[SIB] Dungeon Village 2 or Burger Bistro Story

[SIB] Dungeon Village 2 or Burger Bistro Story


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I agree, it’s a definite yes from me too.


Dungeon village 2 if you like RPG. Burger bistro story if you like making stuff


So it’s been a while since I played most of these, but here’s my take: I think of Dungeon Village as part of the cluster of games like Kingdom Adventurer, Ninja Village (and possibly Edo Towns(?)). Burger Bistro is very much similar to the other restaurant-style games like Bonbon Cakery and Cafeteria Nipponica. So: If you enjoy NPC-development and placement mechanics, I’d say go with Dungeon Village. If you like product optimization and (IMO) a more lighthearted gameplay, go for Burger Bistro! As others have said, both is also a good choice! Edit: accidentally removed a line of text lol Also, I just saw you were talking about dungeon village 2, whaaat?!


I find them both kinda repetitive. Good game nonetheless, just not one of the best.


Which ones did you enjoy most? I started with Beastie Bay which I loved, but DV2 is feeling pretty repetitive by the 3rd town comparatively. Enjoyable mind you, but a bit samey.


IMO here are some of my favorites: Ramen Sensei 1, Grand Prix Story 1, Mega Mall Story, Basketball Story, Sushi Spinnery, Epic Astro Story. i dont like freemium game that much but i do play them lol.


I actually enjoyed DV1 way more than DV2. 1 thing I think the game tried improving but turned out quite tedious is how you have tons and tons of adventurer in 2, so much that their houses filled up like almost 1/3 of my town... increasing their <3 to get houses was kinda not very fun and new one kept coming. 2 got some interesting addition tho, especially the monster taming which you can assign as pet to your adventurer. And how you can feed your building in bulks.


Imo the housing is not a problem at all. At first it bothered me a bit but on the later maps I struggle filling my town up anyways and having 70+ houses at any given time doesn't even take up a 3rd of my available space, so it's a non-issue to me. Especially considering that once you've got an adventurer's house once, you don't need any more satisfaction on them for the rest of the game. The things that bother me the most imo are pets being really robust to obtain and also being relatively worthless (and downright nerfing your adventurer when they ride them) and weapon upgrading having no foreseeable cap. I'm at 50 on my main weapon and no end in sight. I wanted to try and upgrade every weapon to max but that task seems much more daunting now. Other than that though, everything is more or less just the same or better.