I’m not sure how much this will help you but I’ll give it a shot. Mainly at your point of the benz feeling “old”. My previous car was the w204 2012 C250 sport. Nothing special but I believe the interior is the same as the c63 minus the carbon fiber and a little different steering wheel and seats? But I now drive a 2019 civic and the benz felt 100% better. I don’t think you’ll be missing out a whole bunch on “new tech”. Especially as a 2014. The only difference might be Apple CarPlay and lane keep assistance? If I were you, benz all the way!


Conversely, I have a similar MB (2012 C250 base), and it has been nothing but trouble mechanically and cosmetically since late 2018: 4 major mechanical or electrical issues, 1 minor electrical, and 3 cosmetic over the course of two and a half years despite regular care and maintenance. Needless to say, I’m pretty soured on MB.


Oh I hear you. Shame yours is like that right now. Mine ended up having a compression problem really bad after misfires and needed about 8k in repairs after I had just done the timing chain. Loved the car, but man those problems killed me.