie's Edge is another huge fan favorite from an untapped universe and Hamilton isn't being tapped again either. I'd love a return to the sampling of familiar and unfamiliar authors that made season 1 so great. To their credit season 3 introduced me to Neil Asher, I loved the Rats it was a fantastic story.


> To their credit season 3 introduced me to Neil Asher, I loved the Rats it was a fantastic story. Snow in the Desert (S2) introduced me to him!!! His stories are always interesting. I know Sonnie's Edge was a favorite for a lot of people but *man* I disliked the characters in it


You're supposed to, they're high tech lowlifes, Hamilton's Night's Dawn universe deserves more visits too - there's so much there to explore.


"another chance at eden" would make an excellent 15 minute long scifi whodunnit mystery.


I'd fucking love a Diamond Dogs story, but it would be on the longer side of short stories now matter how you chop it. I'd just love some Revelation Space glimpses to be honest.


No way. Or at least maybe not modern military unit but older military unit. I fucking love that trope tho


The Secret War from season one, with the Russkies in Siberia was amazing.


I would love to see that fleshed out


Like a follow up with survivors hunting down stragglers in the North woods


I would kill to see an IS-2 with bed spring armor roll down those demon things. God secret war needs more


Have you read World War Z? In the companion book, Brooks writes about how the Zombie plague wasn't a modern thing, but small scale outbreaks had been encountered throughout history. There's one short episode, where a Roman Legion in Britannia is sent out to investigate strange reports and a village disappearing. They end up fighting a zombie horde. That would be amazing to see.


Facts. Gimme more unique stories with cool animation like Jibaro


Wasn’t Jibaro just “ancient military unit stumbles into ancient evil”?


But artsy


But it is my favorite ancient military unit stumbles into ancient evil


I know I’m in the minority but I didn’t love Jibaro. It was super artistic but it didn’t make much sense to me.


I love this series. Season 2 was a bit of a lit down but they came back in season 3. Now all Netflix has to do is bring back Arcane


Good to hear! Even when I don't like them, I love the challenge of the imagination. Someplace for something different at least!


I love this series. Even when it 'misses' it's usually still interesting and ambitious, which is exactly what we need more of. And when it hits, it's absolutely gorgeous. Gj Netflix


If you like LDR, I just found and binged Oats Studios on Netflix after finishing season 3 yesterday. It’s a series of shorts from Neil Blokamp, and it really scratched my dystopian sci fi itch.


Oats Studios' shorts are really phenomenal! They've been watchable on their Youtube channel for a number of years already, but I'm glad they got picked up by Netflix for a potentially broader audience!


Absolutely. Oats is great for people that need an LDR fix. But it also does the body horror genre so friggin well, it's a must watch. I think there are a few more on their youtube channel that aren't on Netflix. Some half-finished or experimental ones they didn't deem suitable enough. Still worth watching.


Loved the mini zombie apocalypse one when the planet simply “farted” at end after nuclear holocaust


I also really enjoyed that episode. That is one of the few episodes I can watch over and over again. One thing that definitely stands out is the attention to detail in the episode. Every time I watch it I always find some new little detail the animators put in.


Honestly, for all the issues i’ve had with netflix and some of their “content” the fact that they are willing to bankroll projects like this really is commendable.


Holy shit, Netflix counts to four now!!!


Inject it straight into my veins.


Bad travelling stands as the best episode yet imo


The Very Pulse of the Machine (S03E03) is by far my favourite episode and goddamn I will show it to anyone who let's me


I wish they'd make that last piece of music available, it's absolutely beautiful. I could not stop thinking about that episode, the art style is incredible and the story was just... I found the whole thing incredibly moving. I saw it coming off Station Eleven and it felt like such a perfect little warmdown for it


That mini zombie apocalypse short was FANTASTIC


I started worrying when it took so long to announce a season 4. LDR is one of the best concepts. Every season has a set of memorable and stunning episodes. I blindly recommend binging all seasons.


I really wish they’d give some of these shorts a shot at their own show. Sonnies Edge as a full show would be so good IMO


I was so disappointed when I found out the animation style wouldn't be like Sonnie's Edge for the rest of LDR. That cyberpunk glow is amazing. Obviously lots of other unique and great styles are used, but a series that looked exclusively like Sonnie's Edge would be amazing


I can still hear that deep bass from Sonnies Edge and it gives me shivers. Such a good episode!


When I started S1, Sonnie's Edge was the first episode and I thought it was the entire show. Disappointed but also stoked with what it turned out to be. I can't wait for S4!


One of my favorite "shorts" series.


Coheed and Cambria need to get together with a studio to make a short for this!


Neat. S2 was a dip (presumably for real world reasons) but S3 was my favorite yet, and Very Pulse of The Machine blew me away.


Not nearly enough people talking about *The Very Pulse of the Machine* in this thread. Definitely the best episode of Season 3, and second best of the whole series-- It nearly displaced Zima Blue for me.


For me it just pips Zima Blue. Something about it just got under my skin in a way I can't shake.


I want more episodes like Jibaro, The Witness, Bad Travelling, Sonnie's Edge, etc.


This is one of the best things Netflix has to offer. Im not surprised they’re making another season.


More like Bad Travelling please!


Yes, please, Jibaro was incredible.


Can I ask what it was you liked about it? I personally didn't enjoy it that much.


The dynamic, the poesy, the colours, the characters. The vividness of the emotions.


This show seems like Black Mirror in that they should never "cancel" it... there's always a chance to go back and do more episodes eventually even if it takes a long break.


Jibaro - just wow, I've never seen anything like that.