I don't get the comparison between a large suv and a Compact suv.....do you need the space of the Hyundai, if not take it off the list. That really should be a big consideration....I can't imagine most people cross shop such a large vehicle with such a small one and are confused om which to get


Looking at OP's other comments, it sounds like they want to get the most "luxurious" vehicle they can afford. Size doesn't seem to be a priority. Which I'll admit is kind of strange.


So then the OP should be looking at the Lexus RX's competition considering Lexus is a luxury brand and Hyundai is mainstream.




Owning a luxury vehicle goes beyond flexing a badge. The pampering you get at a Lexus dealership service center alone is the reason many consumers opt for a luxury brand. If the OP is worried about maximizing their expenditure, Kias and Hyundais don't hold their value nearly as well as Lexus in terms of depreciation and resale value.


I always hear this and sometimes am curious how real this is. I mean is a oil change really that different?


I watched two Infiniti reps pick up my coworker's car via flatbed truck, truck it to their Infiniti dealership, and truck it back to our office...all for an oil change. The luxury service center also plans ten steps ahead. So for example, if it's determined your vehicle service is going to take longer than expected, they'll have a loaner ready on the spot. None of this "Were calling AVIS right now to get you a loaner car" crap. And regarding the obvious spacious lounge, leather seats, snacks, espressos & cappuccinos, you're also treated like royalty every step of the way. So to answer your question, yes getting an oil change at a luxury service center is different.


When ever I take my Lexus in for an oil change I always book a Friday appointment late in the afternoon. I know that they won't get to it so I'll have a new loaner for the weekend. Then I always drive that loaner car to visit my mother for the weekend 300 miles a way. I've put more than 5K miles on Lexus loaners over the past two years.


this is such a interesting comment, I'm curious, do you have any idea what way you are going to go with your two cars?




wow again fascinating, ur a good writer, could listen to you talk about random car stuff all day lol! hope whatever you choose brings you happiness!


In this case it does appear the lexus is a higher end trim noted by the "F SPORT" logo on the steering wheel.




OP’s photo captions say the Lexus has 9k miles on it and the Hyundai 15k, with the Lexus costing a grand more.


Based on the interior of the NX, I don’t think it is a base model. The head unit looks a little upgraded.


It doesn’t matter though. Most people could scrape by with a Nissan Micra even if it’s super uncomfortable. But nobody wants to do that. Bigger cars feel spacious, are more flexible because you have space if and when you want or need it. I’ve had big cars and small cars. Just because I wanted them and I don’t find that strange. And the size difference between these two isn’t that big of a difference. It’s not like comparing a Land Rover to a Chevy bolt. I’d look more at price differences, features, fuel economy and reliability. I know Lexus are usually very reliable and well built cars. Not sure about Hyundai.


I mean myself, I wanted a smaller car but there were some features the sonata had that the elantra didn't so I ended up with it. Sometimes the bigger car is just more feature packed.


Get the smallest car with every option available!


Kind of surprising that yours is really the only comment that addresses this. Should I buy a crv or a f350 king ranch??


Went in for a Miata and ended up with a Landcruiser lol


Beat me then, I wanted a mini and am now driving an excursion.


Wanted a Smart Car, ended up with a decommissioned M1 Abrams




I was ready to buy a Chiron but ended up with tons of features for better value from my brand new Chevy Spark!


Interesting.. I went in to buy a smart car and came out with a Yukon..


I was shopping for a Celica (my high school car, want another one) and eventually a Maverick. Well, I just bought a salvage (rear end light damage) Mk V Jetta to throw a Smyth Ute conversion on.


I think that's a lil extreme, but I get your point 😂😂


Op is shopping on price alone and a very broad stroke “SUV” requirement here


Pretty sure that’s the RX. If so that and the Palisade are not that different in size, especially if it’s the L (long) version. The Palisade will have more rear cargo room because of the more squared off back end but I doubt the wheel base and interior dimensions are that different. Might be wrong. Haven’t looked them up but it would be easy to do. Definitely not like comparing a Miata and Land Cruiser as others have suggested.


Looks like an nx.


It’s an NX. Op is def comparing based on price.


That actually makes more sense. And I think you’re right. The interior is different than the RX interior. They look so similar to me.


If you want the Hyundai just get a Volvo XC90.


Anecdotal but my father in law hates his XC90. The Hyundai is supposed to be a tour de force of new badass tech. It looks pretty awesome as well which is obviously purely subjective.


Honestly, the tech is not all that. To me is just smoke and mirrors in regards Hyundai try’s to wow you with the tech so you don’t pay attention how cheap everything feels. I was also in the market for a new SUV and my choices where Hyundai, Kia and Lexus. I ended with a GX460. You can’t beat Lexus reliability, feel and the tech is top notch also. Just my 2¢


Toyota/Lexus has been dogged for at least the last decade for being way behind the times on their engines lack of power and their lack of tech.


Check out the Lexus in person it’s a naturally aspirated V6 no turbos and it’s quick. Lexus updated their tech on the 2022 models. I even chose Lexus over a Audi Q7. Just check them out in person.


I disagree. I think Toyota/Lexus is improving on tech. As for the engines, Toyota/Lexus are moving away from performance. They are known for that.


They're improving after phoning it in for the last 10 years. They were overdue.


Ask Infiniti how long their tech improved. I think Infiniti is more far behind than Lexus.


During this same time period Infiniti/Nissan has basically been a failing company. Horribly mismanaged. Toyota was the exact opposite in that regard.


Dodge does this with horsepower instead of tech.


This is exactly what I was thinking. He's comparing a 3-row family SUV to a... compact SUV? I get he's going by price alone but these cars are so different, I can't even recommend one vs. the other. Just flip a coin OP.


The Lexus will last forever and might never fully die


I concur, co worker just had her 2016 Hyundai engine completely die on her not long ago. Luckily a warranty or recall covered a new engine but I'm pretty sure its the same problematic engine


Should have worked at Toyota


Lexus is financially and mechanically better. But it's your decision on what you emotionally prefer


Lexus will last longer and you will have a better experience at a Lexus or Toyota dealership for service.


Agree, i think hyundai has made huge strides in there quality and img but at the end of the day they cant compare to Toyota who has had bullet proof rep since the 90’s


In addition the Lexus will have a better long term value. The hype will die of with the palisade and you'll be stuck with a very underwater car in a few years.


This is correct. The Palisade is a great car but it's probably the single most overpriced car you can buy today. I'd recommend it about 3 years from no, but not right now.


Absolutely the Lexus on reliability alone.


Toyota circle jerk :/


Definitely a Toyota jerk but a Lexus with less miles over a Hyundai at almost the same cost? It’s any easy choice.


Not necessarily. The Lexus has shitty tech and I’m not a fan of how it looks.


That’s true but there’s a lot of refinement that doesn’t show up in pictures. It really is preference when it comes down to it like most situations.


So much for “easy choice”. Maybe easy choice for you




This whole sub seems to be Toyota fanboys, any car advice you seek, at least 50% of the answers will be to get Toyota or Lexus.


And it is for good reasons


It is absolutely not. If you want the most boring car with outdated engines, tech and ugly design then sure, a solid choice, that "might" not break if you buy older versions. Plastic has become so cheap in Land Cruisers and Camry that it's hard to tell if it's Toyota or a Chevy Spark. ​ OP: If you want a real advice, take both for drive and see for yourself, you will be surprised to see 2000s tech in Lexus. As for the reliability, OP is looking at NEW cars with lexus BASIC warranty of 48m versus 5y on Hyundai unless the car was purchased with 10y warranty. ​ If Toyota was that reliable, their warranty wouldn't be 36 months, chill fanbois.


??? What a stupid comment. You group Land Cruisers and Camrys in the same category; the Camry is a economy mid-size sedan and the Land Cruiser is a luxury large SUV. Have you been inside of a land cruiser? Every panel you would normally touch from day to day use is leather wrapped or soft touch. On the older 100 series land cruisers, even the bottom of the door panels are soft touch, no cheap plastic anywhere. Toyotas are boring, sure, but the tech and engine certainly aren’t outdated. The engines in modern toyotas are actually quite advance with the utilization of the Atkinson cycle and a hybrid system. As for reliability, just because they have a short warranty doesn’t mean they’re unreliable, I have a 2003 Sequoia, driven hard and offroaded, with 199k miles and still runs like new. My uncle worked in delivery with a 2013 Corolla, sold it with 192k miles and it had zero issues.


You wanna talk about engines? At least 50% of the 2021 Palisades I’ve seen come into the shop already need new engines. Kia / Hyundai is complete dogshit


You are full of dogshit it seems :) Telluride/Palisade are running a Hyundai v6 Lambda engine, which has been out since 2005 with no major flaws or issues.


Amen to this. People out here bashing Hyundai's v6 are ignorant. It's been in production for awhile now and been refined. If Hyundai has done one thing right, it's their v6. Love Toyota for it's reliability but don't knock the Hyundai. Its got a bulletproof engine and also offer the latest tech. Sometimes I wish full electric vehicles were the norm so people can see Toyota for what they are. When it's just a big battery on wheels and every car is just as reliable as the next, folks will come to appreciate other brands.


I’ll take a pic of the dipstick next time I get one in. Had a customer with a 6,000 mile one already on its second engine the other day and I got to tell them the good news of them needing a 3rd :)


Oh yeah!


Lexus, that model has been a mainstay for the brand for years. NX right? Used to be the Harrier.


Harrier was RX


I own a hyundai. Not a mechanic. Not working at a car dealership, just a regular guy. Lexus has more resale value later, and is 100% more reliable. The hyundai suv *looks* better than the lexus imo. And thats basically the only thing the hyundai has going for it. Id buy lexus over hyundai anyday if jt just comes to brand. If it just comes to commodities, then it just comes to that... hyundai isnt notoriously unreliable "anymore" but its still not bad at all. If you like the hyundai more, get it. Life is short


Why get a cumbersome, inefficient 3-row if you don't need it?


ask texas


This comment is underrated.


My mom has that Lexus now and it’s too complicated for her. She’s also 80. I had a Lexus rx330 and got into a car accident with it, but was totally fine physically. Like I barely noticed the accident that totaled it. Now I have my 2008 Toyota Yaris I kept as a backup car, and since I work from home it became my main driver again. I’m 900 miles from reaching 100k on it after it being hit by a deer twice, technically totaled once, and being rear ended 2 times and my crashing it twice in the snow. Those Toyotas are beasts. What are we talking about?


900 miles is 1448.41 km


Fuck lexus! Why get something outdated and sucks to drive (not to mention terrible fuel economy) when you can get something that’s innovative and a great value like the Hyundai


The only real advantage the lexus has here is reliability and the branding. The palsade is a far superior product in comparison.


The palisade has the 10 years warranty.


Hyundai/Kia warranty is all talk and no action. Factor that in.


This. Hyundai fought me on every warranty issue and also discouraged me from bringing the car in , saying if they found it was not covered I would have to pay a diag fee. Nobody else does that. No loaners ever either. Hyundai has come a long way and is a bit more cost effective but Lexus wins all day in reliability, styling and customer service.


It's definitely delaer to dealer. My dad's delaer bought his car back at 130k miles since he had an issue that started way earlier. I'll link my comment form above with more info. Edit: [Look here ](https://www.reddit.com/r/whatcarshouldIbuy/comments/qqbyg3/-/hk17irp)


To be fair, I’ve had both Toyota and Ford try pull the exact same thing on me. Even had to go to litigation for Ford to honor their warranty. Meanwhile my wife had a Hyundai with a blown transmission at 89,000 miles caused by a leak in the undercarriage, and they replaced everything free of charge hassle free and even paid for our rental car. All that to say, your mileage may vary.


Lexus doesn’t win interior design necessarily. Where’s the all digital dash?


No CarPlay/Android Auto either. That'a stuff you get standard in a sub-$20k Kia.


Wow I thought the most recent Lexus models finally added that, my 2020 Toyota truck has it...


The very newest have both. Unclear if this specific Lexus has either. Toyota even had a transition period where CarPlay was supported but not Android Auto. Hyundai/Kia started including it in their cars 6 or 7 years ago. Mechanically, Toyotas are probably the best all-around but they really lagged behind on tech for several years recently. Hopefully they're beyond that now. I'm still waiting to test drive the NX450h+ which is on my shortlist.


Hopefully . GET OFF MY LAWN!!!! WHAT ARE YOU, YOU PUNK? I GOT YOU A KNUCKLE SANDWICH RIGHT HERE!!! . Where was I? Oh yes, hopefully tech doesn't drive you to work everyday. You know back in my day... (/s)


With the amount I drive, the unintuitive infotainment would make a Toyota/Lexus without CarPlay/Android Auto support basically unusable for me as a daily driver. It's harder to make phone calls, harder to pick and change podcasts/music, and harder to use navigation. All of this combined makes everything but the newest Toyota/Lexus cars more dangerous because they encourage distracted driving compared to the competition. Mechanical reliability doesn't mean squat if the car distracts you when you're trying to do basic things. In this case, if the Lexus doesn't have Android Auto/CarPlay support, the Palisade is the safer, more usable option, and any creaks or rattles are less important than driver and passenger safety.


Lexus NX models after 2019 had CarPlay standard.


What year is this one, and does it have Android Auto?


Here was a statement from Lexus regarding Android Auto “The following Lexus vehicles will support Android Auto™: 2020 model year: RX, RC, UX, and select ES* and NX* * On the 2020 ES and NX, available on select vehicles from October 2019 production” I am actually not sure for the model year. If OP explained the year, I think your question should be answered.


Or just subpar shitty action that takes an insanely long time and won’t give you loaners .


I disagree. Whenever my wife has had an issue with her Elantra, it’s been no cost to us no questions asked. They haven’t been major issues, but it’s nice that the dealer just covers them.


I have personally had a terrible family experience with Kia, where a dealership employee actually told my uncle (taking my grandma's Sportage with her) to "stick the waterpump [leaking, under warranty] his bits" after 5873 bureaucracies aimed at making us give up and 10583 attempts to get parts and service for free, hearing ridiculous claims from them, like "you stole the coolant to put in other car and put dirty mucked water in the system". I know I'm not alone but yes, there certainly are good stories too. Wish my grandmother was one in fact.


Is this English?


I……I don’t know….


Can you elaborate on this? I have never ever been able to utilize my warranty on new Honda’s. My husband is insistent on getting a new car with a good powertrain warranty, and Hyundai’s 10 year warranty is very appealing to him.


Some Hyundai/Kia dealers are amazing. Others would deny Stalin's warranty rights in front of the NKVD in 1950's Moscow.


Not in my experience in 10 years of owning one (so far). The downside being that the nearest Hyundai dealer shut down after the first few years and the next nearest was a good 30 min drive. This is the only reason I'd give the Lexus a slight edge on maintenance. My maintenance cost to own a Sonata has been virtually nothing aside from normal fluid replacement. And they replaced my whole engine under a recall at 8 years in. Never had a fight. Most of the time they were replacing some part that never showed an issue in my drive.


Not what I or my brother have experienced first hand.


That usually doesn't transfer on used cars. That's why i only recommend new Hyundai products I'd take the Lexus


Perfect. Hyundais can have niggling issues every now and then. So that definitely helps.


Adding here: dad had a sonata hybrid and it had a terminal issue. The delaer bought it back under lemon laws-it was an issue that popped up with the braking system around 40k miles and continued to around 130k miles when the car hit limp mode. 8 months later Hyundai of America bought it back and called it a day. Dad turned around and bought a Ford fusion hybrid loaner car with less than 3k miles and 2 oil changes. 1 after each person who used it as long term loaner. Edit: each time his sonata was in the shop, my dad got a loaner car. They also gave him a ton of free oil changes for his car. His car was at the dealer usually 2 weeks at a time and was there 2 or 3 times before 100k miles. The dealer or Hyundaii replaced a good chunk of the drive train and electrical components before calling it quits when the brake system caused limp mode. The dealer added everything up cause we were curious, without labor they/Hyundai or america spent 15k replacing bits. With labor it was closer to 23k. The brake system had a parts cost of 8k+some crazy labor cost.


That’s racist.


Which part? The hyundai or the warranty...


no, the part which is his dumb attempt at making a joke out of "niggling" cause y'know it sounds like N I G-


Oh! *disappointed sigh* thanks.


Hes trolling


10 year warranty at a dealership with terrible service departments and no other option for warranty work for over 100 miles? Pass. I live in a major metro there isn’t a competent Hyundai dealership around and they haven’t once put my mom in a loaner vehicle.


How is that a brand issue? Sounds more like a dealer issue


When the brand offers a warranty that's enacted and actionable through dealerships and they have a systematic (obviously encouraged) issue with this, it's a brand issue


A Lexus pretty much has a lifetime warranty because its a better car


Let me fix that for you - "warranty". Good luck getting any major repair covered because - first - the dealer doesn't give a shit. They make more if you pay for it and they don't have to fight Hyundai to cover it. And the other part - they have to fight Hyundai to cover it. While this is happening you're walking, ubering or getting a rental on your dime. I've also never in my life heard of a dealer charging a diagnostic fee *up front* for a vehicle under warranty then refunding it later if it's covered, but Hyundai dealers do it. Lexus? We have a 7 year unlimited mile warranty through Lexus on ours. Not that you'll need it but if you do - it's literally a staple of the brand that they take care of it. I remember when we asked about the diagnostic fee when buying it the service manager laughed and said he couldn't remember the last time they charged one - including off-warranty vehicles. And while it's in they'll make sure you're in a loaner of the same vehicle you own.


Only for the first owner. And I’d still take the Lexus/Toyota build quality as the more valuable “warranty” here.


What kind of warranty? bumper to bumper and power train?


5 years 50000 bumper to bumper 10 years power train The Lexus has a bumper to bumper warranty that I could use until I sell it as well.


Good because you’re going to need it


Palisade Limited. It’s gorgeous


Like others have said, the Hyundai is a better car overall. If you plan on keeping the car for a long time (past 100k miles) the Lexus is a better choice. Longterm reliability and value retention is better. The Lexus is a good amount smaller too so take that into consideration.


How is a Hyundai a better car? I am looking into getting a palisade.


The palisade has been reviewed extremely highly. People really only finding fault with its styling.


Lovely because I love the style. Just terrified to leave my Toyota bubble for the first time in 25 years.


On the basis of brand alone, get the Lexus. The pampering you get at a Lexus service center is ridiculous.


2 different vehicles to me.. Hyundai has come a long way but Lexus has always been a great vehicle.. and holds it's value. The way it is today, due to the chip shortages, see which one you can get a better deal. I've been looking for a new Lexus and they're crazy now with the prices. Good luck don't get suckered in.


This is hard I personally prefer the Hyundai although the Lexus is good in its own ways but the Hyundai has killer looks and space it’s also probably the only new SUV I would buy anymore since it’s not trying to be anything other than a since suburban family hauler, which is rare in the over crowded SUV market.


Lexus period.


If I could afford a Lexus I would get one, Hyundai sucks, I had one and the engine blew. Took months to get repaired and prove it has a warranty


Lexus all the way, Read about Hyundai palisades Problems


Lexus. Everyday of the week. Quality that holds up and will definitely hold it's value far better.


Lexus owner here - there is none long term. Seriously, the long term reliability, quality and dealer/service experience between these two brands I'm not sure could be further apart. I have a family member who owns a high end Hyundai that I helped them purchase. Hyundai - you could buy the most loaded $60k+ Pallisaide they have, and service is going to treat you like you bought a off-rental-lease base model Sonata. Quality is pretty good but if you have a major service issue *GOOD LUCK*. Hyundai dealers overall are pretty much the worst. There are exceptions but holy shit they're comically bad. Lexus - You're treated like you bought a Lexus. Want a service loaner when getting a oil change? Here you go. Want to hang out and wait? Sure sir, what coffee or beverage can I get for you? Quality is literally top notch - Lexus is a better Toyota. You won't have issues for the most part and if you do? They take care of it. This isn't a dealer one-off thing either, it's built into the brand. If size isn't a priority hands-down Lexus.


If you want to compare SUVs, you should be comparing the Lexus with the Hyundai Santa Fe. If you want to compare with the Hyundai Palisade, I guess you should look toward the Lexus GX. However one is luxury, the other is not.






Can’t compare these two vehicles. One is a large SUV the other is a compact Luxury SUV. I prefer the Lexus. Better build quality, nicer styling, nicer paint but less space.


Hey the Hyundai


Hyundai is so far below Lexus. Not even a fair comparison.


Why don’t you consider genesis instead of hyundai? I have no idea what the new Hyundai models’ reliability is like these days (I last bought a new 2012 sonata turbo). I actually loved the car, especially for the price back then (275 hp was a lot for under 25g’s back then). It did have a fair amount of electronics and sensor issues though. I will never buy a hyundai while living in Chicago again, because bringing it to the dealer is just an awful experience nearly every time.


Isnt genesis Hyundai? I did Hyundai advertising back in 2012 and we heavily promoted the genesis. Back then it was the Hyundai Genesis though.


Yes it is.


Lol at that comment then


Genesis was a part of Hyundai, but they made it more separate at some point. I get that it seems weird the way I said it. But, I meant more, if he can afford a lexus, why not step up to the genesis as they seem pretty damn good from all the reviews and videos I’ve seen of them. If you have to also take the nicer genesis to the same dealer that sucks to work with, I’d skip it. I’m assuming that not all the dealerships are as bad as the one by me.


Genesis is to Hyundai what Lexus is to Toyota, Acura is to Honda, and Infinity is to Nissan.


I’d go with the Hyundai. We have the RX350 and it’s slow as shit & no Apple CarPlay.


fr? i have an rx and it is quite quick and the inside is very luxurious! i just got wireless carplay installed in my 2017


Based on the comments most of the people are providing opinions without ever having driven both. We were looking to replace our 15 year old rx330 and went through a bunch of SUVs. We've had a bunch of Toyotas and Lexus in the past and yes they are reliable as long as you do maintenance. They're design makes them easier to work on as well. Our family has gotten bigger and we could do with a new rx but more space was definitely enticing. Lexus in general are quiet but boring to drive. They are reliable but everything is boring from the interior to how it handles. The RX needs to modernize. It's a nice car but it's design is quite a few years old. Hyundai doesn't have the history that Lexus has but I have friends with the Hyundai Genesis pushing 180k and it's been solid. The palisade was a better car in every way, handling, acceleration, tech, interior design. They have top air vents for the backseat and third row. Everything is better laid out to use 2 or 3 rows in the palisade. The drawbacks are their salespeople. This was the second time I walked away from a Hyundai because of their slimy salespeople. I almost got a V8 genesis a while back. We also looked at a bunch of other SUVs (luxury and mainstream) if the Lexus badge, resale value and historical reliability is what you want then it's the Lexus. For all other reasons the palisade is a better car. Next car for us is going to be a Tesla. After driving one for a few days all ICE cars feel outdated now. If it's in your budget, I would say go try one out.


The Lexus is built better. The Hyundai's infotainment is about a thousand times better.




I would buy a Lexus with 0 warranty vs. taking a Hyundai with a 10 year warranty. My Lexus has been dead reliable.


Lexus any day of the week.


1) Lexus is built by Toyota, the auto industry famous for manufacturing long-lasting cars. Lexus have had vehicles with longevity that could still function well pass 100k miles; you could dog these cars and they would still be up and running, not to mention that they have great fuel economy. 2) Hyundai had done it again with the engine/transmission problem. They had to recall tens of thousands of cars again this year. See the link for proof or just Google “Hyundai recall cars”. This is an infamous and known thing with the Hyundai cars. Even car reviewers on YouTube admit that their luxury brand the Genesis, feels less well put together when compared to Lexus and Acura. https://www.google.com/amp/s/baltimore.cbslocal.com/2021/02/26/hyundais-recall-of-82000-electric-cars-is-one-of-the-most-expensive-in-history/%3famp 3) Of the 2, I think Hyundai would accelerate faster but it shouldn’t matter. You’re only driving as fast as the car ahead of you anyways. It should be more strategic to have a car that is cost effective with fuel economy, options, warranty, and starting price. Lexus would win in most of these categories. 4) Overall, these 2 cars are luxurious. How appealing they are is really subjective because everyone has different preferences. Best advice is to test drive these cars and see what works best for you.


Aldus24, I have been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty


Do those engine/transmission issues or EV recalls have anything to do with the Palisade? If not, you're comparing apples to oranges. Also, link some of these reviews you're talking about that suggest Genesis doesn't measure up to Acura.


See the links below. The U.S. National Traffic Highway Administration even stepped in to address the incompetent engines of Hyundai cars. Also, the second link shows you that Hyundai recalled the Palisades this year so not just Genesis. I recommend Lexus and Acura over Hyundai for this reason. The Japanese know how to build reliable, long lasting, both mundane and luxurious cars. https://www.npr.org/2021/11/09/1053985268/whistleblower-gets-more-than-24m-for-reporting-hyundai-and-kia-over-engine-fires https://www.autoevolution.com/news/hyundai-recalls-2021-palisade-for-brake-fluid-contamination-with-mineral-oil-173515.html


Did you read the links you submitted, and are you aware nearly all manufacturers have recalls on a ton of their cars? My Kia's had zero recalls on it. My Honda had fuel system and airbag recalls. My Mazda had fuel pump, gas tank, and windshield wiper relay recalls on it. My Toyota had a recall on it saying that the steering wheel could come off while driving. You've got to look at ratings per model. Great brands can put out individual products with issues and midpack brands can put out great products. You're generalizing beyond what you really should be doing. I would never buy a car with a Theta II engine, for example, but the Lambda II GDi, Lambda II Rs GDi, and Lambda II Rs T-GDi are all very good motors. Guess which one the Palisade has.


Pics of Hyundai are garbage quality so idk


Lexus for resale value alone


Totally depends if you need a people hauler. I’d say the RX handles better and is built solid. Hyundai is a more fun experience in terms of tech and features but depends on what you value more. Solid mechanicals vs latest tech.


Lexus. Any day.


Lexus, without a doubt.


Lexus. I’m about to get into a gs350


Hyundai is a disposable car . Lexus long term .


Get the lexus.


The Rx is forever, the Pallisade is just currently in vogue. The Rx is a much safer, more predictable purchase. The Pallisade is a strange emotional move that, unless you sell it before the used car bubble bursts, will pillage you for cash when you’re done with it.


Which one is more luxurious? Looks more luxurious?


Hyundai tech innovation has gone leap years compared to a lot of lexus. Lexus is a great company don't get me wrong but it's also a part of Toyota. And Toyota is known for taking things a bit slow. I.e they didn't get apple car play til 2019/2020 and still missing Android auto for most of their lineup. So knowing that, I'd venture to say hyundai probably has a better "luxury" feel and probably has better features. The looks however is entirely subjective.


Look at the dashboards. The Lexus is like a Merc E class. The Huyindai [sic] looks like they saw a base model fleet service Mitsubishi Lanceer from 1987 and asked themselves: "can we cheapen it?"


Hyundai’s dash looks more modern to me, than the Lexus. To each their own, I guess. Haha.


If you really need the space, Hyundai. If not, Lexus all day.


Can't go wrong with either. But I'd personally pick palisade unless we talking lexus gx or lx


Lexus, reliability


look for look, hyundai w out a doubt. it’s really said how lexus interior, even newer models, fall so short and get the short end of the stick. the inside of the hyundai blows it out of the water


It blows my mind that people can think a car that has a 1/3 catastrophic mechanical failure rate before 20,000 miles is superior because of its interior


notice how i said “look for look” buddy


Hyundai is shit. Lexus/Toyota all day.


lexus obviously


You could list any car manufacturer in place of Hyundai and the answer will always be LEXUS. Perhaps I am biased as a Lexus owner but once you go Lexus you never go back to any other car...or at least I can't imagine ever doing so willingly! Sure if the comparison was in regards to speed or track performance then Lexus is not your answer but when it comes down to reliability and build quality at any given price point the Lexus will undoubtedly come out on top! I own a 2001 Lexus LS430, the flagship model of that year...it has almost 300K miles on it and looks/feels almost brand new. I take good care of her and she never let me down. Sure they will need maintenance and replacement parts but that really comes down to how you treat the car. You can get away with really bad treatment and push the parts to the limits where other cars would never let you abuse them that hard before failing. You can't go wrong with a Lexus!


The Palisade is definitely a superior vehicle, especially with that ten-year warranty. Everyone is just riding the Toyota hype train in this thread.


Lexus is luxury in brand only and not feature. I've borrowed a friend's top trim Palisades and it was beautiful inside and out . Was a pleasant Vegas trip in that. I wouldn't be surprised if it drove better than the Lexus seeing as the Lexus is dated. As for longevity, the engine and tranny on the Palisades is tried n true bulletproof. Used it multiple Kia and Hyundai vehicles. I can see it hitting 300k without any issues. Also the build quality of the palisade isn't like the normal Hyundai. They really went above and beyond to make it feel truly luxurious. I can't imagine how much nicer the gv80 is


300k without any issues, lol. Thanks for the laugh.


Ever hear about the lady that got the 4banger Elantra that hit a million miles ? She got a new one from Hyundai. I've personally seen Hyundai's with 200k on basic maintenance only. Original engine and tranny. So yeah, the durable V6 should be able to surpass that quote easily.


Ever hear about the class action lawsuit against hyundai for their engines that consume oil and blow up under 100k ?? Work at a Hyundai dealer and I have 30 or so engines waiting to go in with unhappy customers in loaners. Hyundai does have nice tech but their long term quality is very subpar.


The GV80 is insanely nice, especially with the 3.5T.


It's definitely a nice looking crossover. In a sea of Tesla's and bmws, it really stands out when I pass the one near my place. I'd love to drive one of those.


Get an acura


Neither. They both feel like outdated cheap pieces of crap.


Do elaborate


You should buy the Lexus because I like it better.




Keep in mind, with the Hyundai, you will not receive the 10y/100k warranty being the second owner. I’d go Lexus solely because of that and it’s a nicer car all in all.


maybe look at the genesis suv


Hyundai, at least it has a bit of useful space. The Lexus is in that useless category of vehicles where it's just colling compromise. A hatchback, sedan, or regular SUV will at least excel in a few categories instead of being mediocre at everything.


Genesis GV80?


Get a koenigsegg instead


Mf got the gta garage


If you need a big car at that price range, get the Hyundai. If not, Lexus is always a good choice.


If you are buying definitely Lexus, lease it doesn’t matter


Although I heard good thing about Hyundai/Kia products I would say Lexus are better overall. More reliable and the material quality and fit is way better (if you have ocd like me). Customer Service with Lexus has always been one of the top universally and in my own opinion it’s one of the best I’ve experienced tied with Mercedes-Benz. The only thing I hate about Lexus is the interior design and tech. It looks like a car from early 2010s.