I don't know, I actually play Nunu or swap with my friend's role. I can't play anything else...


Oh I always forget about that guy.... But he's totally worth as a 2 trick if you main warwick, he is even good in games where warwick is bad, and his sustain is the same or even better, because he doesn't rely on dealing damage.


Mmmm Nunu could be it!! Thanks mate!


You are welcome!


I agree with Nunu. I have M7 on him, WW, and Vi. You can play Nunu similarly to WW with the sustain and speed. Just remember that you’re a tank and shouldn’t be dueling like you may with WW.


when i started playing ranked for the first time i quickly settled on ww nunu twotrick lol


That’s basically me haha. It’s great


If you want a second champ , I'd say volibear, he's pretty strong ans has almost the same kit


I thought the very same but I do not know why I feel that Volibear is slower and that makes it more difficult to face high mobility champs like akali or zed. So I tried Hecarim, but then I missed that early game strength that WW has and Hecarim does not. So I tried Trundle... And well, he seems similar in early game and team fights, but I miss WW chasing... Trundle's W has a small area... And I also tried Olaf but he is not in a good place right now... So here I am, wondering if maybe is there a champ even more similar to WW...


I am having the same dilemma. I exclusively play the dog because I can usually just AA my way out of problems. Blue kayn coming in with R? Press E, fear that fucker when he comes out, and scratch his balls. When WW is banned I play cho jg (used to be a cho main) but I keep forgetting I can't duel and end up dying. If I feel like getting kills, I play mordekaiser and build onhit.


Volibear's jungle got nerfs due to his overperformance in top lane. Riot targeted his q to keep effects on his laning phase as minimal as possible but sadly this had since removed much of his power budget when playing jungle. Edit: Spelling.


If you truly are a OTP then dodge, if you want to pick a second champion then spend some time in normals with them. Trundle, Nunu, Amumu would be my recommendations. Udyr used to be good as well, but he urgently needs a rework. Master Yi is also good, but is very different in play style. You’d definitely need some time to figure out when you could go in and out of fights. It’s very different from fighting with WW


Udyr is a lot harder than people give him credit for, using spell rotations properly is not easy for people just getting into the champ.


Nunu or rammus for the speed Voli if you want a bruiser that still has some easy gank poetential I like lililia, her early clear can be a issue, but if you land her balls she can pull off some good ganks pretty easily


Noted Nunu and Rammus! Thanks mate!




I pick nocturne not the ideal pick if facing a warwick but you can deny all his abilities and ignite kill


I sugest master yi


I play Warwick and ekko because I like some variety


I play Red Kayn or Amumu, but if if im in solo/duo i usually just dodge


Alt + F4


Master Yi. He's fast. Not really, but his EQ combo is a lot like Warwick's R, but not an Ult and his W is really only useful jungling or in 1V1 to buy time on ability cooldowns/heal. His R makes him swing faster (turrets/teamfights). Also, I've been having the same issue and I've been looking at Jhin Zhao. He gets banned a lot. He has been banned everytime I've went to play him, so... 😶


Personally I like Shyvana they have pretty similar playstyles where u front line for the team, very objective focuses and has an ultimate that u want to use to dive backline. The differences are actually a good thing where WW is more early game focused Shyv also scales better into the late game. So for me if I have a match up where I don't feel WW is too necessary or we are too early game focused I'll naturally flex into Shyvanna


I personally go Kayn (often red), but I've noticed that Rammus feels weirdly similar. He's not a pocket pick I love to pull out but he's stupid easy, a very good ganker, and all around very disruptive in team fights.


I like Lillia as a second pick, or Voli. I don’t have a secret reason, I just like them.


I enjoy playing Rek'sai! Hail of Blades on her is really good and I think she's a lot of fun


i do not know how it works! Is he fast, have a good early and is useful also in late?


i would play Fiddlesticks or Nocturne


Trundle, viego


I personally switch over to Vi. Her Q launches her forward reminiscent of Warwick's ult and her abilities in general are strong and fun to use.


master yi has similar mechanics his r is speed and his q is his main attack


I think we are in the same boat. I tried Hecarim as a sub multiple times, I feel weak, and can't survive. Only good at ganking while pressure is on in my lane. Trundle I either crush or get crushed. Volibear is my only viable sub, and I'm trying Yi as well. WW just feels really consistent whether I'm going Kraken, Sunfire, and DS. Let me know if you find someone.


Well, I tried Nunu but with him you really have to plan ahead your W... So it is not the same experience that WW either :( So far, Hecarim is the one I feel more similar... I just have to avoid early game 1vs1. I feel that Trundle and Volibear are slower.


Volibear and Nunu are my secondary and third pick when Warwick is banned. Both have bite ability that heals and cc as well as an ult that really hurts


When someone picks ww or ban him I pick nocturne as noc was my first jungler and I know how to play with him


It depends


Learn to play harder junglers like Lee sin or Elise


Aight, hear me out: Darius jungle


gets kited too much


Even though that's true I still find it fun tbh


Mordekaiser jg