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Ironically, the officers were serving him a warrant for “improperly handling a firearm, assault, and domestic violence.”


The cops came in knocking showing him how you really improperly handle a firearm.


“This is how you do it!”




Unexpected Montell Jordan.


The stats on cops that commit domestic abuse at home is fucking unreal. Google it


Crazy, Right! IMO each person working law enforcement should be required therapy at least 3 times a week. With evaluations that hold accountability for not just domestic abuse but anger management, ptsd and or other assortments of mental health issues. Also they should be required to train at a gun range (again) at least 3 times a week, with attention to details (grades) for ethics, precision, engagement and properly deescalting altercations. And last, cultural classes would be mandatory for more understanding of what (Care Of People) ...Really means. I mean, that's if I could change anything of course. (Wishful Thinking.) End Rant. 🙃😎✌️.


They had a warrant on themselves?


He was laying on the bed, dude opened the door and shot in one motion, no check to see if he was armed, no check to see if it was the right person. That cop needs to be jailed. With the general inmates.


The whole team should, clearly after the shot.. no one bothered to step up


Cops are much like Catholic priests in that regard. The self-proclaimed ‘good guys’ protect the ‘few bad apples’. Their silence is complicity.


They’re much like priests in the way that they can fuck around, find out, and still have a job barely a county over.


imagine a bunch of cops being complicit in the misdeeds of another. ACAB


I had a cop (well about 3) at my house cause my daughter's grandfather (has a painful medical issue) threatened to kill himself... the cop said "shoot yourself... your not going to do it" The rage I had when I heard this.... I almost couldn't see straight...


Had cops come over to my cousin's house because his wife was being stupid and mad at him for wanting to go out and not getting a baby sitter so she could go out too. She was acting crazy and violent to him when they got there and they put him in cuffs and put him in the car. The cop then advised her to not ever hit her husband to call them so they can "legally beat the shit out of him" so she wouldn't get a domestic charge.


I mean, cops ARE experts at beating up spouses.


What pieces of shit


I think I just got livid over this... the fact we got so called "protectors of the law" to legally commit crimes.. sickens me


Protect *(property)* and serve *(people with authority/money)*


They're an armed mob of extrajudicial murderors and nothing else. They neither know nor care about the law. They simply don't need to.


oh yes, lifetime sentence, that's first degree murder without question.


Did he really just shoot the guy on sight and proceed to arrest him without providing any first aid? The fuck is wrong with him?


Yeah and when he shoots the shot immediately after he says “oh” like he knew he fucked up. What an idiot.


And then he starts saying “he’s got something in his hands, hands hands hands”


"They're comin' right at us!!"


“His hands had 10 projectiles pointed right at us” Prosecutor- “……….you mean his fingers?” “Yeah like I said, we were lucky to escape with our lives”


Fucking liars


*turns bodycam off* "Quick, someone toss a gun onto the bed so it looks like he was armed!"


Quick, sprinkle some crack on him.


Pocket crack go!


They just want to shoot people


Also the cop that shot immediately holstered his weapon which he would never do if a threat was present.


Trying to act like if the guys is still alive by saying stop resisting while the limp hand is just dangling is their saving grace once it goes to court. Have some expert state “that even if the person was dead their body would resist movement so the officer could not know for certain if the suspect needed help.” Or some other bullshit that will keep him on the force.


"Your honor, this criminal was so defiant that he kept resisting arrest *even after he had died!"*


He resisted even after we murdered him in cold blood


There should be a clause where any attempts at covering up such a situation automatically waived qualified Immunity and he got treated like he was a civilian disguised as an officer for the entire shift. Covering up crimes is not within the duty of a policy officer. Qualified Immunity can not reasonably cover that.Not saying it doesn't, but it shouldn't.


Are you on glue? Abolish qualified immunity, now! It was Judge-made law anyway.


"Stop resisting, he's puling away..." Fuck outta here with that. He's not pulling away, he's dying.


“Well your honor, it was his soul that was pulling away.”


And then holsters his weapon.


He drew shot and holstered his weapon so fast it really seems like he was planning on shooting as soon as that door was opened. Are we sure the officer didn't know the victim. Maybe they had previous issues and the cop took the opportunity to end them. Also shooting first when you're in cover and you have a perfectly good and highly eager fur missile on the end of a leash is silly. The dog could covered the distance before a good shot could have been made if he was armed. Then the guy would have been in the world of trouble with the police dog all over him. Not the mention the other officer who was already in an overwatch position. This is a bad shoot and should be prosecuted as a murder. Just on the fact that no commands of stop freeze hands were given before he was shot. All the victim knew was strange men with guns for in his home and kicking in his bedroom door during the middle of the night.


It was the dog handler who shot.


Yes he actually killed him. It was a teenage boy


"Stop resisting!" *he shouted at the dead boy..*


Don’t forget the pulling away comment… at the dead boy…


Poor guy must have never encountered gravity before /s But seriously, that comment is every bit as disturbing as the fact that they shot the guy on sight. It's not possible that the officer *actually* thought the guy was resisting. The officer *knew* what he did and was trying to fabricate video evidence that the guy he killed was still alive. And the fact he's able to come up with a shit-head idea like that so quickly means that he and his trigger-happy shit-head buddies have probably been having candid discussions among themselves about strategies to get away with murder.


I think he was 20, but he straight up murdered that guy.


Yes is was 20, my bad about earlier. I thought he was a little younger


Would you mind providing a source?


Her you go https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2022/09/01/columbus-police-shooting-black-man/


From there article: the lawyers representing Anderson, expressed sympathy for Lewis’s family in a statement. Police officers “are forced to make split-second decisions” Dude was asleep, the cops had all the time in the world to make the decision not murder him.


>Police officers “are forced to make split-second decisions” This shit here, it's used all the time, what really pisses me off is the fact, THEY'RE THE ONES RUSHING


Here's what really fucking infuriates me about this bullshit: "they have to make split second decisions" and "the context of the situation" Shut the fuck up. All the way. Shut. The fuck. _Up_. This is such a bullshit fucking statement. I'm not gonna say what I'm about to say, to get attention or "Thank me for my service". I'm saying it because it's fucking true, and relatable. I spent a year in Iraq in the US Army. I know countless others who have done the same, or have done multiple tours. If a boot-fuck, 19 year old, fresh off the fucking street can be taught not to fucking fire at someone without confirming whether or not they're a threat, _then this shitbag excuse of the human genome can too_. Plenty of times I was in a fucking _combat zone_ where I could have pulled the trigger, but didn't. Why? _Because I had more than 3 brain cells in my fucking skull that told me that person wasn't a threat._ "Why do people hate cops?" Because of bullshit like this. They wanna be operators and do operator shit, until it's actually rime to do operator shit, _like storm into the fucking room when you clearly have the fucking advantage._ Fuck this cop, and his shit sipping buddies. "B-b-but whut if we got hurt?" Fuck you. If you didn't want a job where you could be injured in the line of work, _then don't take a job where you could be injured in the line of work._ Full stop, simple as. "Back the Blue!" Fuck the Blue. Edit: Thank you for the award; I apologize for the delayed response. And thank you to everyone for keeping the discussion and debate civil.


My stepbrother is also in the army and has done three tours. He said the exact same thing you just said. He also said the military should be involved in the training of police. What’s your thoughts on that if I may ask?


1. Big ups to your brother. It ain't an easy life. If he wants/needs to talk, have him send me a DM. I've seen too many ceremonies and folded flags in my life. 2. Whoo. I have opinions on that, so I'll try to answer your question: Yes and no. Unfortunately, I don't believe it's as cut and dry as having the military simply walk into a local PD and train them, or even be involved in training them. Not saying it shouldn't be done, I'm just saying it has the possibility of blurring those already blurred lines more than they already are. I think it would require someone with more brainpower than I've got to figure out how that would work and be implemented. Should the police training be standardized, and require more discipline? Absolutely. Should the military be responsible for training the police? Absolutely not. (Not saying that's what you or your brother are implying, I'm trying to convey my opinion on the matter.) I think there are certain things that the police would certainly benefit from, if the military helped with training, but military training is not the be-all-end-all. No training is perfect, because while we train for every possible scenario, it's still in some form of a vacuum. I really wish I could give you a better answer; the answer you deserve. But - in my mind, at least - it's too gray of an area... too complicated. I hope this provides some semblance of a coherent answer, please understand that I'm just a dude on the internet; I'm not an expert, and I will never claim to be.


Truth. Mad respect. 💖


I’m glad you are still with us. I served in the army but never went overseas. I honestly never left the states, sometimes I wish I had but to be deployed wasn’t really something I wanted. I was a 92G. I joined at 17 but just served for 3yrs. I chose the minimum service term since (I won’t lie) I joined for the wrong reasons. But I have a lot of admiration for my fellow soldiers and the things they’ve done. I married an ex-marine and am glad I didn’t have to do the things he’s done. When people ask me about my service I tell them, I wasn’t much. I was just a cook


>When people ask me about my service I tell them, I wasn’t much. I was just a cook Stop with that. "Didn't do much" YES YOU DID. Do you have any idea how amazing it was, walking to an MKT, a chow hall, or being handed a plate of food after a long day, that went sideways? You guys are amazing. Sure, the chow wasn't always great, but you didn't have much of a choice in how it was made. That boost in morale after getting a hot meal, honestly made the difference a lot of times between breaking down on my cot, or picking myself up, and doing what needed to be done. That extra little scoop of beans or mashed potatoes, or that extra slice of bread you gave that worn out looking grunt may have made their day; you just didn't know it. I wasn't an 11B. I was a Signal soldier. I may have fixed radios, and kept people talking, but goddammit, that little taste of home after a patrol? Fuck me, that was always amazing. Don't sell yourself short. What you guys did and do with what you had/have was and is amazing. Cooks will always have my respect. Thank you.


Excellent point. And the cops create their own drama half the time.


Mother fucking yes, if you're a trigger happy coward you have no business being a cop. There was nothing "split second" about this bullshit. Guy was asleep in bed and was instantly shot during what looks like yet another fucking no knock raid. How about you wait outside his fucking apartment until the dude goes to get groceries if he's so god damn dangerous instead of putting your own dumb selves in danger? What if he actually had a gun and was waiting for you idiots? He could have blown that cops fucking face off. And then everyone would be crying for the cop who got killed "in the line of duty" when the real headline should be "Man Successfully Defends Himself During a Home Invasion". God I fucking hate every aspect of the US police institution. The fact people still will go to bat for this moron, probably in this very reddit post, is infuriating.


good lord he had a warrant for, among other things, improper handling of a firearm.


This kind of behavior is getting to be the norm with cops now.... act first think second.. then third come up with a shitty excuse for why the cop broke the law... then lie about it in court if it makes it to court to justify why said cop shot a unarmed suspect 🤔


Broke the law = executed a person on sight


It's not new. It's always been the norm, we're just seeing it now.


Dave Grossman's Warrior training and similar programs teach cops that EVERYONE is a threat and to follow ones first instinct. This isn't new and it's not lack of training. This is drilled into them. It's the natural conclusion of making law enforcement scared of everyone and then heavily arming them.


I'm not sure if it was Grossman's class but Yanez shot Philando Castile about a month after a warrior-cop seminar.


I had a cop tell my father in law to shoot himself.. more context "was a painful medical issue" I had so much rage from hearing it


one key point that is often overlooked: district/state attorneys are by default on the side of law enforcement. because of this, law enforcement cares less and less about their conduct. excuses from law enforcement are seldom needed, only really needed in high profile cases where the dept is forced to punish the offenders.


I don’t understand cops psychologically. I do t understand how this keeps happening with the body cameras and third party videos and all the documentation. Being documented is not a deterrent like it would be for any normal human. The only way is to start prosecuting police officers and seeking the death penalty.


He's a cop... That's the issue.


Keep in mind while they tell him to stop resisting and jam the cuffs on him that this man died.


Isn't that the point of having the dog, send the dog in if they think it is a risky situation rather than just pop one in him ???!?


The dog would have probably killed him too. It happens all the time. It is a weaponized animal. Alabama is apparently notorious for this.


I think you have the phrase "all the time" and word "notorious" mistaken for some other phrases. There's been 3 deaths since 2011, 1 of which was a retired police dog (aka not in service aka not a police dog anymore), and only a handful since 1984 (only 1 in Montgomery that I could find). So while it can happen its certainly not an all the time thing and no police dept is notorious for it.


You’re right , dogs are much more well trained than these police officers. They know how to restrain without murdering


That's right, they're busy enough shooting and killing people for no reason, they don't need dogs to help.


Why arrest a man when arresting a corpse is so much easier?


I guess "resisting" to them means doing anything but behaving exactly as the policemen want you to behave without them telling you how to. Doesn't matter whether they are arresting a homicidal maniac or a lifeless corpse


It doesn't mean shit. Consider the Daniel Shaver case. He received conflicting and non performable orders and was killed. He was told to put his ha ds behind his back and was shot putting his hand behind is back.


Clearly the guy didn't resist with his first arm. He was still making faint noises at that point, so I suppose it is possible he pulled away, but don't believe that. I think his body was just slumped in a strange awkward way, and the cop was having difficulty getting the arm out. Instead of saying, "I can't figure out how to move this body around." he chose to say, "stop resisting".


That single faint noise we can hear as he was being pulled around was more than likely the last remaining bit of air in a corpses lungs. The way the body was being folding by the cop pulling him forced it out. I had to pick up my dog from a ditch after a neighbor ram her over and she was stone dead. The act of me picking her up forced air out of her body and it legitimately sounded like she whimpered. I make the comparison bc humans and dogs both have diaphragms that work the same exact way.


These people are complete monsters.


Murdered in your own bed by a cop. Judge, jury, and executioner all in one. I wonder what he feels when he himself gets home and lies in his bed to go sleep?


He beats his wife and then goes to sleep like any other night.


But not before abusing his children too, then sleeps like baby.


Well yeah, harassing and killing people is exhausting! Gotta have that “Hands to wife’s face” therapy.


He feels like if the police got away with killing Brianna Taylor in her sleep two years ago, then they can get away with killing anybody in their sleep!


They don't feel anything, those people go for that job so they can murder and get paid to do it.


This is the second time today I've seen footage of a cop shooting less than a second after opening a door on an unarmed bastard minding his own fucking business.


Was the first time the guy just calmly eating his burger in a car


Last I heard, that 17 year old is still in a critical condition


Are they still trying to press charges on that kid?


No I think they got dropped by the DA


In America you're innocent until pronounced dead.




Nah fam even after you are in the ground conservative reactionary types are still gonna be reminding people about that time you smoked crack. Nothing gets em hard like realizing a random black guy that the state killed wasn't an angel ooh they love that shit


"Stop resisting" these cops are jokes.


Dead is no excuse, he was still resisting!! 🤦🏻


He was resisting the white light




it will never fail to amaze me how a cop can be man handleing a limp corpse and still be shouting "stop resisting". Like, dude is dead weight, laying on his own arm that your trying to pry out from under him( usually at an angle that arms dont bend in). The only thing "resisting" you is gravity and inertia.... "hes pulling away from me".... Ugh no brotato, hes NOT pulling away from you, he is limp weight and YOU are pulling him towards you.


Lol because I know someone will take this seriously... this is a joke.


That has a name: execution.


The piggies prefer to call it "An officer involved shooting" the boot lickers get hard for that type of stuff cause it sounds like spy shit


Came here to say the same. Apparently, the victim in the video shot his girlfriend and beat her nearly to death. (Working on memory from last I saw this come around) While no Angel, this is not how this should have played out. The 'officer' that shot knew full well that he was going there "to get some justice," and probably banked on the Union keeping him safe. I won't lie, I haven't followed up since finding out dude died, and the 'officer' was put on leave (probably paid) pending investigation. What makes me sick to my stomach is that it's painfully obvious that there was malicious intent ETA: (copied my response asking for sources) I'm not abandoning the conversation, but I have been trying to find the specific instances where those statements were made. It very well could be from a discussion around the incident and hyperbole from police apologists outside the scope of factual reporting (I'll add an edit) But that's the whole reason I led with I was responding from memory, and put those statements in quotation. And if it is just hyperbole about his charges, that makes this so much worse. That means Anderson would have known the details in their gravity, or lack thereof, and *still* executed Lewis


u/Mercerskye can you please cite any sources for your claims? I've looked around haven't seen any publication claiming he shot anyone or that she was nearly beaten to death. I have seen reports claiming he pushed her at one time and it caused the back of her leg to get scratched. Interviews with his girlfriend show she is upset over his death and claims they had a great relationship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nenuHEKfe0 https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/columbus/columbus-police-report-claims-donovan-lewis-hit-pushed-pregnant-woman/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AANIIZVbSgM


she was pushed down a hill when pregnant, she then called the police and when they arrived, she had a black eye and accused him of punching her and assaulting her on several occasions. kind of rough to figure out whats going on when the story keeps changing, obviously this guy shouldn't have been killed in his bed in his home, but on a general talk of his character, idk


completely agree, but I think we also shouldn't make claims of "shot his girlfriend" and "beat nearly to death" when neither of these claims are documented. The reason I'm saying this is because the police also claim he had something in his hands, they documented and took a vape as evidence. But here in the video which we've all seen here, you can't clearly see a vape. To me there doesn't appear to be anything in his hands at all. So I don't want anyone to be blurring the truths of what the victim has and has not done.


>But here in the video which we've all seen here, you can't clearly see a vape yeah theres a few angles and in all of them the most you can say is that his right hand isnt too visable at some angles, but I don't think the officer had enough time to visually confirm any threat to his person in that fraction of a second between opening the door and shooting him, if I can't find a reason in several videos in slow motion in the comfort of my home its pretty hard to see how the cop would justify it


Ah yes, let me shoot naked weaponless person who was sleeping, actual fucking brainlet.


Do American cops not have a set of rules for situations like this, like a protocol they must stick too kind of thing. Why did he shoot straight away after opening the door? Are they just so scared or something? If so he should not be a cop right?


They are trained in an us vs them mentality. I had a family member who was an officer for 6 or 8 years. When he was going through training he would tell all these stories about the scenarios they would do that would end up with the officer shot if they weren't paying attention. He never talked about de-escalation scenarios. He never told stories about how to properly address anything other than "it's you or them" type of situations. I had a friend who went into training and left when they had a 16 year old come at him with a knife during training. (Fake knife and fake bullets.) He said he would never be able to shoot the kid and realized this wasn't the right job for him. Unfortunately, he is the type that should be in there to change the culture, but the culture is so thick that the type of action in the video is standard.


I went through the academy in my hometown. I graduated with every award offered, the only person to do that in 15+ years. I applied at many places and they asked questions like “ You pull over the police chief’s wife and she is obviously drunk. What do you do?” My answer was to arrest her for DUI and I was tiled I was wrong. That was the least crooked thing I was asked. Other places wanted me to protect other cops from getting in trouble for breaking the law. Well, that was 10 years ago and here I am working for the VA because I have too much integrity to deal with crooked people. Even at the VA all I do is process payments from places.


It’s crazy that it’s rly crooked like this and it’s been like that for decades and there’s still nothing being done


"why did you shoot him" "for good measure"


"hey remember last night?" "Oh yeah we totally have that situation under control" "Yeah right? Good thing they sent us"


Yes they will taze you for good measure


It's so crazy... As someone who grew up in Scandinavia i'm always completely baffled by videos like this, and by the way the cops are so triggerhappy. I just cannot fathom what goes on in their heads and how it seems like there's nothing to do about it as a normal citizen. I hope for all americans that they find a way to break this cycle - it's sad.


As an American, when I watch videos of European cops I’m baffled by the amount of respect they show suspects (not Russian cops of course)


People think there are rules for cops to follow. I'm sure there are rules written down somewhere. The reality of it is that in the US, police exist to protect property and wealth. The court has affirmed that police have no obligation to protect anyone. There is also a thing called "qualified immunity." It means that a government worker cannot be sued for actions that they commit during their job if those actions are not a violation of constitutional rights. Another huge part of it is police unions. Cops get fired for this kind of stuff all the time and the union gets them their job back. Often, the fired cop just gets hired in the next town over. *Another* part of the problem is that the people who aren't routinely harassed, beaten, raped, and murdered by the police have this delusion that somehow police are the only thing keeping civilized, lawful society from exploding into full blown pandemonium. They cling to the belief that cops are angels who selflessly protect us from bad guys. So anytime someone talks about taking funding from cops and using it to solve problems in other ways, the cop worshipers throw a huge fit. The cops also will refuse to respond to most calls to show the people how bad it gets if the cops stop working. Normally, you'd think to fire them all if they won't do their jobs, but there's the union that won't let that happen. Ultimately, the result is that a cop can fling open a bedroom door and, in less time than an ordinary human can react to anything, shoot whoever is on the other side and expect that they'll still have a job and the effective right to murder anyone they want at any time.


Yeah the cop probably made a mistake, but this is not the job for mistakes when someone’s life is on the line


Exactly, don't get me wrong if he's a criminal I'm not going to condone his crimes but he still has human rights


They were so afraid and so sure he was dangerous that after firing exactly 1 bullet with zero delay they immediately turned off the light and let the suspect be in darkness because you know, dangerous armed criminals are safer in pitch darkness.


More than that even if we don't trial criminals and just kill them and is ok and nobody gets fired or goes to prision then the state can use the police to arbitrarily kill anybody they want


Saying someone doesn’t deserve to get shot and killed in their own bed by police showing up after the fact isn’t condoning crime. If someone tells you it is, that person is acting in bad faith and you should block their ass.


Mistake? This mf went in there with his finger on the trigger. Didnt look like a mistake to me, more like "im gonna kill someone today"


America tends to hire the high-school bullies or local narcissists as cops. Not all cops, but a great majority. There no test of sound judgements administered to police cadets to ensure they can exercise sound judgements in a situation like this.


They do. They routinely don’t follow them because they are trained that the most important thing is to go home that night and if innocent people get hurt or killed it’s just collateral damage. The police culture in the country is abhorrent. It’s come to be nothing but cowards with guns.


It’s the Qualified Immunity that allows them to abuse power with little to no consequences. Too often their punishment is just extra paid vacation, a joke for them. There are even cops who act like killing somebody is a right of passage. They get a specific tattoo if they kill somebody, like the tear for gang members or convicts.


Go on r/ACAB and you can watch all you want about American cops


I just had a quick look, crazy and bizarre.


wtf man! the dumbass shot without even looking if the guy had a weapon or something. good police work America.


Thick as fuck pigs. "Stop resisting", he's fucking dying from a gunshot wound to the chest. I swear, US cops scare me more than the criminals.


"He's pulling back!" No, you are just, in addition to your feeble mental state, physically weak and surprised how heavy and hard to turn around a dead / dying person is, dipshit


Trying to create a reason for his abuse of power


Yeah that part was the worst for me, people need to see this, it happens more than you think


They shouldn’t even be cuffing him. Need to call the ambulance asap cause dude is dying since they went in guns ablaze. This one is REAL bad.


Is the general practise when you shoot someone to cuff them? Don't you need to provide medical aid? He's clearly not going anywhere?


Which police officer in the world has ever been told: “When you open the door, shoot immediately at anything that moves”?!


Virtually every cop in the USA. Look up "Warrior Training."


Fucking piece of shit dragging his arms like that knowing he just got shot in the stomach. It’s sickening how they treat people


Yup. And ppl are saying I posted this for clout? People need to see this and realize what’s going on in our country.


Nah dude that’s ridiculous. The one that shot him didn’t even go in the room to help and the asshole that cuffed him WHO SAW EVERYTHING THAT WE SAW, couldn’t simply cuff him with his hands in front, let alone do anything to idk stop the bleeding.


Good on ya for sharing. The media won't show this.


Dude was like. "Five more minutes man..."


"Stop resting!"


I said 5 more minutes.


"Stopp bleeding!"


Let the man rest for 5 more minutes!


“STOP RESISTING!!” “Lemme rest, I just had a rough day at work ok.”


5 mins now he has a eternity


That’s my favorite part, this asshole cop is going to add a charge of resisting arrest because dude was asleep.


Dude was dead. That cop shot the kid in his bed as he was waking up. Kid sat up and took one straight away.


If you pause the clip, both the kids hands,were on thr bed propping himself up. They knew he was unarmed Whistle McFishdick just wanted to shoot somebody


Asleep? Dude was dying, they shot him then had the audacity to blame him for not being able to crawl out or put his arms behind his back.


"Stop res~~is~~ting!"


So, they just fucking shot him instantly? Fucking pussies.




“Crawl out” after being shot in the chest .5 seconds after the door opens 🤦🏼‍♂️


I'm surprised again at the stupidity of some cops. "Crawl out with your hands up." Also, are cuffs really necessary for someone who's been shot in the chest?


You can hear the cop saying “oh shit” and the one who shot him immediately holster his weapon. This indicates that he didn’t even mean to shoot him, never the less shooting an unarmed man in his bed .5 seconds after opening the door…..


Is there a news story on this? Where and when was this?




Cop was probably just trying to get paid leave, which he got of course. He made $45/hr salary last year He was fired and reinstated in 2004 during an investigation related to a vehicular homicide. Seems he’s anything but an underpaid rookie.


I swear the God man, I never think to live in America for two reasons: 1. You Need to pay for health insurance 2. The fucking cops, literally the fucking cops. I'm more afraid of them than burglars and killers, I mean, you know burglars and killers want to hurt you but the Police must protect you. I Imagine a conversation with the Police "ayo officer I'm-" "GET ON THE GROUND GET ON THE GROUND!!" *He shoot me* "SHOT FIRED SHOT FIRED SHOT FIRED NEED BACKUP"


Wrong order. They tell you to get on the ground after having shoot you


Or they’ll tell you to get on the ground and then shoot you for moving to comply.


Burglars will atleast leave you unharmed a majority of the time if you provide them with what they need. Cops execute you even when you follow commands to a tee.


Death Squads


It's fucking gross how trigger happy these cops are.


What’s more gross is how they act like pussies. There’s 4 officers and a dog in the house, they come for one guy, they are moving an inch at a time, all scared and jittery.


You know its shit like this why even I stopped defending the us police. Just traight up shoot the guy. Absolutly no reason. Just open the door and straight up bang it was freakin obvious the guy just wook up... Us. Get your shit together. Maybe start with having more than just two political systems that do nothibg but aggrovate the other side


If you are scared you should not be a cop. If you cannot handle a firearm, you should not be a cop. If you are racist you should not be a cop…


TIL that a person fatally shot can still (somehow?) resist arrest


half awake probably just trying to understand what’s going on.


It's truly fucking terrifying when you realize and understand that the ones who are supposed to uphold justice and protect us are the very ones that are doing sickening things like this. These days I'm terrified to even get a speeding ticket because there's no guarantee that I'll walk away alive. Like wtf is even happening?


It's been ruled in courts that cops have no obligation or duty to protect you or help you. "To protect and serve" is just a marketing slogan. It's absolutely disgusting nonetheless but unfortunately police can do almost whatever they want and kill with impunity. There needs to be major reforms. This sort of stuff will keep happening if nothing is changed. It might even get worse.


"My bad." "It's okay." Holy fuck that's some psychopathic shit.


“Stop resisting!” Dude, he’s barely conscious


Trying to dual wield a lunging 90lb dog and a pistol, what an absolute fucking moron.


Boy aren’t they all trash


No other country that I know of has so many non-justified police shootings. It’s almost as if being an inbred moron is a job requirement in the US. Animals.


Article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2022/09/01/columbus-police-shooting-black-man/


A lot of murderers are cops.


Another day, another person murdered by a cop that will at most get fired.


Nah, they'll let him retire, so he gets full benefits, then the next town over will hire him right on.


What a shithole country America has become


And yet there's people that wonder why cops are frowned upon


"Stop resisting!" The man is literally dead.


The pig should be charged and sent to prison like the rest of us would be.


Imagine getting shot at and being arrested when you're just trying to sleep.


So glad I don’t live in USA because any trigger happy piece of shit cop could just end my life just because


They are delivering freedom. How dare you!


Anyone have a news article?






That cop is a murderer! Serial killers with a badge! They get away with too much! You could of sent a dog in there and he would be alive, guilty til proving innocent!


They protected and served the absolute shit out of this guy.


Ok, we just need to take guns away from cops already. This is nuts. The fuck is wrong with these people?